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The concept of the metaverse has grown considerably in recent years, transforming the way we interact with the digital world. Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have become a real revolution in the crypto field. By combining blockchain technology with art, gaming and virtual ownership, NFTs have opened up endless possibilities.

In this article, we explore the best NFTs in the metaverse for 2024. We will delve into a universe where the lines between the real and the virtual blur; where works of art come to life in digital form; and where virtual goods have tangible value.

What Is a Metaverse NFT?

The term “non-fungible token” refers to a unique, incorruptible token that’s permanently recorded on a blockchain and, thus, irreplaceable. The token, itself, is a proof of ownership regarding a digital asset. It comes in forms ranging from digital works of art to virtual real estate.

In general, the Metaverse or metaverse is a parallel, connected and digital universe that enables us to interact with each other or a virtual environment in a realistic way.

As for NFTs, they refer to the digital tokens that represent the ownership of assets in this digital universe. Whether it’s land in a virtual world, a custom avatar, a work of art or even a digital experience, anything can be tokenized and owned as an NFT in the metaverse.

Overall, NFTs transcend the boundaries of digital reality. 

They can be bought, sold, exchanged or even moved between different metaverses and, thus, offer a new form of freedom and ownership in the digital world. Metaverse NFTs are at the heart of the convergence between virtual reality, blockchain and the digital economy. 

They redefine our concept of ownership and interaction with blockchain technology.

Should You Invest In a Metaverse NFT?

While some see metaverse NFTs as trendy, others see an enormous economic and social impact on its way. A metaverse NFT is an investment in the digital future. In a digital world, the metaverse represents our next big leap in social, professional and economic interactions.

For these reasons, investing in metaverse NFTs can offer real financial opportunities. 

With the rapid growth in the popularity of NFTs and the metaverse, demand for these unique tokens is exploding. We are not only seeing significantly higher premiums for metaverse NFTs, but we’re also now witnessing impressive returns from early-stage investors.

Each investment in a metaverse NFT represents a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of a new digital world. Through each investment, we’re supporting the artists, developers and visionaries who are shaping the future of digital.

Here’s a summary of the best reasons to invest in NFTs now:

  • Anticipating the Future—The metaverse is the next big leap in the digital world. Investing in a metaverse NFT is investing in this vision of the future.
  • Potential Profitable Gains—The metaverse’s high demand and limited supply is likely to lead to appreciation, giving you a shot at impressive financial returns.
  • Personalization and Creativity—Metaverse NFTs enable unprecedented personalization and creativity in the digital space. When you own an NFT, you have complete control over your digital asset.
  • Supporting a Digital Ecosystem—By investing in metaverse NFTs, you support the artists, developers and visionaries who’re working to build these digital worlds.

What Types of NFT Metaverses Are There?

Metaverse NFTs are incredibly diverse and often reflect the full richness of the 

digital ecosystem. Different assets can be bought, sold and traded in the metaverse world. 

Here are some types of metaverse NFTs you can acquire:

  • Virtual Land—Just like in the real world, space in the metaverse is a precious commodity. Users can purchase, own and develop plots of land as NFTs. These plots can be used to construct buildings, create artwork or host virtual events.
  • Real Estate—Homes, office buildings, clubs and art galleries are often very detailed and interactive, providing an immersive experience for visitors.
  • Avatars and Characters—You can also purchase NFTs representing avatars or unique characters in the metaverse. These avatars can be personalized and improved over time to reflect your digital identity.
  • Virtual Items—Whether it’s clothing, furniture, artwork, vehicles or any other type of item, almost anything can be tokenized and owned as an NFT in the metaverse.
  • Virtual Experiences—Some NFTs represent unique experiences such as access to exclusive virtual events, online courses, concerts and games.

Each of these types of NFTs offers a new way to own, interact and invest in the digital universe of the metaverse. Keep in mind that, as with any investment, purchasing metaverse NFTs carries risks and should be done with care and diligence.

The 10 Best 2024 NFTs In the Metaverse

1. Game of Silks Metaverse NFTs 

How to Raise Horses In the Metaverse

Silks is a virtual horse racing universe where 7,500 American foals are transposed to the metaverse in NFT format. The Silks project includes four collections of NFTs:

  • Avatars
  • Horses
  • Land Plots
  • Stables/Breeding Centers

Each NFT offers precise information about the horses’ background, pedigree, health and future earnings, all of which are “tokenized” and verified by miners rewarded with STT tokens.

