Are you looking to earn FreeBitcoins?  One of the most common ways to earn Bitcoins is to complete simple tasks using your computer or smartphone and get rewarded in BTC. Platforms that offer this type of service are known as Bitcoin faucets.

Traditionally, faucets are devices that control the flow of liquid from a pipe. Hence it is symbolic to attribute this term to earning Bitcoins through various “flows”. The term “Crypto Faucets” has become a mainstay in the industry and remains a notable source of earning for many crypto enthusiasts.

The concept came back to the spotlight following the price dip of Bitcoin, along with the other crypto in the market. Many enthusiasts and investors saw this as an investment opportunity to accumulate Bitcoins at considerably lower prices. This comeback is the reason for this guide, and one of the main faucets we will be examining is FreeBitcoin.

In this guide, we will understand how to navigate the FreeBitcoin site, and discover the different features of the platform and the many ways in which you can earn Bitcoins. You will also learn the pros and cons of using FreeBitcoin.


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What is FreeBitcoin?

FreeBitcoin is a leading crypto faucet that provides multiple to earn Bitcoins by completing small tasks. FreeBitoin offers opportunities to earn in different ways, including participating in simple online games, joining referral programs where users can earn crypto by inviting others to use the platform, and earning passive interest by simply being a member of the platform. 

Earning Bitcoins on FreeBitcoin is a time-based process, with one-hour intervals between earning opportunities that involve completing tasks or playing games. Users must prove they are not bots through a verification process using a captcha before each play. Slot games are the most common type of entertainment on FreeBitcoin and each slot machine is able to produce up to ten thousand possible combinations. Each combination is associated with a random amount of Satoshis as a reward for playing the game. 

A satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin which is equivalent to 100 millionths of one Bitcoin.
FreeBitcoin users can also earn bonuses from referral rewards when they invite others to join the platform. In simple terms, the more people you invite to play games on FreeBitcoi, the better your chances of earning Bitcoins.

How does FreeBitcoin Work?

To start using FreeBitcoin, you need to fill out a simple registration form on the freebitcoin website. The registration process is pretty simple and involves a verification process using a captcha to prove that you are not a robot. You will also be asked to enter your referral’s code if applicable. Once the registration is complete, you can start playing and earning Bitcoins.

With each game that you play, the system awards you with a random amount of Satoshis that is paid directly into your Bitcoin wallet. After each game, there is a sort of cool-off period of 60 minutes, during which you will not be allowed to play until that 60 minutes have elapsed and your game portal is unlocked for you to repeat that cycle. 

The amount that you are able to earn in each game varies and depends on the price of Bitcoin at that time. The higher the price of Bitcoin, the lower the amount of Satoshi you will receive, and vice versa. FreeBitcoin users also have the option to invest 30,000 Satoshis (around 7.85 dollars) and more on the platform to earn a fixed annual interest of 4.08%. 


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Features of FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcoin currently offers several features that provide plenty of opportunities for users to earn money. Here are some of the features that you can try out:

FreeBitcoin’s Fun Token

Launched in 2021 the Fun Token is a native currency of the FreeBitcoin platform that is reserved for members with a premium membership. The Fun token was intended by the creators of the FreeBitcoin platform to be used as a native currency on the platform and even beyond. However, the token’s use is still limited within the FreeBitcoin ecosystem.

To become a premium member of FreeBitcoin, you will have to pay a minimum of 2500 Fun tokens, which at the time of writing is approximately 0.00033 (12.5 dollars). This token is packed with many benefits for holders, depending on the number of tokens and the duration that the tokens are held in their portfolio, without being reconverted into Bitcoins. 

Fun tokens can easily be purchased directly on the platform by clicking on the “BUY FUN TOKENS” button. With possible price increases and increased adoption, Fun Tokens have the potential to become viable investments in the near future.

Referral Program

FreeBitcoin’s referral program is one of the most effective ways to earn Bitcoins on the platform. Users who register on the platform receive unique codes that they can share with their friends and community. Existing users can earn even more rewards whenever a new user who registered using their code participates in any games or receives rewards.

This feature compensates for the 60-minute intervals when a player cannot play games or earn. With this program, they can earn unlimited Bitcoins at any time as bonuses from the winnings of those they invited to join the platform!

