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Updated: 31 may 2024
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Having been present in the crypto universe for over 6 years, Bitget is one of the most prominent exchanges on the market. Offering various features, we have thoroughly studied its services to provide you with a detailed review of this site. Discover what the platform is worth in 2024.


  • Competitive trading fees.
  • User-friendly, ergonomic interface.
  • Enhanced fund security.

What is Bitget? 

Founded in late 2018 in Singapore, Bitget has quickly established itself as one of the major cryptocurrency Centralized Exchanges (CEX) in the industry. The site specializes in trading derivative products and other digital financial services.

With a catalog of over 750 cryptocurrencies, Bitget offers spot trading, margin trading, as well as a highly appreciated copy trading feature. In terms of security, Bitget stands out for its strict measures and also holds several licenses to operate in various countries like Lithuania and Poland.

Despite a smaller presence in Europe, Bitget ranks among the top five Web3 platforms in terms of derivative trading volume. The platform reaches $2 billion in daily transactions, with more than 150,000 elite traders operating according to the exchange.

To date, Bitget claims to have more than 25 million registered users in over 50 countries, supported by a multinational team of 1500 employees from 60 nationalities.

The platform also has its own token called Bitget Token (BGB), a utility token that allows for operations on the exchange and benefits from reduced Bitget fees. This token is among the top 100 largest market caps in the crypto market and is valued at approximately $1.5 billion.

Bitget Crypto's listed

Bitget’s advantages

Bitget offers several benefits that attract a large number of crypto traders. Indeed, the platform supports an impressive range of 871 trading pairs, allowing users to capitalize on market fluctuations.

On CoinGecko, the exchange scores a trust rating of 9/10 and ranks among the top 10 major CEXs in the industry, just behind Binance. With transaction fees of only 0.1%, Bitget stands out as one of the most competitive platforms in the field, accessible to both novices and experts.

Moreover, the platform addresses liquidity issues with its reserve verification audited by CoinMarketCap. To facilitate trading decisions, Bitget offers advanced tools including real-time charts and technical analysis indicators.

Bitget not only initiates airdrop sessions on its site but also through the Bitget wallet, a non-custodial Web3 wallet, used by over 19 million people and available on iOS and Android.

Security is a top priority for Bitget exchange, with measures such as two-factor authentication, cold storage of funds, and regular security audits. Additionally, Bitget enriches the user experience with a variety of educational resources, from tutorials to webinars, to hone trading skills.

Reinforcing its credibility, Bitget has established strategic partnerships with renowned figures and organizations, such as Lionel Messi and the Juventus football club, as well as the esports event organizer, PGL. These partnerships illustrate Bitget’s commitment to building a reliable and recognized brand.


  • Competitive trading fees.
  • User-friendly, ergonomic interface.
  • Enhanced fund security.

Bitget’s disadvantages

The main limitation is Bitget’s geographical accessibility. Due to regulatory restrictions, the platform is not available in certain countries, including the United States, where citizens must use a VPN to access it.

In France, the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) has blacklisted Bitget, hence the platform’s mobile app is no longer available on the French App Store. Regarding customer service, Bitget has received mixed reviews. There have been complaints about slow response times and sometimes disappointing service quality.

Which cryptos are available on Bitget?

Bitget lists over 750 cryptocurrencies in its catalog. Of course, heavyweights like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitget’s own crypto (BGB) are included, but the platform also aims to incorporate promising new projects through its launchpool.

Most popular cryptosLess popular cryptos
Bitcoin (BTC)Rosecoin (ROSE)
Ethereum (ETH)Flash Protocol (FLASH)
Solana (SOL)Frogo (FROGO)
USD Coin (USDC)Saros (SAROS)
Shiba Inu (SHIB)Block Drop (BDROP)
Polygon (MATIC)Joe Lube Coin (LUBE)
Litecoin (LTC) Zeta Chain (ZETA)
Tron (TRX)Polyhedra Network (ZK)
Cosmos (ATOM)Merlin Chain (MERL) 

The various services and features offered by Bitget

Bitget offers a wide range of functionalities.