Current Value—The value of Silks NFTs varies depending on the collection and type of NFT. Currently, each avatar costs 0.25 ETH. Check Silks’s website for the most recent values.

Why Invest In Silks? 

Silks offers a unique opportunity to participate in a virtual-horse racing universe. By investing, you not only own a unique digital asset, but you also participate in a passionate community.

2. Tamadoge Metaverse NFTs

Raise Your Own Metaverse Pets

Inspired by Tamagotchi and Pokemon Go, Tamadoge is a virtual game where users raise, feed and train their own pixelated dogs—Tamadoges. These dogs are NFTs and evolve in the Tamaverse. By raising and training your Tamadoge, you earn points that can be converted into TAMA—the game’s token. The rarest Tamadoges are highly prized and increase in value.

Current Value—The value of Tamadoge NFTs depends on the rarity and attributes of each dog. Currently, one Common Edition Tamadoge costs between 0.082 ETH and 0.2 ETH. Check the official Tamadoge website for the most recent values.

Why Invest In Tamadoge NFTs? 

Tamadoge is an immersive and interactive gaming experience built on the popularity of pet ownership. By investing in a Tamadoge NFT, you not only have the chance to own a unique virtual pet but also participate in a vibrant community of gamers and investors in the metaverse.

It’s important to note that the Tamadoge metaverse is still in development.

3. Calvaria Metaverse NFTs 

Trade Battle Cards In the Metaverse

Calvaria is an NFT project with its flagship game, Duels of Eternity. It’s a 3D-strategic card battle game where players can earn rewards. Calvaria cards can be fully owned as NFTs and traded in a marketplace. In addition to a single-player story mode, Calvaria offers a free-to-play version of the game, which allows players to experience the full game at no cost.

Current Value—The value of Calvaria NFTs varies depending on the rarity and attributes of each card. For the most recent values, check the official Calvaria website.

Why Invest In Calvaria? 

Calvaria is an interactive gaming experience with its own unique digital assets. By investing in a Calvaria NFT, you have the opportunity to participate in a community of passionate gamers and support the development of a unique and innovative game in the metaverse.

Calvaria is a game that is still in development.

4. Fight Out Metaverse NFTs 

Staying Fit In the Metaverse

Fight Out is a fitness application that combines NFTs, metaverse and move-to-earn gaming. Users acquire FGHT tokens and register on the platform to access training programs. Your progress in the real world is converted into attributes within your avatar, which can be customized with NFT cosmetics, clothing and accessories.

Current Value—The value of Fight Out NFTs will depend on the avatar and accessories. At the moment, it is only possible to register on the official site’s waiting list.

Why Invest In Fight Out NFTs? 

Fight Out offers a unique approach to fitness by combining physical exercise and blockchain technology together. Investing in a Fight Out NFT not only means personalizing your workout experience but also participating in a vibrant fitness community in the metaverse.

5. Bored Ape Yacht Club Metaverse NFTs 

Collect Apes From the Metaverse

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a highly recognized NFT project that played a key role in popularizing NFTs in 2021. Created by Yuga Labs, the collection includes 10,000 distinctive NFTs of wild apes. 

These monkeys, recognized even by those unfamiliar with NFTs, have been used as profile photos by several celebrities, including Wiz Khalifa and Paris Hilton. Owning a BAYC is now a real social status, and these NFTs offer access to the “Yacht Club”, a community on Discord.

Current Value—The minimum price of a single BAYC NFT is currently 120 ETH, which is nearly $250,000 at the current ETH rate. Stay up to date by visiting the Bored Ape Yacht Club website.

Why Invest In BAYC? 

The popularity of BAYC is undeniable, and owning such an NFT has become a real symbol of prestige. At the same time, owning a BAYC gives you access to a unique community of experienced people, including entrepreneurs and celebrities. 

