Comparison of the two platforms – Coinbase and eToro. Analysis of fees, features, supported cryptocurrencies, security, reliability, and customer service.

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Coinbase or eToro? The choice can be difficult when looking for a good cryptocurrency trading platform. Both are reputable players in the crypto trading industry, but their features differ. While Coinbase mainly offers cryptocurrencies, eToro provides a more all-rounded offering around trading. 

In this guide, we will delve into the features, fees, and choices of cryptocurrencies offered by both platforms. We will compare eToro vs Coinbase to determine which platform would be more interesting.

eToro vs. Coinbase: Which Platform Offers More Cryptocurrencies?

Let’s start by taking a look at the cryptocurrencies offered and supported by both platforms. Indeed, eToro and Coinbase are not at all equal when it comes to the tokens presented and accepted.


Being a trading platform for various financial asset classes, eToro has a relatively limited range of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. From our review, we found 88 supported cryptos and tokens with the main ones available being:

etoro crypto list

When buying crypto on eToro, it may be in the form of real assets or CFDs depending on the type of crypto position whether leverage is used, and the regulatory framework in your jurisdiction. 

For instance, residents in France buy real crypto when not using leverage, but short orders are in the form of CFDs. However, real crypto assets will be held by eToro and can only be transferred to the eToro Money crypto wallet. 

CFDs allow you to perform more sophisticated operations like shorting the market and using leverage. These can increase your returns on the trade, but you should be careful not to lose a lot of your capital as they’re riskier operations. 


According to CoinMarketCap, Coinbase lists 241 coins and 394 coin pairs at the time of writing. This data is subject to change as the platform continues to add new assets regularly and eliminate those that don’t have sufficient trading activity. Among those listed on the exchange include:  

coinbase crypto list
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • BNB (BNB)

It is also worth noting that Coinbase supports other digital assets such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Web3 (dApps).

Comparison of Cryptocurrencies On eToro And Coinbase

On this front, Coinbase takes the lead with a wider selection of cryptocurrencies. While eToro offers only a few popular cryptos, Coinbase strives to provide a broader variety of assets. Additionally, it’s important to note that Coinbase supports NFTs Web, whereas eToro does not, but eToro offers a variety of stock assets that Coinbase does not possess. Crypto users already have an advantage using Coinbase compared to eToro.


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered

eToro vs. Coinbase: Who Has The Most Favorable Fees?

Fees are calculated quite differently on eToro and Coinbase. It’s crucial to compare how much you’re going to be charged to fully understand what to expect during your initial transactions.

etoro fees


On eToro, fees vary depending on the assets you want to trade. When buying real crypto, a 1% commission is charged on the value of the trade, and an additional 2% commission when sending crypto to the eToro Money crypto wallet. 

Crypto CFDs, on the other hand, are charged by floating spread which varies depending on the volume of transactions. Overnight fees (swaps) are also incurred when you hold the asset overnight. 

Some additional fees to keep in mind include: 

  • 5 USD withdrawal fees
  • Conversion fee when depositing in any other currency besides USD
  • 100 USD minimum first-time deposit, 50 USD thereafter; at least 500 USD via bank transfer

Compared to other platforms of the same type, eToro performs well in terms of fees.


At Coinbase, fees are charged by the type of transaction you’re performing. Transferring crypto to and from your Coinbase wallet will only incur network fees which vary by blockchain and the network congestion. Coinbase will not charge you for this, but it will when trading crypto pairs on the Coinbase Exchange. 

TierTaker FeeMaker Fee
0K – 10K USD0.60%0.40%
10K – 50K USD0.40%0.25%
50K – 100K USD0.25%0.15%
100K – 1M USD0.20%0.10%
1M – 15M USD0.18%0.08%
15M – 75M USD0.16%0.06%
75M – 250M USD0.12%0.03%
250M – 400M USD0.08%0.00%
400M USD +0.05%0.00%

Maker fees can be as high as 0.40% and as low as 0.00% while taker fees range from 0.60% to 0.05% depending on your monthly trading volume. This is meant to encourage more transaction volumes and make it affordable for active traders. 

Deposits by ACH and Swift (GBP) are free while wire transfers (USD) and SEPA (EUR) are charged 10 USD and 0.15 EUR respectively. Meanwhile, withdrawals by SEPA and ACH are free, and 25 USD and 1 GBP for wire transfers and Swift respectively. 