Bitget’s trading robots 

Bitget offers an innovative series of trading bots designed to automate and optimize operations in the cryptocurrency market. These algorithmic trading tools operate at any time of the day, taking advantage of market fluctuations to maximize user returns.

Additionally, Bitget’s AI bots simplify advanced trading by offering preset configurations. Users select the bot of their choice and execute orders without the need for complicated manual entries.

These bots are available for both spot trading and futures trading. When a bot is activated, funds are isolated from the main account and managed automatically.

Bitget Copy Trading

In 2020, the exchange became the first crypto platform to integrate copy trading functionalities, now available for both spot and futures trading.

This feature allows novice traders, or “followers,” to copy the strategies and positions of more experienced traders. Bitget offers this option with more than 130,000 signal providers, whose strategies have been followed by over 650,000 users, collectively generating more than $430 million in profits according to the exchange.

Bitget users can easily start copy trading by selecting a signal provider to follow.

Signal providers on Bitget enjoy sharing up to 20% of the profits and rewards such as “Trader Star” by participating in periodic competitions.

Bitget Earn 

This is a feature that generates income for the cryptocurrencies you already own.

Bitget savings

This product is divided into two types: fixed savings and flexible savings. Fixed savings offer high interest rates on locked deposits from 7 to 120 days, with interest paid after that period. Flexible savings allow withdrawals anytime, functioning like a traditional savings account, but with a high subscription limit.

Bitget Shark Fin & Double investment

The former guarantees the capital and adjusts returns based on the performance of the asset, while the latter allows buying or selling cryptocurrencies at advantageous prices, generating interest based on the average purchase price.

Bitget Smart Trend & Range Sniper

The former allows speculating on market trends by limiting volatility in your portfolio, while the latter ensures a minimum return with profit opportunities on price fluctuations.

Bitget Staking

This tool allows staking cryptos on PoS networks to earn regular rewards. Bitget also offers staking of BGB.

Bitget Futures

Futures allow users to trade with leverage and have exposure both upwards and downwards. Different types of margin are offered (isolated and cross margin) as on Binance. Bitget Futures incorporates other options such as Copy Trading and Grid Trading and is designed to be accessible to traders of all levels.


  • Competitive trading fees.
  • User-friendly, ergonomic interface.
  • Enhanced fund security.

ICO calendar

This feature allows users to learn about upcoming cryptocurrency fundraising events on the platform. There are several filter options available so users can refine their searches and find a project to invest in during the ICO phase.

Institutional services

Bitget’s institutional services are aimed at professionals and entities in the crypto sector. These include sub-account management, API provision for automation, and preferential transaction fees for VIP users.

Services are also offered to secure assets, customized solutions for brokers, and market makers who provide liquidity, among others.

Bitget VIP

This program offers benefits to active traders on the exchange who operate large volumes. These include discounts on transaction fees, a personal account manager, a dedicated wallet address for enhanced security, and priority access for deposits and withdrawals.

VIP status is granted based on trading volume, assets held, and BGB tokens owned.

Bitget’s fee structure

Bitget has a transparent and competitive fee structure for its trading services for both spot and futures, as well as for deposit and withdrawal operations, and its earn program.

Spot trading 

For day or spot trading, Bitget imposes a standard transaction fee of 0.1% for both market makers and takers. Users can enjoy a 20% discount on these fees by using the platform’s native token, BGB.

CryptocurrencyFee MakerFee Taker

Trading futures on Bitget

In futures trading, the fee structure is adjusted to incentivize market makers (makers). They benefit from a reduced fee of 0.02%, while takers are charged 0.06% per transaction. This structure, which does not allow for additional fee reductions, is designed to reward those who contribute to market liquidity.

ContractsFee MakerFee Taker

Deposits and withdrawals

Bitget does not charge fees for depositing cryptocurrencies. However, withdrawal fees may vary depending on market conditions and are regularly updated on the platform’s fee page. Additionally, users can enjoy free withdrawals each day by staking BGB.


The fees for Bitget Earn vary depending on the financial product used. For flexible deposit products, no fees are charged on the accrued interest. In terms of staking, the rewards are also free of fees.

Bitget’s app: Is it worth downloading it?

