Kadena (KDA) Crypto 2024: A Comprehensive Tokize Guide

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Market Cap
€ 148.07 Million
Fully Diluted Market Cap
€ 524.35 Million
€ 342,648.83
Circulating Supply
282.38 Million KDA

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what is kadena crypto

The Kadena crypto (KDA) offers a system of its own, with a rather unusual structure. Instead of operating on a blockchain, Kadena crypto has opted for a slightly different mode of operation, without sacrificing security.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how Kadena (KDA) works. We’ll also take a look at the crypto itself, the price of Kadena, then try to determine whether the investment is really worthwhile and, finally, we will take a look to Kadena’s future.

Finally, we’ll give you our Kadena crypto opinion in the last part of our comprehensive guide.

What is Kadena (KDA)?

Kadena is a form of Proof-of-work blockchain. It combines the same consensus mechanism as Bitcoin with DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). The structure thus offers a much more scalable version of Bitcoin. Kadena aims to provide the same level of security as Bitcoin, while still offering the throughput required for professional use. Kadena is therefore positioned above all as a solution for businesses. Its decentralized infrastructure also enables rapid mass adoption by its users, thanks in particular to its multi-chain approach.

Eventually, the Kadena blockchain aims to become capable of supporting financial systems worldwide. The blockchain is also committed to not consuming too much energy on a large scale, marking a broad departure from Bitcoin, its business model. Kadena also offers gas stations to its business customers, enabling them to cover the transportation costs of their employees.

To date, Kadena contains 2 times as many blockchains as when it was launched. Today, a total of 20 blockchains make up the KDA crypto network. Due to its nature, Kadena can continue to expand its network as necessary in the future.

The history of Kadena (KDA)

Behind this crypto are Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino (founder’s of Kadena). Stuart Popejoy is the former head of JPMorgan’s Emerging Blockchain group. Will Martino was chief engineer of JPMorgan’s blockchain prototype. In 2016, the two men decided to start raising capital in order to be able to offer Kadena.

Historically, Kadena’s value changed many times. The offering had been launched with a price of €0.21 in July 2020. The token then held its initial value for many months before beginning to experience a slight change. By April 2021, Kadena stock price was around €1.48, but the rise was short-lived, as Kadena (KDA) quickly returned to its usual values.

In November 2021, at the height of the Bull crypto market, the price of KDA exploded to €20.95 per token, the biggest rise and highest stock price Kadena has ever seen. In December of the same year, just as the Kadena price had fallen back, a further rise occurred, this time to 13.58€.


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered

Why was the Kadena (KDA) designed?

Kadena’s aim is to provide a stable, secure environment for developers, but also to offer virtually infinite transaction possibilities. To achieve this, the network has decided to integrate as many blockchains as possible into its operations.

At the same time, its nature enables it to offer Bitcoin-like stability and security. However, Kadena succeeds in offering a similar environment while saving energy.

Kadena operates on a Proof of Work basis. As a result, it remains attractive to those opting for crypto mining, while continuing to offer a secure solution.

Kadena’s long-term objective is to integrate the global financial network, while continuing to uphold the values of decentralization.

Kadena also offers a wide range of tools for developers wishing to offer their products. The environment offered by the network enables the rapid and secure development of smart contracts, broadening the project’s horizon of possibilities.

The Kadena crypto (KDA), for its part, offers a superior layer of security thanks to the transactions carried out on blockchains. By validating transactions, miners contribute directly to the transparency and security of the network.

How does Kadena (KDA) work?

kadena review 2023

Kadena operates in a rather unusual way compared to other blockchains. A very simplistic vision would be to imagine a mixture of Ethereum and Bitcoin on the same blockchain.

Kadena uses an architecture called Chainweb to combine the different blockchains. Each of these chains then confirms the blocks of its 3 main chains. Throughput is then increased as new blockchains are added to the Kadena ecosystem.

Security is thus greatly enhanced, since in the event of an attack, it would be necessary to hijack not just one chain, but all of them in order to achieve one’s ends.

One of Kadena’s distinctive features also lies in the smart contract language it uses. This is Pact, a human-readable language designed specifically for blockchains with powerful security features.

Kadena is not yet a DAO, but its operation enables users to retain governance power over:

  • The code
  • Management
  • Project business strategies

Eventually, however, KDA holders will be able to participate in voting phases to determine the direction of the project. In this way, everyone will have joint decision-making power regarding Kadena’s future.

Kadena is also committed to DeFi, NFT and alternative forms of payment. The flexibility of Kadena’s smart contracts means there’s plenty of room for maneuver. So, in combination with the tools made available to developers, Kadena aims to be a genuine creative hub focused on innovation and creativity.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

Where can I buy Kadena (KDA)?