Comparison of Fees on eToro And Coinbase

Coinbase has a more competitive fee schedule compared to eToro regardless of the main activity you’re interested in. 

For active traders performing multiple trades every day, Coinbase is the better option due to lower exchange fees and wider spreads when trading crypto CFDs on eToro. Even casual investors can enjoy zero commissions when transferring crypto to the Coinbase wallet. 

eToro vs. Coinbase: Which Platform Has The Most Features

The features on the two platforms are quite different, but some can be easily compared. For our eToro vs. Coinbase comparison, we will review trading tools and cryptocurrency staking solutions.

Trading Tools: eToro vs Coinbase

eToro and Coinbase offer trading solutions to their users but they have different tools, making it interesting to compare to determine which is better for traders.


Through a partnership with TradingView, eToro now offers ProCharts with all the advanced features an experienced trader would need for technical analysis. Besides being simple, most seasoned traders are familiar with the interface and it can be a very simple transition from another platform. The only problem is that you need a 5,000 USD deposit to access it. 

etoro chart

Nevertheless, eToro’s most popular feature is copy trading, allowing novice investors to copy the trades of more experienced users. This should reduce risk and increase the chances of success and better performance, including through Crypto portfolios that create a basket of crypto assets to be traded as a unit. 


Coinbase does not offer the same tools as eToro particularly since copy trading is not part of Coinbase’s focus, but the platform provides an advanced proprietary trading platform Coinbase claims to be “The most trusted platform for trading cryptocurrency” 

coinbase chart

It is a professional-looking, sophisticated platform with all the technical tools an active trader may need. Not to mention the API to easily gain access to real-time market data for professional and institutional traders looking for an edge in the markets. 

Comparison of Trading Tools On eToro And Coinbase

It’s challenging to determine a clear winner regarding trading tools. While eToro has a more familiar option most people have tried before, Coinbase has gone for a completely different alternative with its proprietary platform. 

Coinbase’s platform is more geared toward professional and institutional traders and eToro is thus more friendly to a broader audience. For this reason, eToro is the better option considering it can also be used on other financial instruments. 

Staking: eToro vs. Coinbase

It’s always interesting to explore staking solutions, allowing users to earn interest in dormant cryptos. This concept is popular in the crypto world and provides numerous opportunities. Let’s see what these platforms offer in terms of cryptocurrency staking.


eToro has a very limited staking offering compared to other platforms in the market. Users can stake two cryptos on eToro: Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX). Interest rates range between 75% and 90% according to the token and the user’s membership status. 

etoro crypto staking

Staking solutions are only accessible by US users (Bronze membership level) and while other users must deposit 5,000 USD to reach Silver membership; UK residents don’t qualify for staking. Therefore, it’s clear that eToro offers limited choices for staking and imposes specific conditions on users to access its staking services.


Staking is more prevalent on Coinbase, though not as much when compared to other crypto exchanges. Currently, the platform offers staking solutions for six different cryptocurrencies:

coinbase crypto staking
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tezos (XTZ)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Polkadot (DOT)

Interest rates vary and depend on the market conditions. What interests investors, though, is that Coinbase distributes interest daily. This allows users to choose a flexible plan and receive daily interest. Similarly, users can stake tokens for a specified period, during which the interest is visible but locked for the entire staking duration.

Comparison of Staking On eToro And Coinbase

Coinbase takes the lead in terms of staking. eToro only offers solutions for two cryptocurrencies, and users must meet specific conditions to be eligible. In contrast, Coinbase provides staking for six cryptos to all its users. Additionally, the list of stakable cryptos at Coinbase may change periodically, updating regularly to offer new opportunities to users.

eToro vs. Coinbase: Crypto Wallets

When dealing with crypto, having a crypto wallet is essential. In this eToro vs. Coinbase comparison, let’s explore the storage solutions offered by both platforms. Here, we won’t discuss security; instead, we’ll compare this aspect later in this comparative guide.


eToro Money crypto wallet is eToro’s standalone wallet that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. It is an easy-to-use app that you can use to store and transfer cryptos, but unfortunately, it currently only supports a handful of tokens, does not allow you to buy cryptos directly or explore Web3 for other digital assets, and charges a 0.1% fee for converting cryptos. 

etoro crypto wallet

That being said, the most commonly used wallet is that found on the main eToro platform. This is where you can buy and sell cryptos, which are stored securely by eToro through a custodian. The only problem is that you cannot transfer your crypto through this wallet except to the eToro Money crypto wallet. 


