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Ledger Wallet Review 2024

A Little Bit of History… What is Ledger? Ledger is a leading French start-up in the cryptocurrency industry. T...
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Passionate about cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Our little team of enthusiasts! Jonas H. Fondateur du site Sacha C. Co-Fondateur Shar...
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What are cryptocurrencies? – Our complete guide

In an ever more digitalized world, it’s no surprise that money is going digital too. Cryptocurrencies are gaining tract...
Join Tokize’s editorial team!

Join Tokize’s editorial team!

Our team consists of passionate individuals discussing the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency, blockcha...
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For Everything You Need In Crypto

Terms of Sales and General Definitions

Client: Any professional or capable natural person within the meaning of articles 1123 et seq. of the Civil Code, or l...
All About NFTs

The Best NFTs and NFT Marketplaces In 2024

For those who have or have not, the “non-fungible token” is still one of the hottest items to snag up in the biggest me...
Building an NFT Collection on Rarible

All Things Rarible In 2024, A Tokize Review

Rarible is an NFT exchange platform. Created in 2020, this marketplace is building a reliable name and continues to...
best trading platforms

Best Trading Platforms 2024

The investment sector has been evolving over the years through the introduction of exciting new assets with a lot of po...
The best trading robots in 2024

The best trading robots in 2024

Today's best trading bots are redefining the financial market by reducing human error and increasing profit opportuniti...