If you’re looking to buy Kadena (KDA), there are several options open to you. Indeed, Kadena’s staking is relatively popular on the web3, and DeFi is widely aware of the project. So here’s how to buy Kadena using some of the best crypto exchange platforms.


buy kadena on binance

If you’re not sure where to buy Kadena (KDA), your first instinct should be to visit Binance. The platform boasts a relatively large number of tokens and an established reputation.

Over the years, Binance’s reputation has grown. Today, it is the world’s number 1 platform for buying and selling crypto-currencies. Not only does the site offer an attractive level of security, but the features on offer are equally appealing.

Binance also boasts a significant number of features and trading tools that could prove useful to many traders and investors. As a result, this is one of the best platforms for buying Kadena (KDA).


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB


buy kadena on okx

Only a few specific elements really separate Binance from OKX. Indeed, OKX has carved out an interesting position for itself, just behind Binance. However, although in second place, OKX is more qualified when it comes to investing in DeFi.

Indeed, OKX’s image is strongly linked to web3. In addition to trading solutions and dozens of tools for traders, the platform offers a wide range of financial solutions. Whether it’s loans, staking or Vault investments, OKX is truly DeFi-centric.

So you can buy Kadena (KDA) with total security on OKX. The platform also offers its own secure crypto wallet. As for the interface, it seems a little more accessible and sober than the majority of today’s crypto exchanges.


buy kadena on gate.io

Gate.io’s forge lies in its avant-garde image. The platform is a regular venue for the listing of many little-known crypto-currencies (see review). As a result, Gate.io is unique thanks to the events and trading competitions it organizes on a regular basis.

The site offers a wide range of trading tools, as well as Kadena and Euro rates, of course. It’s therefore possible to use Gate.io’s services, and all its features, to buy KDA at the right time and at a very good price.

At the same time, the platform offers a high level of security. Your funds are safe here, too, so you can buy Kadena (KDA) with complete peace of mind.

Kadena Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 24 July 2024

Now: 54 Greed

Now: 54 Greed

Yesterday: 55 Greed

Last Week: 58 Greed

Is buying Kadena (KDA) a good investment?

Will Kadena go up? Let’s take a look at the prediction of the Kadena (KDA) crypto price. As we saw earlier, the token had some difficulty getting off the ground in the first few months of its launch. However, after a year or so, the token saw its value literally explode, multiplying its price by 20.

Kadena forecast and chart

Will Kadena recover? More recently, however, Kadena (KDA) has returned to much lower values. Today, the price of KDA to USD is much the same as it was in the early days, and sometimes even slightly lower.

Two scenarios are therefore emerging. Either this is absolutely the best time to buy Kadena (KDA), since the price is really low; or it’s the worst time, if you believe that the token price will not rise. For the time being, unfortunately, the latter seems to be the case.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kadena crypto

  • Low prices
  • Supporting project
  • Blockchain security
  • The originality of crypto
  • Low prices during a bull run
  • Other projects have already met with greater success
  • Lack of investor interest
  • Project not yet sufficiently matured

Our Final Opinion on the Kadena (KDA)

Kadena (KDA) is a very interesting token in terms of its operation and network. The multiple tools and functionalities made available to developers enable a real expansion of web3 as we perceive it today.

DeFi also seems to be at the heart of the project’s concerns, with no hesitation in committing to the process. The network’s security is also of interest, and promises to prove its worth to many investors in the future.

At the same time, Kadena does not hesitate to propose solutions to professionals to help them integrate into the heart of global finance, without abandoning its principles.

On the other hand, investment in Kadena (KDA) seems a little premature. Despite a very interesting project, it might be wise to wait a few more months for it to mature.

In the meantime, it would be advisable to keep a close eye on this exciting project which, if it really comes to fruition, could single-handedly revolutionize DeFi. For the time being, perhaps it’s best to be content with watching the network evolve and its functionalities develop little by little.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Kadena crypto

Kadena (KDA) is the network’s crypto of the same name. It secures the network and authorizes developers to offer their smart contracts on the platform.
If you’re interested in buying KDA, you can refer to the few platforms we’ve presented in our guide. Each of them is secure and offers particularly interesting services.
Once you’ve found the ideal platform to buy Kadena (KDA), simply open an account, verify your identity, fund your account, and you’ll be able to buy as much Kadena (KDA) as you like.
There are many conflicting arguments when it comes to investing in Kadena (KDA). In our dedicated guide, we present them all and give you our opinion on buying Kadena (KDA).