Like eToro, assets bought on the Coinbase platform are stored in your Coinbase account. From here, you can trade and transfer your assets freely because Coinbase does not have any restrictions. Furthermore, a mobile app is available called Coinbase Wallet

coinbase wallet

You don’t need to go through the main platform to use Coinbase Wallet and you can make it your primary wallet. Through it, you can buy, sell, and trade cryptos, of which it supports plenty, along with the ability to explore Web3 and store other digital assets like NFTs.

Comparison of Crypto Wallets On eToro And Coinbase

Coinbase is miles ahead in terms of crypto wallets compared to eToro. It performs nearly all operations you would need from a crypto wallet and has been secure without any previous incidents of hacking or loss of assets. Perhaps in the future, eToro will come up with a competitive wallet, but for now, Coinbase Wallet is the undisputed winner. 

eToro vs. Coinbase: Which Exchange Offers the Best User Experience?

User experience depends on various criteria which often tend to be subjective. Many factors contribute to the overall user experience too, so this is going to be a difficult call to make. Nevertheless, let’s see which one would be better for you. 


Access to eToro can be either on desktop or mobile so it’s accessible from any device. On the desktop, it has a clean, simple interface with a sidebar for easy navigation among different categories. Then on each tab is a concise summary of information and news, providing maximum information about the asset being viewed. 

etoro crypto portfolio

Its mobile app is also very easy to use with an intuitive design that flows smoothly from one page to another. Here too you can manage your account without having to rely on the desktop app as well as trade and store cryptos with a few taps. 

The user experience at eToro is therefore very compelling, avoiding clutter with unnecessary data and flashy designs. The platform has opted for simplicity and effectiveness that can be welcoming to any user. 


Coinbase also provides a clean interface, although with a slightly different layout than eToro. This is the basic version of Coinbase where you can easily transfer and store cryptos and manage your account. It’s also what you get on the Coinbase mobile app so anyone can use it from the first time it’s installed. 

Coinbase pro features

Coinbase Pro is a more advanced platform for exchanging cryptos but it’s only available on desktop. Its function is to provide more tools for active and professional traders who require more control over their trades. 

Coinbase has thus chosen an option similar to eToro, offering a simple and effective design that focuses on genuinely important information while providing more control for pro traders. 

Comparison of User Experience On eToro And Coinbase

Coinbase and eToro are equal when it comes to user experience on mobile. Both platforms have made the same choice, offering a somewhat minimalist display and a well-designed interface. Loading times are also similar on both platforms, allowing users to navigate quickly between categories without facing the frustration of slow loading. 

Desktop trading is also well covered by both so that seasoned traders have the tools they need to compete and get an edge. In conclusion, eToro and Coinbase are on par in this area.

eToro vs. Coinbase: Who Is More Reliable?

When it comes to reliability, it’s essential to consider various elements. We need to look into the regulation of each service and detail any incidents that may have occurred in recent years on eToro or Coinbase.


eToro is regulated and licensed all over the world including in Europe where it is recognized by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and several other regulators in Cyprus, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy. 

etoro regulation

The platform has undergone various tests and audits by Ernst & Young, making it reliable for French users. Users’ funds are guaranteed by insurance to provide financial protection in case of platform bankruptcy. 

We couldn’t find any incidents that have been reported regarding eToro thanks to strong regulation across many jurisdictions. Users feel secure when using this platform because eToro is a reliable and serious platform.


As an American-based platform, Coinbase has all the necessary authorizations to offer its services in the US and European countries including France. It’s even a stock-listed company on the Nasdaq exchange, so the platform is reputedly reliable by most sources and, more importantly, by its users. 

etoro vs coinbase regulation

However, a significant incident occurred in 2021 when an attack reached Coinbase servers, leading to the loss of crypto from 6,000 customer accounts. Nevertheless, the platform addressed the issue promptly and allocated the funds back to its clients in the shortest possible time. 

