Updated: 8 may 2024
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What is Crypto.com ?

Let’s take a look at Crypto.com right away. Launched in June 2016, the Crypto.com wallet is now available on the Play Store and App Store. This allows its users to keep their cryptocurrencies safe, while allowing nomadic use. For the moment, Crypto.com is only available on mobile. However, a Chrome extension has recently been launched by the platform. However, this does not allow the Crypto.com wallet to be used on the desktop. Crypto.com is headquartered in Singapore. Initially, the company was founded under the name “Monaco” by 4 people: Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszelek and Rafael Melo. It wasn’t until 2018 that the startup’s new name became what it is today.


  • Store over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Enhanced security
  • Integrated exchange




Popular with many investors and daily users, the Crypto.com wallet now boasts over more than 80 million users. The platform’s mission is to accelerate the transition to cryptocurrencies by offering a number of functions functions around DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

As such, the app offers investing, staking, but also earning cryptos. In addition, the platform recently launched its dedicated cryptocurrency credit card, making the use of cryptos even simpler and more accessible. In parallel, a crypto swapping and lending service is also available to users.


  • Free crypto card
  • Reputable exchange
  • Competitive fees

What type of wallet is Crypto.com?

crypto.com review 2024

If you don’t know what kind of wallet Crypto.com is, let’s find out right away. Crypto.com is a free application that can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Play Store. It can also be used on the Chrome browser via the Crypto.com wallet extension offered by the platform.

Compared with a cold wallet, the Crypto.com wallet offers an interface that can be consulted from your cell phone screen. This means you can buy cryptos, sell or exchange them in just a few clicks, as we’ll see it later in this DeFi Crypto.com wallet review.

The debate between hot wallet and cold wallet is not over. While the cold wallet has the advantage of cryptos offline, it doesn’t allow fast payments. Crypto.com users -thanks to its application- can buy and sell in the blink of an eye.
the blink of an eye. In addition, the Crypto.com credit card can be used to pay wherever VISA and Mastercard are accepted.

The DeFi Crypto.com wallet is also a gateway to decentralized finance. Users can not only place their tokens safely in the wallet, but also earn interest on them.


  • Store over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Enhanced security
  • Integrated exchange




What cryptos can be stored on Crypto.com?

crypto.com App 2024

The list of cryptos that can be stored on Crypto.com is remarkably long. Whereas other wallets only support a few tokens, the DeFi Crypto.com wallet supports over 250 different cryptos from more than 30 different blockchains.

Buying cryptocurrencies on the Crypto.com wallet App can be done in a number of different ways. After the account opening, it is possible to purchase tokens directly from the app by credit card or bank bank transfer. Of course, users can also choose to fund their wallet with cryptos.

The long list of tokens supported by the platform includes:

Crypto.com also supports the buying, selling and storage of NFTs within its crypto wallet.

As for currencies, the euro is of course supported, as are U.S., Canadian and Australian dollars, among others, Canadian and Australian dollars, among others. In practice, when a purchase is made, the platform first receives the payment. Then, thanks to blockchain technology, it quickly sends the cryptos to the user.

Depending on the cryptocurrency purchased, the blockchain will obviously be different. However, the blockchains of each of the 250 coins are obviously supported by Crypto.com’s DeFi wallet.

In which countries is Crypto.com available?

Crypto.com is currently available in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Bahrain
  • Barbados
  • Belgium
  • Bermuda
  • Brazil
  • Virgin Islands, United Kingdom
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Egypt
  • El Salvador
  • Estonia
  • Fiji
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Indonesian
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Korea, South
  • Kuwait
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Russian Federation
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

Is Crypto.com compatible with other hardware wallets?

If you know anything about cryptocurrency platforms security, then you’re probably wondering whether the Crypto.com hardware wallet is compatible with other hardware wallets. The answer is yes, it is. However, it is not compatible with all hardware wallets.

To date, Crypto.com’s DeFi wallet app can be used with the following hardware wallets:

  • Ledger (all models)
  • BC Vault (all models)
  • CoolWallet Pro

The advantage of using a hardware wallet to duplicate the Crypto.com cold wallet is security. Keeping your cryptos on a hot wallet is convenient for regular purchases. It allows you to keep your cryptos close at hand and use them at any time. However, when it comes to long-term Holds, we prefer to use a hardware wallet.

It may therefore be worth keeping an average amount in your Crypto.com wallet, and placing your savings in a cold wallet, offline.