The referral earning system on FreeBitcoin is categorized as follows depending on the programs:

  • Free BTC: 50% of the winnings earned in the faucet + 1 lottery ticket + 1 reward point for each spin made by each of your referrals.
  • Multiply BTC/Bet: 0.40% of the bet amount placed by your referrals in these sections, whether they win or lose!
  • Earn BTC: 25% of the daily interest that your referrals earn by keeping their earnings on the platform.
  • Token Sale: 50% of FreeBitcoin’s commission on each token purchase.

You can find your unique referral link and promotional materials, such as banners that you can display on websites or across all social networks on the “REFER” section of the FreeBitcoin website. All other details relating to referrals and referral activities can be accessed on this page.

Multiply BTC from FreeBitcoin

Multiply BTC is a probability function that allows users to potentially increase the possibilities of their winning on the FreeBitcoin platform. This feature is based on the classic 5-reel slot machine and can be adjusted to different modes.

Two buttons: “BET HI” and “BET LO” (just like high and low) are used to activate this function in the game. When a user presses BET HI, it means they are predicting that the machine will return a combination higher than 5250. Conversely, pressing BET LO implies that the user predicts a combination lower than 4750. As you have probably figured out, any combination between 4750 and 5250 is a losing combination for the players, no matter which button is pressed. This means that with every chance to play, a user has a 47.5% chance of winning. 

Users are allowed to determine the number of odds they are willing to bet on the game, but the default odds are 2.00. 

Multiply BTC can be automated using the platform’s AUTO BET function. This function allows the user to preset betting options and leave it to run continuously. There is the option to configure the process and adjust the settings based on the betting preference of the user.

  • BASEBET: This is the minimum amount to be.
  • NUMBER OF ROLLS (turns): This is the number of automatic turns before the mechanism stops by itself.
  • BET ON: This allows users to decide if they always want to bet “HI”, always bet “LO” or if they want to alternate bets.
  • STOP BETTING AFTER: This is a trigger that stops betting. A user can request a stop loss if earnings have exceeded a certain amount (PROFIT) or if losses have exceeded a certain amount (LOSS).

FreeBitcoin’s automated staking protocol also offers an additional level of flexibility by enabling users to configure their bets in such a way that the amount staked can be doubled or returned to the base amount after a winning or losing bet. This can be done using the “ON WIN” or “ON LOSE” option on the betting dashboard.

“PLAY FOR JACKPOTS” is also an option on the manual and automated options. Under this configuration, the user bets the maximum amount of 12,500 satoshis for the chance to win 1 Bitcoin if the reel lands on the 8888 combinations! There are also the options to bet on smaller jackpots with lower amounts. However, the rewards for winning are considerably smaller.

Earn BTC from FreeBitcoin

Earn BTC is a savings account feature that pays interest on any amount of BTC deposited by a user. This is a risk-free system for earning BTC for users who want to do so with their reserve funds. To participate in the Earn BTC program, you must deposit BTC into your account on the FreeBitcoin platform. This program pays out an annual interest of 4.08%, which is calculated on a daily basis at approximately 0.0109589%.


FreeBitcoin’s Weekly Lottery

The FreeBitocin lottery is a long-standing tradition of the platform won by 10 lucky winners every week. There have been more than 400 rounds of this lottery and the current prize to be shared among 10 FreeBitcoin users every week is a $7,500 BTC.

A lottery ticket costs only 1 Satoshi, which is the average of what a user wins for each ROLL (spin) made in the FREE BTC section. Sometimes on weekends, you will find slot games that offer 2 lottery tickets for a slot game.


The ordinary lottery is different from the continuous raffle. Unlike the ordinary lottery which attracts little rewards, the prize of the continuous raffle is a Lamborghini! The raffle is referred to as the golden ticket competition, where users can stake BTC on the HI-LO dice game. The winner of the Lamborghini will be chosen in a presumably fair raffle draw.

FreeBitcoin Sports Betting

This feature integrates mainstream betting on the FreeBitcoin platform. Introduced in 2019, it allows sports fans to place their favorite bets using their freely obtained Bitcoins. This is an opportunity to boost their earnings. Users who want to make higher stakes than their earned Bitcoins can deposit into their accounts from external sources via the deposit button located at the top of each page of the FreeBitcoin website.