Yuga Labs continues to develop BAYC-related projects such as ApeCoin crypto and the Otherside metaverse. It’s an attractive investment despite its high price …

6. Real Estate Investment Club Metaverse NFTs

Buy Real Estate In the Metaverse

The Real Estate Investment Club (REIC) is an NFT project based on the concept of “metaverse as a service.” It allows users to create their own 5D-virtual world with an infinite number of possibilities. Through the platform, you can shape your avatar and even acquire virtual real estate, including plots of land in the metaverse.

Current Value—The value of REIC NFTs depends on the asset type. The price of real estate varies depending on size and features. For recent values, check the official REIC website.

Why Invest In REIC? 

The REIC project is still new, but it regularly sports new updates, including MetaCity hosted on Unreal Engine 5. All REIC NFTs are compatible with the metaverse and Unreal Engine 5 technology. By investing in a REIC NFT, you gain access to assets in the metaverse, including avatars and real estate. It has considerable growth and innovative potential.

7. CryptoPunks Metaverse NFTs

How to Collect CryptoPunks NFTs

Launched in 2017 by the Larva Labs studio, CryptoPunks is one of the first NFT collections in history, being compared to Bitcoin for its role within NFTs. The collection includes 10,000 pixel art images, being unique and depicting punk characters. These images were originally claimed for free, but prices have since exploded with some pieces selling for several million.

Current Value—In January 2024, the floor price of CryptoPunks hit 55 ETH. Rarer Punks sell for more, including Punk #5822, selling for 8,000 ETH or over $14 million at the time of the deal.

Why Invest In CryptoPunks? 

A historic NFT collection, CryptoPunks earned wide acclaim, and its reputation allows it to hold value. The CryptoPunks collection was recently acquired by Yuga Labs—the agency behind Bored Ape Yacht Club. It promises an interesting development for the future of CryptoPunks.

8. Axie Infinity Metaverse NFTs 

Where to Collect Axie NFTs

Axie Infinity, developed by studio Sky Mavis, is a blockchain game inspired by Pokémon and Tamagotchi. Players breed, train and battle creatures called Axies, being represented as NFTs. Axies can breed to create new creatures with traits inherited from their parents. The game has seen explosive growth with nearly $4 billion in NFTs traded across its ecosystem.

Current Value—The price of an Axie varies depending on its attributes and skills. As of January 2024, you can expect to pay around 0.003 ETH for a base Axie, but the rarer ones can cost much more! Recently in 2021, one Axie was sold for around 200 ETH.

Why Invest In Axie Infinity? 

As a play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity offers players the opportunity to earn income while playing. The ever-evolving ecosystem, which includes the AXS governance token, upcoming virtual world Lunacia and its own blockchain Ronin, promises many future investment opportunities.

9. The Sandbox Metaverse NFTs 

Find Your Sandbox NFTs

Sandbox is a 3D-virtual universe where users can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. The project builds its economy through its native token, SAND, used for transactions and network governance. Users can acquire “LANDS,” which are virtual plots of land where they can build and operate games or experiences.

Current Value—As of January 2024, the average price of one parcel of LAND in Sandbox is roughly 3.2 ETH, but prices vary depending on location and size. The platform has seen rapid growth with notable brands like Atari and Gucci investing in it.

Why Invest In Sandbox? 

The decentralization of the platform gives users control over their content and monetization. At the same time, the growing demand for metaverse and blockchain games suggests that the value of LANDS could increase over time. With the acquisition of LAND, you have the opportunity to generate revenue by creating and monetizing games and experiences.

10. Decentraland Metaverse NFTs 

Buy Land Plots From the Metaverse

Decentraland is a decentralized metaverse that’s powered by Ethereum. Within it, users can create, explore and interact in a 3D-virtual world. It’s possible to buy, sell and manage plots of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), called “LAND”, on which interactive experiences are built.

Current Value—The average price of a plot of LAND is around 3,500 MANA, being less than $1,600. With an active community and numerous brand partnerships, such as Adidas and Samsung, Decentraland continues to attract new users and investors.

Why Invest In Decentraland? 

With LAND, you have control over your space and can develop it as you see fit, allowing you to earn passive income. In addition, the demand for metaverse and virtual-real estate is constantly growing. With the continued growth of the platform and the investment of major brands, Decentraland is establishing itself as a major player in the evolution of the metaverse.

