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Updated: 4 april 2024
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What is Vantage?

Vantage FX or Vantage Markets has been recognized multiple times for its offerings and reputation as a safe and secure platform for trading CFDs. Being available in numerous languages and licensed by various financial regulators is also a true mark of quality that has attracted over 3 million users from across the globe. 

Because of all this, we at Tokize believe Vantage FX is worth taking a closer look at to determine if it might be a good broker for you to join.

What is the Vantage FX platform?

Vantage FX is an international online brokerage platform primarily facilitating the trade of CFDs for Forex pairs, ETFs, indices, commodities, stocks, and bonds. It originates from Australia where it was founded in 2009 by Christian Dove before spreading to nearly all countries in the world. 

During that time, the platform has gained a good reputation, notably being regulated by several financial regulators, a point we will explore further in this platform review. 

History of Vantage FX

To this day, the company’s headquarters are still located in Sydney, Australia, where it has been operating since 2009. The platform is active in most countries and is now available in 172 countries worldwide with over 1,000 employees working for it across the globe in various company offices. 

vantage markets awards

Over the years, this trading platform has evolved to cater to all traders’ needs by offering different trading applications. This allows access to over 1,000 financial assets from different applications depending on your preferences and requirements. It has also garnered Vantage FX numerous awards, which is a badge of approval from traders around the world.

The ultimate goal is to constantly improve users’ trading experiences. Vantage FX believes that a smooth and fast interface can significantly reduce the apparent complexity of trading. In other words, a simple and functional tool allows users to focus on what matters most!

What Vantage FX Offers

Vantage FX offers curious investors the opportunity to trade a multitude of products through the use of CFDs. What’s more? In some cases, transaction fees are zero, at 0%! The platform has also distinguished itself by offering a significant range of free products, such as

  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Protection against losses and negative balances
  • Responsive customer service is available 24/7

At Tokize, we’re always on the lookout for good deals and online platforms that allow traders to have a better experience and performance. Vantage FX is on our list of the best available options. We’ll present everything you need to know about it in the following article.

The Vantage FX Ecosystem

You can trade over 1,000 financial assets on Vantage FX, but all are in the form of CFDs. This involves derivative contracts tracking the value of an asset, but not buying the actual asset(s). Nevertheless, CFDs have several advantages including the ability to short the market and get higher leverage. Here are some asset classes you will find on this platform:


Vantage does not offer crypto or crypto CFD trading. It’s not a cryptocurrency platform.


Vantage FX, as you can surmise from the name, was initially focused on Forex trading (currency trading) becoming more all rounded. Still, you can access over 40 different pairs which is a decent variety compared to the market average but we would have liked to see more exotic pairs for traders who want to diversify. 

vantage fx forex

Moreover, your orders can be filled out with spreads as low as 0.0 depending on the account type you sign up for. And the leverage offered can be as high as 500:1 allowing you to open positions worth a lot more than you as capital even on the most basic trading accounts. 


Stock CFDs are currently Vantage FX’s broadest category of tradable assets for traders who wish to get exposure to global assets. That is because there are shares from the US, UK, EU, and Australia totaling hundreds of different shares you can trade.

Unlike Forex pairs, though, trading stocks on the platform will primarily incur a commission rather than spreads. We found these to be quite competitive compared to the rest of the market so stock traders should be delighted by this while encouraging new traders to attempt trading these assets.


In addition to Forex trading, Vantage FX assists investors in buying and selling classic indices through CFDs. This allows traders to engage in various markets, such as the FTSE100 index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and many other assets.

In total, Vantage FX provides access to 15 major exchanges worldwide, where it is possible, once again, to trade with significant leverage, up to x500.

vantage fx ETF


These are great assets for truly diversifying your portfolio while simultaneously lowering your risk of loss. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it is Vantage FX’s second-broadest category with assets listed from multiple global exchanges. 

Because they’re typically meant to be low-risk investments, leverage is limited compared to other assets, but it’s still higher than most other online brokerages. That means you can have another avenue for diversification while protecting your capital from drawdown.