The FreeBitcoin Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is the direct avenue to participate in the Lamborghini raffle mentioned above. The round 10 of this contest started on October 11, in which a lucky won a Lamborghini Huracan, or $200,000 in BTC, whichever the winner prefers. To enter this competition, you can either purchase the tickets or use the tickets accumulated by playing games on FreeBitcoin. Another side attraction is the chance to win a jackpot every day. This is reserved for users who place the most bets on FreeBitcoin.


FreeBitcoin’s Wheel of Fortune

The Bitcoin Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular Bitcoin faucet games. This is a casino-type game that is particularly enticing to players and gives those who regularly spin the wheel of fortune, the opportunity to instantly earn BTC.

For FreeBitcoin users, the opportunity to play Wheel of Fortune is typically communicated by email sent by the platform. Therefore, it is important for users to always check if such messages appear in their inbox so as not to miss out on the unique opportunity.

FreeBitcoin Loyalty Program

Every month, FreeBitcoin rewards its most loyal users through a loyalty program. Bonuses are awarded to users who have staked the largest amounts on the platform, across all activities, including betting and the Multiply BTC program.

Users who refer the most are also rewarded each month with FreeBitcoin. The platform organizes a special contest for the top 10 highest-ranked users with the largest number of referrals for a chance to win up to $10,900 every month. Note that the reward from this contest is in addition to the usual bonuses which amount to 50% of each follower’s earnings on their hourly Bitcoin faucet earnings.

FreeBitcoin Support Service

Like any other service delivery platform on the Internet, users, especially beginners, may encounter one or two problems at one point or another while interacting with the website. FreeBitcoin customer support is available round the clock to help users address any difficulty. You can contact them through a contact form on the website, where you must provide your name, email address, and a description of the problem.


Pros and Cons of FreeBitcoin

Although FreeBitcoin offers users many opportunities to earn and multiply their Bitcoins, there is still room for improvement. We will now look at some of the strengths of the platform, as well as its weaknesses. This will allow potential users to manage risks when engaging on the platform.

Benefits of FreeBitcoin

  • The FreeBitcoin website is simplistic and user-friendly. Plus, the required details are explained in clear and simple terms.
  • FreeBitcoin is a popular site that has remained consistent for many years. It is one of the first Bitcoin faucets in the industry.
  • The payment process on FreeBitcoin is simple and straightforward. The platform has a stellar reputation for fast and regular payments.
  • The minimum payout on FreeBitcoin is easy to achieve.
  • FreeBitcoin offers multiple ways for users to earn BTC and win bonuses without investing a cent on the platform. 
  • FreeBitcoin is available to users in all regions of the world. No region is restricted.
  • You can withdraw from any existing wallet on FreeBitcoin.

Disadvantages of FreeBitcoin

  • Rewards in games and faucets on FreeBitcoin are relatively low. You need to participate in multiple events over a long period of time to earn anything substantial!
  • You must be constantly connected to the Internet to avoid missing out on offers on the platform.
  • You must be a regular participant to maintain your earning capacity. Idleness on the platform will lead to a diminished earning capacity.
  • There have been cases of negative reviews claiming that the site regularly and intentionally screens out players who win. However, we do not have any proof to substantiate these claims.


  • Low fees
  • DEX with multiple functions



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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcoin is a site where you can complete specific tasks to earn satoshis (units of Bitcoin).
You have to register by filling out a simple form on the platform’s website. This gives you access to all FreeBitcoin features which include games, referral programs, betting, and other opportunities to earn BTC.
The minimum amount you can withdraw on FreeBitcoin is 30,000 Satoshi, which is equivalent to 0.0002 BTC (approximately $7.85).
FreeBitcoin can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is register on the site and start playing games and engaging in any activities you want on the platform.
FreeBitcoin is a legitimate platform that has been around since 2013. It is a recommended site for people looking to earn free Bitcoin. However, feel free to explore our guide and make your informed decision.
There is a two-factor authentication feature on the FreeBitcoin website that serves as the security system put in place to avoid security breaches.