Where to Buy NFTs

Different platforms enable you to purchase new NFTs. Here is our selection of your top options:



  • Huge NFT marketplace
  • Interoperability and Integration
  • User-friendly interface

OpenSea is one of the largest NFT exchanges in the world. It offers an impressive variety of NFTs, consisting of collectibles and NFTs related to digital domains. The site is an intuitive platform with a clean and simple interface. OpenSea primarily uses the Ethereum blockchain but has recently expanded its compatibility to Polygon, Klaytn, and Solana. 

OpenSea’s extensive catalog, combined with its compatibility with many crypto wallets, makes it a must-have for any NFT investor. 

Binance NFTs


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

Binance launched its own NFT marketplace also. Building on its reputation and large user base, the Binance NFT marketplace experienced immediate success. The platform runs on the Binance blockchain and uses its own token, BNB, to facilitate transactions. Very positively, it also accepts other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and BUSD for maximum flexibility.


Rarible is another notable NFT exchange with its own RARI token. Rarible is compatible with the Ethereum, Flow and Tezos blockchains. There are a variety of NFTs hosted there, ranging from sports and games to art and music. Rarible’s diversity, combined with its user-centric approach, makes the platform a solid choice for NFT investors.



  • Strong focus on digital art
  • Good use of smart contracts
  • Carefully curated artists

As the name suggests, SuperRare focuses on offering “super rare” NFTs. The platform has a rigorous selection process. Only 1% of applicants succeed in listing their NFTs. SuperRare is primarily focused on art; therefore, it is a top site if you are looking to invest in high-quality art NFTs. It could just be the best NFT and metaverse platform for collectors and investors.

How to Buy a Metaverse NFT

One—Choose Your NFT Platform

The first step in purchasing a metaverse NFT is to choose a suitable platform. OpenSea, Binance, Rarible, and SuperRare are exchanges with a wide selection of metaverse-powered NFTs. Your choice should rely on a number of factors—ease of use, NFT options, … etc.

Two—Create Your Account

Once you choose your platform, create an account. Provide an email address and a user password. Some platforms require identity verification to ensure your transaction security.

Three—Set up a Digital Wallet

To purchase NFTs, you need a digital wallet to store and manage your NFT assets as if they were cryptocurrencies. MetaMask wallet is one of the most popular digital wallets in the NFT market, but there are others. Now connect your digital wallet to your NFT platform.

Four—Buy Cryptocurrencies

Depending on the platform, your NFTs will most likely be purchased with crypto. Your options include Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Flow, Tezos and others. You will then need to buy a specific crypto and transfer it to your choice of wallet.

Five—Select and Buy an NFT

With your digital wallet set up with crypto, you’re ready to purchase NFTs. On your chosen platform, browse its categories, and select the metaverse NFT you’ve got your eyes on. Once you have selected an NFT, click “Buy,” and follow the instructions to complete your transaction. Your NFTs will be transferred to your digital wallet once the transaction is completed.

Now Enter the World of NFTs

Investing in NFTs via the metaverse has enormous potential with captivating opportunities in projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland. These offer virtual spaces where creativity and freedom of expression are honored, and unique digital assets can be acquired and exchanged.

To purchase NFTs, you need the right platform, set up a digital wallet and purchase cryptocurrencies to carry out your transactions. OpenSea, Binance NFT Marketplace, SuperRare and Rarible are great starting points when entering the world of NFTs.

If we had to suggest just one NFT metaverse, The Sandbox stands out for its innovation and impressive growth. Its vision of becoming the “Manhattan of the metaverse” and the investment of major brands demonstrate, in our opinion, its potential to shape the future of the blockchain.

Your FAQ for Metaverse NFTs

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique and non-interchangeable digital asset representing virtual property, a work of art or any other object of value in a digital ecosystem.
Metaverse NFTs are popular because they offer opportunities for interaction, creation and revenue. You can own, buy and sell unique virtual assets with verifiable proof of ownership.
You can buy metaverse NFTs on different sites like OpenSea, Binance NFT Marketplace, SuperRare or Rarible.
Among the best NFTs in the metaverse are The Sandbox and Decentraland, which offer interactive virtual spaces where you can create, buy and sell virtual goods.
As with any investment, metaverse NFTs carry risks. Do your own research, educate yourself about the risks and never invest more than you are able to lose.