Although it suffers more hack attempts, Coinbase has implemented many security measures including a dedicated security team and a bug bounty program where white-hat hackers can alert the company of possible exploits. 

Comparison of Reliability On eToro And Coinbase

Regarding reliability, eToro and Coinbase are at the same level once again. Both platforms are legal in most countries worldwide, offering their services legally to users. Therefore, in France, as in the rest of Europe, eToro and Coinbase provide the same level of reliability. If you’re looking for a reliable platform, you can turn to Coinbase or eToro without any hesitation.


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered

eToro vs. Coinbase: Which platform is more secure?

Security is probably one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency platform. Your funds’ future and your peace of mind depend on this criterion so let’s see which platform is more secure.


eToro implements several measures to secure users’ funds and their data. Firstly, SSL encryption is used consistently during each transaction, completely encrypting your payment and personal data, and protecting both your bank account and your funds. 

Additional protection can be found through 2FA (2-factor authentication) to prevent unauthorized access to your account even if your password is leaked. Due to this, eToro positions itself as a recommended platform for its security at present.


At Coinbase, it is possible to enable 2FA and SSL encryption is always used as a protection method to safeguard your payment data during transactions. Furthermore, the crypto wallet solution offered by Coinbase provides an even higher level of security through the use of blockchain technology. Coinbase is, therefore, an ultra-secure crypto platform.

Comparison of Security On eToro And Coinbase

Neither eToro nor Coinbase has an edge over the other and they are both secure for traders and investors in crypto. The only difference is that eToro uses custodians like Tangany to store crypto while Coinbase does it in-house using cold wallets. 

eToro vs. Coinbase: Which Has the Best Customer Service?

In case of a problem, it is essential to quickly find a contact person to get help. Now let’s see which one offers the most practical, competent, and accessible customer service for users.


eToro’s customer service can be contacted through a contact form on the website. First, select the subject of the request and then enter a message, which will later be communicated to customer service and replied to by email

Customer service during this review was professional and capable of answering your questions within the day but they’re only available 24/5 and they can’t be reached by phone or live chat. The FAQ section may contain the answer to your question, though, so you may want to check it out first. 


At Coinbase, there are several ways to reach customer service:

  • Via Twitter
  • Through 24/7 Live Chat
  • Via the contact form on the website

Therefore, no matter the problem encountered, you will always find a contact person ready to assist you, regardless of the time of day and night. There is no direct phone number to contact support but the chat allows you to communicate with a customer service advisor promptly. Here too, an FAQ section can help you find answers.

Comparison of Customer Service on eToro And Coinbase

The customer service of both platforms is comparable. However, Coinbase has the advantage of offering multiple contact options and customer service available 24/7. While you may have to wait a few hours for a response from eToro, Coinbase is ready to assist you with just a click and in a matter of minutes. Therefore, Coinbase has better customer service compared to eToro.


As we have seen, both platforms share many similarities, but they also have significant differences. Based on the categories considered above, Coinbase appears to be the better choice for users focused solely on cryptocurrencies. But for users interested in other financial instruments, eToro would be the preferred option. 

In general, eToro offers a somewhat more traditional experience, while Coinbase provides more modern and avant-garde content. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms will largely depend on personal preferences for your trading platform.

eToro vs Coinbase FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

eToro vs. Coinbase, which one is better?

Coinbase and eToro are similar, but they offer very different services. Therefore, there is no platform better than the other. However, depending on your profile, it will be necessary to lean more toward one than the other.

Which platform is better for trading cryptocurrencies, eToro or Coinbase?

As we explained in our comparative guide, Coinbase is more specialized in cryptocurrencies than eToro. The platform provides more suitable tools and more specific functions.

Who has the best fees between eToro and Coinbase?

Fees are calculated differently at eToro and Coinbase. For details, you can refer to our dedicated section in our comparative guide eToro vs. Coinbase.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies on eToro and Coinbase?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are available for trading on both eToro and Coinbase. However, on eToro, you can also trade cryptocurrency CFDs rather than actual cryptocurrencies. Depending on your intended use, this difference could be significant.

Does Coinbase have more cryptocurrencies than eToro?

Yes, the choice of cryptocurrencies is indeed greater on Coinbase. As explained in our comparative guide, Coinbase is more specialized in cryptocurrencies than eToro. This superiority is therefore entirely logical.