Features available on this wallet

Crypto.com’s wallet offers a range of different functionalities, which are worth listing. While the application obviously offers token storage, it also offers many other products.

Buying and selling cryptos

how to pay on crypto.com

It may be a no-brainer for some, yet not all wallets offer it. On Crypto.com, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at low cost. As we explained earlier, the transaction can be carried out by bank transfer or credit card. You can also send your cryptos to your Crypto.com wallet.

Selling assets takes just a few clicks, directly from the Crypto.com mobile application. Some fees are charged, but we’ll talk about these later in our review of Crypto.com’s DeFi wallet.

Earn Crypto.com

The Earn formula offers users the opportunity to earn interest on their cryptoassets. This is the staking formula of Crypto.com, integrated directly into its DeFi wallet. In practice, users choose the token on which they wish to earn interest and place their tokens in staking.

There are two options: flexible or locked. In the first cryptos can be withdrawn and used at any time. With the blocked formula, the user chooses a period ranging from 30 days to 1 year. During this period, the tokens are blocked, but generate higher interest than with the flexible formula.

Liquidity pools are also available for DeFi lovers. Like the “Earn” formula, these allow you to generate interest while lending cryptos.

Crypto Credit

Crypto.com offers its users a crypto loan solution. In this way, it is possible to take out loans against digital assets without having to sell them. In practice, users wishing to take out a loan can do so by visiting the dedicated category directly in the mobile app.

After choosing the desired loan amount, they are then prompted to select the crypto they will use as collateral, also known as a security deposit. If the collateral is sufficient, the loan is granted instantly. No supporting documents are required, not even proof of income, unlike bank loans.


“Swapping” literally means “exchange”. In crypto, swapping simply means exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. This type of service is particularly popular with traders. For example, you can sell ETH for BTC.

Crypto.com’s formula is somewhat original. It can be used even if you don’t have a DeFi.
a Crypto.com DeFi wallet. The Swapping page simply asks you to connect your Metamask wallet or any other Wallet Connect-compatible wallet.

After connecting his wallet, the user can preview the swap and see the difference between the market price and the final price after swapping. The route taken by the transaction is also available.

Crypto.com Credit Card

crypto.com credit card

The Crypto.com credit card is a VISA card. However, it is unique in that it uses cryptos. Free of charge, the Crypto.com card allows you to pay in all stores where VISA cards are normally accepted. When you make a purchase, Crypto.com advances the transaction amount, then immediately reimburses itself using your cryptos.

A cashback system is also available via credit card. The cashback amount is a maximum of 5% for each transaction, automatically transferred to your Crypto.com wallet. Several different cards are available, each with its own specific features. The cashback rate also varies from card to card, as explained in our Crypto.com review.

How much does Crypto.com wallet cost?

Crypto.com has a few obvious fees, which essentially serve to remunerate the platform. Nevertheless, these are relatively low compared to other platforms such as eToro (read the eToro review).

First of all, the good news is that swaps via Crypto.com are free of charge. However, the blockchain fees will apply. Note that these are beyond the control of Crypto.com’s control.

Withdrawal fees are calculated according to the cryptocurrency withdrawn, its amount, and the type of withdrawal selected by the user. For BTC withdrawals, fees may be as low as 0.0004 BTC.

When purchasing cryptocurrencies by credit card, Crypto.com will charge 3.5% of the amount purchased. However, purchases made by bank transfer do not incur any additional charges than those inherent to blockchain.

If you opt for the platform’s credit card, however, you will benefit from a 30-day period days. Thereafter, fees will revert to the previous 3.5%.

When you sell your cryptos, or make a crypto purchase, the platform won’t charge you any fees. Note, moreover, that Crypto.com credit card holders will be able to easily reimburse their charges thanks to the platform’s cashback scheme.

Furthermore, fees are minimized on the purchase of Cronos (CRO), as this is Crypto.com’s native cryptocurrency. As a result, blockchain fees are managed directly by the platform. This allows the Crypto.com wallet to authorize transactions without fees, provided that the transaction is in its native crypto.

Is it a secure wallet?