There are many tradable commodities listed on various markets, but they’re generally classified into:

vantage commodities

Precious Metals

We’re all aware of the most common precious metals such as gold and silver, but Vantage FX has also listed:

  • Copper
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

This provides the opportunity to diversify investments, especially with some assets that are historically considered safe havens (such as gold or silver).


Vantage FX also offers energy trading such as crude oil and natural gas. The energy market is booming, and more people are becoming interested in it. And thanks to Vantage FX you too can get into the industry.

Soft Commodities

Although not the ‘hottest’ market and a rather rare market among online traders, classic commodities are accessible on Vantage FX. Thus, you can trade on the price of cocoa, coffee, cotton, sugar, and even orange juice. Again, these can present unique opportunities because of the nature of such products. 

Additional Services

Complementary services are always necessary to consider when selecting an online broker since they can enhance your performance and perhaps even make the experience more enjoyable. So, Vantage FX has added several additional services you might be interested in: 

Education and Learning

Included in its comprehensive offering, Vantage FX provides a learning service through the Vantage Academy from where it is possible to learn about the world of trading and train on essential tools before diving into the deep end and trading real money.

vantage academy

One way you can do this on the platform is through a demo account where the financial markets are simulated to prepare you for the fast-paced world of trading. Plus, many blog articles are available in English for reading on various topics, ranging from learning how to read a chart to more complicated concepts. 

Additionally, it is possible to:

  • participate in webinars – the platform organizes at least one webinar every day;
  • receive training on MT4;
  • receive training on MT5.

Market Analysis

Another interesting offer from Vantage FX is regarding the dedicated market analysis section of the website. Here, daily updates let you learn more about the current market situation and the global economy including trading signals that you can subscribe to on your trading platform.

Micro and macro-economic events can impact your trading approach, so for your research, Vantage FX also provides a calendar of upcoming economic events including the running hours of various global stock markets to help you time the market. Finally, a market sentiment indicator highlights the prevailing attitude of traders so that you can decide whether to trade or not.

Trading Platforms

How you access the markets is very important as any trader will tell you, but on Vantage FX you can choose between:

MetaTrader 4/5

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the most popular trading platforms in the world, developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Traders like these platforms because they’re free to use and have a wide base of support, meaning that you can find many 3rd party tools to make your trading better.

The platforms(s) have excellent integrated tools out-of-the-box, but these additional tools can give you that extra edge. Not to mention how easy it is to add trading signals, EAs (expert advisors), and trading robots.

Pro Trader

Many traders are also familiar with TradingView, which is also very popular because of its simpler and intuitive interface. Fortunately, you can keep trading on TradingView through Vantage FX, but you will need to make a slightly higher deposit ($200) to qualify.

vantage protrader review

For that price, you have access to the full suite of advanced trading tools not generally available for free, and this can help you raise your game.

Vantage App

When you’re on the go, you want a reliable and intuitive app on your mobile or tablet to keep trading on. This is what the Vantage App is meant to offer traders regardless of the device you’re on.

The app isn’t very highly rated on either App Store, but we tested it and found that it worked very well. That being said, perhaps Vantage FX developers should add more features and refinement. 

How To Get Started With Trading On Vantage FX? 

Are you interested in joining Vantage and starting trading on the platform? Just follow these steps and you will be good to go:

Step 1: Create An Account On Vantage FX

The first step is to visit the Vantage webpage and click on the Register button at the top of the page. On the next page, enter your basic details such as the country of residence, email, password, and a referral code (if you have one). Then enter the Email verification code sent to your email to prove ownership and proceed to create the account. 

vantage fx open account

Step 2: Complete Account Information

You will now need to provide certain essential personal information such as your first name, last name, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, and phone number. On the next prompt, choose which trading platform you prefer using, account type, and account base currency.

vantage fx open account

Step 3: Verify Account Details

ID verification is required to confirm your date of birth, nationality, and country of residence according to regulations. You can choose which type of document you want to use to confirm your identity, whether a passport, national ID, or driving license. 

vantage ID verification

If you have all the documents, this should not take more than 5 minutes to complete and up to 24 hours for verification.