Bitget offers a mobile app available on iOS and Android, designed to provide an intuitive and enriching cryptocurrency trading experience. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to access a wide range of trading services and investment options.

Bitget app

Upon entering the Bitget platform, users are welcomed with a greeting message along with quick action buttons to register or log in, and access to various services such as bonuses and promotions. The trading functionality allows users to easily navigate between different cryptocurrency pairs, such as BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT, and includes a dedicated section for copy trading, where less experienced users can mimic the strategies of expert traders.

The application also offers regular promotions and special events, such as draws with attractive prizes. During our tests, new users had the opportunity to receive up to 1000 USDT by completing tasks upon registration.

Beyond trading, the app provides practical features such as currency conversion, access to P2P services, exploration of Web3 technologies, and participation in ICOs. These comprehensive features cater to both novice and experienced traders, enhancing the user experience and offering multiple ways to engage with the crypto economy.

Types of accounts available on Bitget

Bitget offers various types of accounts tailored to the needs of each user, from standard to institutional accounts, including enriching VIP options.

Standard account

Accessible to any new user, this account allows trading both spot and futures, with competitive transaction fees and access to all the basic functions of the platform, such as Bitget Earn, Copy Trading, etc.

VIP account

Designed for more active traders or those with significant assets, the VIP account offers substantial advantages. Users benefit from reduced transaction fees, which helps maximize returns. There are approximately 5 VIP levels.

VIP members also have access to exclusive products with higher interest rates, such as 12% APR for wealth management products in USDT. Additionally, VIPs can obtain a Bitget Card, a Visa credit card that facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life as fiat currency.

Institutional account

Specifically designed to meet the needs of institutional entities, this account offers personalized service with a dedicated account manager. Institutions benefit from reduced transaction fees, the ability to create up to 1000 subaccounts, and access to highly advantageous brokerage and market-making solutions. The on-chain custody of assets by a third-party service ensures transparent and reliable asset management.


  • Competitive trading fees.
  • User-friendly, ergonomic interface.
  • Enhanced fund security.

Is it a safe platform?

Bitget implements several measures to ensure the security of its customers’ funds.

Security measures on the platform

Bitget adopts rigorous measures to secure the protection of user funds and information. The implementation of a KYC procedure is central to these measures. The site uses advanced eKYC technology, including facial recognition, thereby reducing the risks of fraudulent activities.

The platform also stores a large portion of cryptocurrencies in multisig cold wallets, minimizing the risk of hacks. Efforts to maintain transparency are also a key pillar of security at Bitget, with regular publishing of Proof of Reserves (PoR) reports, showing a ratio that often exceeds industry standards.

These reports, along with the open-source “Merklevalidator” tool, allow users to independently verify the assets stored on the platform.

Additionally, Bitget has a protection fund designed to reduce users’ exposure to cybersecurity risks. This fund was valued at over $415 million at the time of our testing.

Bitget’s licences and regulations

In most of the countries where it operates, Bitget strictly adheres to local and international regulations. The platform is registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in Poland and Lithuania.

By complying with current legislation on digital assets, Bitget provides a secure exchange experience in compliance with regulatory requirements. These measures not only contribute to user protection but also reinforce the trust and stability of the platform in the cryptocurrency sector.

How to buy cryptos on Bitget 

Whether on mobile or PC, the Bitget Exchange interface is quite manageable and allows for various operations. Here is how to proceed if you wish to buy cryptocurrencies on this exchange:

Step 1 – Open an account

Visit the official Bitget website. Go to the exchange’s registration page. You have the option to register with an email or a phone number. For this example, we will use an email.

bitget registering

After entering your information, click on the ‘Create an account’ button. You will usually need to solve a puzzle-type captcha before you can receive the verification code. Once received, enter it within the assigned time limit and your account will now be created.

Step 2 – Secure your account

The next step is to secure your Bitget account. To do this, go to the Bitget dashboard, click on your account icon to display the options. Choose Security.

It’s important to secure your account by activating two-factor authentication (2FA). This adds an extra layer of security and prevents phishing risks. Set up one of the options marked as ‘recommended’ as shown in the image.

