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Updated: 21 march 2024
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How Does Immediate Edge Work?

Before you can get into the Immediate Edge review, we must highlight that it is technically not an online brokerage. Instead, Immediate Edge is a software provider which works in collaboration with multiple brokers around the world. This is important because it will guide you on how to proceed while using the service for your trading. 

Trading Software

Immediate Edge does not describe exactly how it developed its software. Nevertheless, it claims to use a state-of-the-art AI trading robot created in consultation with several experienced traders. Using this system, the algorithm studies different financial markets’ price charts to identify potential trading opportunities. You can then take advantage of this information to increase your profitability and overall performance in the markets. 

Trading algorithms such as these are not new, and they are programmed to perform the same market analyzes as a human trader. For example, an algorithm can be programmed to use technical indicators like the RSI to determine where the market is overbought or oversold. Then it can determine which would be the best order to place depending on the market conditions. Immediate Edge reviews don’t reveal which strategies the service uses, but we can assume it works this way as most other algorithms do. 

Once the software is running, you can determine which strategy to use based on the information provided. Alternatively, pick from a variety of strategies already built into the software with different parameters and goals. For instance, you get to choose which markets to trade such as forex or cryptocurrency depending on what the broker offers, and your desired risk profile. The latter is meant to tailor your trades to how much risk you’re willing to take because of high risk-high reward and vice versa. 

But the most important thing is reliability whenever you’re using a trading algorithm. In general, trading algorithms are better at performing market analysis with higher accuracy because they’re precise. And they can do it at lightning speed meaning a lot more trades on any given day, sometimes adding up to the thousands depending on the parameters you set. But you also need to be careful and determine if it’s legit or an Immediate Edge scam, hence the purpose of this Immediate Edge review. 

The Associated Broker

Since Immediate Edge is not a brokerage, it can’t offer trading services directly. But through connections with multiple brokers, you still get the full suite of services regardless of your needs. 

To ensure compliance, Immediate Edge will assign you to a preferred broker based on your geographic location. This is why you will be asked to provide a phone number during the signup process, and sometimes you may even receive a phone call for further guidance. 

During our Immediate Edge review, our assigned associate broker was Rose Capital, a CFDs broker we had not heard of before. This would be the company responsible for processing trade orders, but unfortunately, it isn’t a regulated broker, which is a red flag. 

We proceeded anyway because we wanted to test how good the platform is and hopefully make some profitable trades. Besides, with several Immediate Edge reviews online, we had to check it out firsthand. You too can give it a try in a few easy steps. 

Immediate Edge

  • Immediate Edge is not an online broker, but only provides trading software.
  • The software runs non-stop, 24/7.

Immediate Edge

Sign up

How to Open an Account in 5 Steps

The first thing is to create an account to be used for all your trading, account management, etc. You will find this very straightforward and can be done easily on any device you have.

Step 1: Visit the Immediate Edge Website

Several websites are claiming to be Immediate Edge. Make sure to avoid phishing websites where your data could be stolen. 

Immediate Edge website

Step 2: Complete Registration

Enter your contact details including name, email, and phone number in the registration form provided. Make sure the details are correct as they may be used to contact you later. Once complete, click on ‘Register’ and you will see a prompt redirecting you to an online broker. 

opening account on Immediate Edge

Step 3: Log In to Your Account

Immediate Edge will send your details to a broker, who will automatically create a trading account for you. As you can see here, we were able to see more about Rose Capital after being logged in.

Rose capital is not regulated

Step 4: Edit Your Profile

Now you will need to fill in more personal information with the broker and set other parameters for your account. This could also be the time to change your password for more security on your trading account. 

open account with Rose Capital

Step 5: Verify Your Account

Brokers are required to follow KYC (know-your-customer) regulations, so you will need to provide documentation to prove your identity. Click on the KYC button on your account page and upload the following documents:

Rose Capital verification
  • proof of identity such as a passport, driving license, or national ID card
  • proof of address such as a recent utility bill or bank statement
  • proof of payment such as a credit card used for payment
  • declaration of the deposit

To make it easy, make sure you have these documents handy before starting the process. Then wait for several hours to make sure it all checks out and you’re good to go. 

Immediate Edge

  • Immediate Edge is not an online broker, but only provides trading software.
  • The software runs non-stop, 24/7.

Immediate Edge

Sign up

How to Complete Your First Transaction in 5 Steps

Once your account is verified, you should receive an email from the broker. Now you can start exploring and trading available markets. 

Step 1: Select Account Type

Different accounts provide different privileges, depending on what you need and you can see here the tiers available to choose from and what each one offers. 

deposit Rose Capital broker

Step 2: Create a Brokerage Account

You have the option to create up to 2 accounts for various purposes and name them accordingly. Here, you can see we created one for trading cryptos along with the account’s base currency. 

account detail on Immediate Edge

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Enter the amount you want to deposit into your trading account and click on ‘Payment’ to proceed.