Step 4: Make A Deposit

Once the account has been verified, it can be funded with a minimum of $50 or equivalent in the base currency specified in the previous step. There are many deposit methods accepted including credit/debit cards, bank transfer, Apple/Google Pay, Advcash, Perfect Money, and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), etc.

vantage deposit method

Step 5: Make Your First Trade

Now you’re ready to start trading on your preferred trading platform. All you need to do is perform the necessary market analysis and choose the order type, amount, and execution of the order. 


  • Regulated broker
  • Crypto trading on MT4 and MT5
  • Crypto CFD trading

Investing in CFDs carries high risks.

What Are The Fees On Vantage FX?

Vantage fees are relatively low but they vary depending on the account type and asset class. For instance, Forex trading mainly incurs spreads while other assets will attract a commission depending on the value of the trade.

To make this clearer, here is a table indicating the range of fees to expect on the platform:

Asset classStandard STPRaw ECNPro ECN
ForexSpreads: From 1.4 Commission: 0Spreads: From 0.0 Commission: ($6.00 per lot)Spreads: From 0.0 Commission: ($3.00 per lot)
ETFsSpreads: From 1.4 Commission: 0Spreads: From 0.0 Commission: $12 per tradeSpreads: From 0.0 Commission: $12 per trade
Precious metalsSpreads: From 1.4 Commission: 0Spreads: From 0.0 Commission: $6 per lotSpreads: From 0.0 Commission: $3 per lot
EU share CFDsSpreads: From 1.4 Commission: 0Spreads: From 0.0 Commission: 0.1% per lotSpreads: From 0.0 Commission: 0.1% per lot

Some additional fees are to be expected such as overnight and weekend swap fees when trading CFDs, but Vantage has limited any extra fees you would be charged on other platforms. For instance, all transfers of cash, deposits, and withdrawals, are free from transaction costs, although you may be charged by your payment provider. 

Regulation Of Vantage FX

Vantage FX provides a safe and legitimate trading environment by acquiring the required licenses in the jurisdictions in which it operates. To begin with, it is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) where it is based. ASIC not only ensures that the company follows ethical principles, but can also compensate traders in case of bankruptcy.

vantage markets regulation

Elsewhere, the company is registered by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and Vanuatu’s Financial Services Commission (VFSC). The parent company, Vantage International Group Limited, is authorized and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

Is Vantage FX Safe?

Since its founding, Vantage FX has never reported a loss from a cyberattack nor been investigated for any suspicious activity. Considering that it has been around for about 14 years, this is a testament that the platform is safe to use and you can be confident to trade without risking your capital.

To ensure this, Vantage FX is regularly audited by reputable auditors who check that the platform and website adhere to industry security practices such as encryption and fraud detection. Additionally, it participates in compensation schemes to ensure that money is protected in case of insolvency but keeps all customer funds in separate accounts.

Vantage Markets Pros and Cons

  • Regulated by ASIC, FSCA, and VFSC
  • Many promotions and relatively low trading fees
  • Compensation insurance
  • High leverage up to 500:1
  • Available in several languages
  • Only CFDs available
  • No crypto trading
  • Doubtful reputation due to its collaboration in offshore countries

Vantage FX FAQ

Who created Vantage FX?

Vantage FX is an Australian broker, based in Sydney, which was founded in 2009. The company was created by Christian Dove. 

Is Vantage FX regulated?

Vantage FX is regulated by ASIC in Australia, the FSCA in South Africa, and the VFSC in Vanuatu. 

How do I withdraw money from Vantage FX?

Simply log into Vantage’s secure client portal and select the withdrawal tab from the menu. Ensure that there are sufficient available funds for the withdrawal request to be processed. 

How long does it take to withdraw money from Vantage FX?

Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours. Depending on the chosen withdrawal method, it may take between 1 and 7 business days to receive the funds.

Can I trade cryptos on Vantage FX?

Unfortunately, crypto trading is not available on Vantage FX, but there are 1,000+ other assets you can trade.