Step 3 – Make a deposit

You can deposit cryptocurrencies or fiat currency into your Bitget account. For cryptocurrencies, you must first verify your Bitget account by providing the necessary documents and completing an eKYC with your smartphone.

Once your account is verified, select the type of cryptocurrency and the network you wish to use for the deposit. Use the generated address or QR code to perform the operation. Be sure to choose the correct chain to avoid losing your assets.

For fiat currency deposits, Bitget supports various currencies and you can use methods like SEPA bank transfer. Remember that the process can take a few business days for the funds to be credited to your account.

crypto buy eur

Step 4 – Buy your favorite crypto

Once your account is funded, you can buy cryptocurrencies using the Bitget trading interface.

You have the option to buy at market price or use limit orders to specify the price at which you want to buy. This allows you to have greater control over the cost of your investments and to take advantage of market fluctuations according to your trading strategy.

Bitget marketplace

Which user profile is Bitget most suitable for?

Bitget is a versatile cryptocurrency trading platform designed for a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced traders and also for financial institutions.

For novice traders, the site offers the essentials: buying and selling cryptocurrencies, discovering new projects, etc. A strong point here is copy trading, which allows beginners to mimic the strategies of more experienced traders.

Moreover, the exchange’s numerous DeFi solutions, such as Bitget Airdrop, launchpool, launchpad, and other Earn options, are suitable for those who do not have real technical knowledge and wish to invest in crypto.

Experienced traders will benefit from Bitget’s advanced options, such as futures trading and various sophisticated trading tools like trading bots.

For institutional users, Bitget offers accounts specifically designed for them, with services such as management of multiple sub-accounts, secure asset custody, and customized solutions for brokers and market makers. These features meet the needs of institutions looking for a reliable platform for extensive and secure digital asset management.

In summary, Bitget is ideally suited for anyone or institution looking for a secure and feature-rich platform.


  • Competitive trading fees.
  • User-friendly, ergonomic interface.
  • Enhanced fund security.

Customer service

For quick and standardized responses, Bitget has integrated BGBOT, a continuously available automated chatbot that facilitates access to assistance for frequently asked questions without waiting time.

Additionally, the “Support” section on the Bitget website offers an extensive FAQ section and self-service tools. This allows users to resolve many issues without direct intervention.

Users with more specific or complex queries can submit a ticket through the support system, ensuring personalized and targeted assistance. These diverse support options underscore Bitget’s commitment to providing an exceptional user experience, effectively and quickly responding to the needs of its customers.

Bitget: Our final veredict

Bitget stands out as a robust and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform. It offers a wide range of services tailored to various types of users. Its competitive fee structure, which includes advantageous options for VIP users and fee waivers for crypto deposits, makes trading more accessible and economical on the site.

The Bitget mobile app, available on iOS and Android, is particularly impressive for its ease of use and enriching features. It is a tool that can make mobile trading practical and efficient.

Security is also one of our favorite aspects of this platform. The various security measures of the site (cold wallet storage, KYC and eKYC procedures, etc.) demonstrate that Bitget takes the security of its users seriously.

Finally, its strict compliance with regulations and the obtaining of licenses in various jurisdictions reinforce user confidence in its stability.

  • Secure exchange with support for about 750 cryptocurrencies
  • Copy trading and bot trading features supported
  • Variety of DeFi products (staking, dual investment, launchpad, etc.)
  • Intuitive mobile app with multiple features
  • Exchange blacklisted by the AMF
  • High purchase fees for crypto purchases by card

Bitget - FAQ

No, the platform is on the blacklist of the french Financial Markets Authority (AMF).
Visit the official Bitget website, you can either use an email address to register or a phone number.
Go to the Bitget dashboard and click on the wallet icon, then click on Deposit, choose the Fiat option, and follow the instructions.
Go to the Bitget trading tab, then click on Spot, or return to the wallet icon to engage in P2P trading.
The main headquarters of Bitget is in Singapore.
To contact Bitget’s customer service, click on the support icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. Several options will be offered to get in touch with the Bitget team.
The Bitget app is a crypto exchange that offers spot trading and futures contracts services. It also features social trading functionalities, such as copy trading. It is available on iOS and Android.