Immediate Edge depposit crypto

Now choose which payment method you want to use, which could be by credit card or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

Deposit money to Immediate Edge

Step 4: Explore the Markets

Web trader is the default trading platform for this broker, which is where you can explore different markets and assets before selecting which one(s) you want to trade. 

Trading chart on Immediate Edge

Step 5: Place an Order

You can place different order types in the order window and it will be processed by your broker. 

placing order on Immediate Edge

Main Features of Immediate Edge

There are many reasons to like this platform, and many Immediate Edge reviews mention various features. However, we want to mention 3 main features you should consider. 

Automated Trading

We’ve previously discussed how Immediate Edge uses software to analyze financial markets and find trading opportunities. This process is performed automatically by an algorithm without requiring any input on your part aside from just setting parameters. Nevertheless, the power remains in your hands as you can decide when to act on the information provided by the algorithm. 

This makes trading much easier compared to manually searching for opportunities on your own through multiple trading charts. That leaves you time to focus on other activities such as a day job and time with friends and family. It also gives you time to familiarize yourself with financial trading by observing how the software works and applying the same principles to your own trading.

Therefore, automated trading is not only useful for beginners with little or no expertise but also for experienced traders, as you can learn new strategies and explore new markets that you may not have known about before. Although it depends on the assets offered by the broker, Immediate Edge will generally direct you to a broker offering multiple asset classes and a wide selection of assets.

Non-stop Trading

The markets are constantly running, with the forex market active 24/5 and the crypto market active 24/7. Sadly, humans eventually get exhausted, meaning lost opportunities. That’s where Immediate Edge comes in because it runs all the time. Imagine being able to receive opportunities throughout the week and you can see how Immediate Edge can improve your performance over time.


A major obstacle for new traders is the complexity of trading platforms. On the contrary, Immediate Edge was designed to be easy to understand and use so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting to know the platform. From the registration process to the moment you start trading, everything is streamlined and simple, even on the first try.

Is Immediate Edge the Right Platform For You?

Despite all the above features, Immediate Edge may not be the best platform for everyone. We all have different needs at various times and this Immediate Edge review is meant to reveal both sides of the coin. 

Pros of Immediate Edge

Becoming a successful trader takes a lot of time! From analyzing different markets and assets to making the actual trade, following up with managing the trade, and reviewing your progress. This is why online trading is often a full-time activity especially if you want to maximize profits.

But with solutions like Immediate Edge, it would only take a few hours a day to set the trading parameters while the algorithm does the rest. This is useful for a trader, regardless of their skill level, because you have time for other activities and also to practice improving your skills over time.

The trading algorithms used by professional Wall Street traders cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions! But Immediate Edge is completely free and you should not agree to pay any fees in case you are asked to do so. All your profits are credited to your account and no commissions are charged by the service, although you may have to pay spreads to the broker. CFDs come with a more or less low spread depending on the broker.

Cons of Immediate Edge

Despite a deep dive into Immediate Edge, we still haven’t been able to establish who the developer of the software or the company behind it is. Normally, this is the kind of information you need to know before trusting a company with your money, but the platform doesn’t reveal anything. This is a red flag raising our eyebrows to the potential of an Immediate Edge scam. 

Furthermore, the brokers with which Immediate Edge partners are not always regulated. Rose Capital, for example, is not regulated in the EU or by any other regulator, therefore you are not protected by the investor compensation system. We have read a lot of negative reviews about this service, and with the lack of transparency, it could potentially be an Immediate Edge scam.

  • Automated trading, 24/7
  • Free to use and minimal trading fees
  • Highly accurate algorithms for better performance
  • Highly accurate algorithms for better performance
  • Free up your time to learn and relax
  • Easy to use from beginner to expert level
  • Access to global markets
  • Immediate Edge company is anonymous
  • Associate brokers are not regulated
  • Some negative reviews about the platform online

FAQ about Immediate Edge

Is Immediate Edge safe to use?

Security is low overall due to the unregulated brokers that Immediate Edge partners with and the lack of transparency by the company. 

Is Immediate Edge legal?

The system is not licensed or regulated, but many Immediate Edge reviews online are positive. 

What is the cost of using Immediate Edge?

Using Immediate Edge is completely free, but you pay a spread to your chosen broker on each open position.

Is Immediate Edge profitable?

No profitability figures have been published and the website warns of the risks of online trading.

How much money do I need to start using Immediate Edge?

The minimum deposit is determined by the broker. Rose Capital, for example, requires a minimum deposit of €250.