Does Crypto.com offer a secure wallet? It’s a legitimate question, especially when it comes to securing funds. Several security measures are put in place by the platform so that users can easily secure their funds:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): this is an additional level of security offered by the DeFi wallet app. It can be activated or deactivated. When enabled, you’ll need to provide your 2FA code for certain transactions: buying cryptos, selling cryptos, swapping, viewing the recovery phrase.
  • Recovery phrase: To ensure that no one has access to your Crypto.com wallet, the platform has introduced a recovery phrase, also known as seed code. This consists of 12 randomly generated words. When you download the Crypto.com wallet, make a note of this phrase and keep it carefully. You’ll need it if you want to change devices, or if your smartphone is lost or stolen.
  • A non-depository wallet: Crypto.com’s wallet is non-depository or non-custodial, which means that only you own the keys to it. The platform does not, and will never, have access to your crypto wallet. This ensures that no one but you has access to your funds or account movements.

The wallet offered by Crypto.com therefore appears to be very secure. It offers the same security measures as other wallets, with the addition of two-factor authentication. The non-depository aspect of the application is also a particularly positive feature.

Which user profile is this wallet best suited to?

Crypto.com’s wallet is suitable for a wide range of users. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the application represents a very good option for storing and managing your cryptos. However, beginners will appreciate the application’s ease of use.

Above all, regular users will enjoy using this wallet. This is because it allows you to send and receive tokens quickly and easily. All major services related to cryptocurrencies are represented and accessible in the blink of an eye.

More advanced users may find themselves a little at a loss. Indeed, in comparison with wallet, the Crypto.com wallet is disconcertingly simple. Confusion could be caused by the product’s overly idealized appearance. However, support for such a large number of tokens number of tokens will reassure many.

Investors may also find something to their liking in this portfolio. Indeed, the various functions linked to DeFi and DApp allow anyone to access the financial system financial system offered by blockchain. As a result, investors and traders of all backgrounds can use the Crypto.com wallet to carry out their transactions and seize interesting opportunities.

Ultimately, Crypto.com aims to target as broad an audience of users as possible. The company’s range of products is proof of this, and the breadth of its panel also supports this argument.

Our opinion on the quality of customer service

Crypto.com customer service can be contacted in a variety of ways. If you have a question, a problem or a concern, you can contact a competent professional who will be happy to help you.

So, if you wish to contact Crypto.com wallet customer service, you can do so via the following methods:

  • Live Chat from the website and app
  • By email via [email protected]
  • Via social networks on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Facebook

Before contacting customer service, you can also consult the FAQ section of the site. You may well find the answers to your questions there. In fact, the FAQ is built on a community approach. Users post their most frequently asked questions and answers.

If you are unlucky enough to run into a problem and need to contact customer service, the Crypto.com team is particularly competent. They can communicate in the language of your choice and provide rapid assistance.

Our opinion of Crypto.com’s customer service is particularly good. We had a positive experience during our research and were able to observe the professionalism and honesty of the platform’s agents.

Our final review of Crypto.com

Crypto.com offers an easy-to-use DeFi wallet. Its rich offering enables any type of user to find their way around, even the biggest beginners in the field, making it one of the best crypto platforms around. The platform represents a veritable gateway to decentralized finance. Crypto.com’s mission of widespread adoption is becoming a little more accomplished by the day, thanks to a user-friendly hot wallet and relatively low fees.

It’s important to note that users who have decided to download Crypto.com’s wallet have retained a particularly positive opinion of it. Internet users’ opinions are unanimous, Crypto.com is a secure, reliable wallet with a remarkably comprehensive range of features.

Users who are simply looking for a place to store their digital assets can use the platform’s app. This allows them not only to keep an eye on their tokens at all times, but also to use them with just a few clicks. In conclusion, Crypto.com represents an ideal wallet for everyday users.

Pros and Cons of the wallet at Crypto.com

  • A secure, non-depository wallet
  • A comprehensive range of functions
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Customer service is not available by phone
  • Available only on mobile and browser

Frequently asked questions - Crypto.com Wallet

The list of tokens supported by the Crypto.com wallet is relatively long. In fact, it includes over 250 cryptocurrencies from more than 30 different blockchains. In our Crypto.com review, we take a brief look at some of the tokens supported by the platform. Note that NFTs are also supported.
The security of Crypto.com’s wallet no longer even needs to be established, as the product’s reputation precedes it. Thanks to the various security measures we have detailed above, this wallet ranks among the most secure crypto wallets.
A wallet lets you store your crypto assets on a secure device. It’s the safest way to ensure you don’t lose your cryptos.
The platform and its various products, including wallets, are among the most secure on the crypto market. The company is reliable and regulated.
Crypto.com’s wallet has its pros and cons. Other alternatives may also appeal to you. These include wallets from ZenGo and OKX.