Holo (HOT) Crypto Review 2024: A Complete Guide

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The Holo (HOT) crypto is not the best known, but it nevertheless offers potential that could prove interesting. Thanks to a trendy project, the platform provides a slightly different vision of blockchain than other projects.

This guide will look at HOT crypto and the Holo project. We will see, in particular, what the platform consists of and how to buy Holo (HOT). Finally, we will also give you our opinion on the crypto Holo (HOT) in terms of investment.

What is Holo (HOT)?

The crypto Holo (HOT) is remarkable compared to other projects we usually encounter. Holo offers a Peer-to-peer network to host decentralized applications, also called dApps. Rather than being built on a “Holo blockchain,” like most cryptos, Holo runs on the Holochain – a hashing algorithm that functions like a post-blockchain network.

The project’s originality lies in the fact that it is unnecessary to use blockchain technology to develop its dApps. Instead, it operates with a similar set of tools and environment. The platform aims to create a bridge between web2, and dApps built using its tools. This results in an ecosystem and a market within which dApps are widely accessible since they are then hosted on the Internet by participants of the Holo network.

Its crypto, HOT, or HoloToken, is an IOU instrument. This will ultimately be exchangeable for HoloFuel during the final launch of the project. Indeed, Holo is still in total development at the time of writing. During the launch, another token, HoloFuel, will be launched to serve as an accounting system for the remuneration of hosts of the Holo service.

The Story of the Holo (HOT)

holo hot

At the origin of Holo, we find the Holochain Foundation. Its mission is to support and embody social coherence through IT. The foundation created its Peer-to-peer architecture and a unique open-source model to do this.

Holo is, therefore, based on a social model open to all, allowing everyone to participate. The platform was created in 2016 by Arthur Brocke and Eric Harris-Braun, two experienced coders. The project was then born due to the MetaCurrency project, a developer of tools and technologies created to power a future Peer-to-peer economy.

The HOT crypto launch occurred following an ICO in March and April—2018, where 177.6 billion HOT were issued. About 133.2 billion was allocated to the public sale, and the remaining 44.4 billion HOT crypto was allocated to the development team and the company.

When HoloFuel launches, HOT tokens can be swapped at a 1:1 ratio for HoloFuel tokens. However, the community learned in January 2019 that HOT will be kept as a reserve currency instead of being burned, as was initially planned.
On the HoloFuel side, it is essential to note that the newly created crypto will have no supply limits. This will, therefore, be even more dynamic and will be able to integrate a credit system.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

Why was the Holo (HOT) designed?

The goal of Holo is to act as a bridge between the Holochain and everyday internet users. The project, therefore, allows Internet users to access dApps without preliminary knowledge of crypto or even computer science.

According to Holo, the technologies used by its platform will enable a big change in the dApps and currency landscapes. The possibility of hosting Peer-to-peer applications for the general public represents, in fact, exciting progress.

Holo thus relies on a series of hosts providing storage and processing power necessary to power the dApps. Hosts must install background software on their machines. Subsequently, this automatically allocates additional processing power to dApps based on the Holochain. Another possibility is also to use a virtual machine, like HoloPort.

To thank the hosts, the network will pay them in HoloFuel, a token designed expressly to carry out microtransactions. The arrival of HoloFuel should also allow Holo to process a more significant number of transactions simultaneously.

Ultimately, the crypto Holo (HOT) and its project allow a real port of web3 to the general public, thus taking a giant step towards global adoption and technological advancement.

How does Holo (HOT) work?

It is essential to understand that Holo works in the same way as a decentralized cloud, which only depends on its technology. If the project operates without blockchain access, Holochain resembles a blockchain in its purest definition. 

Its architecture allows access to dApps by the general public. Indeed, at the moment, only the most interested people can go to the dApps via specific crypto wallets or specialized sites. Only informed users are aware of dApps.

Holo, therefore, wishes, thanks to its crypto, to grant ordinary internet users simple and easy access to dApps built using the Holochain. This is, therefore, done by involving users in the network and functioning as a data cloud.
HOT crypto, for its part, has several uses, starting with securing the network. Ultimately, this can be exchanged for HoloFuel, the crypto remuneration of network participants.

Where to buy Holo (HOT)

If you are interested in the Holo project, you should know where to buy Holo (HOT). Here are three of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms (see prices) on which you can buy Holo without difficulty and at the best prices.



Binance is the most popular crypto exchange in the world. Whether its transaction volume or the number of tokens offered, the platform is positioned as the undisputed leader in the cryptocurrency market.

Binance offers Holo (HOT) to its visitors and other cryptos and DeFi services. Buying Holo on Binance and selling and trading it professionally is possible. The site provides its users with a relatively large number of trading tools.

The platform also offers a large number of cryptos, as well as tracking the Holos Euros price, for example. Investors can register on Binance and benefit from a demo account to try trading or opt for the light version to carry out basic transactions. Finally, a more complete and free pro version will allow access to all features.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB



The ByBit platform is also a perfect option to buy Holo (HOT). The site offers its users many professional trading tools and additional services generally well appreciated by the community.

The platform appeared in 2018 and today has more than 10 million users. The site offers more than 100 crypto assets and contracts on Spot derivatives. Many presales are also organized on ByBit.

Access to certain NFTs is also offered to visitors. However, users wishing to purchase Holo (HOT) can do so after a quick registration process on ByBit. The site does not provide a demo account, but the tools are relatively easy to use. A light mode is also available for beginner users and those new to crypto trading.


  • Wide range of investment products
  • Transparent platform
  • Free demo account



Bitget is a slightly different platform compared to Binance and ByBit. Indeed, while buying HOT crypto on the platform remains possible, it focuses a little more on the social aspect. Indeed, several social trading functions are offered, including some exciting copy-trading solutions.

A feed and professional trading tools are also offered for each crypto. Furthermore, Bitget is trying to stand out from the market by cleverly mixing the spirit of a social network with trading possibilities.

Note also the provision of a dedicated crypto wallet called Bitget Wallet. This will allow you to store your HOT cryptos securely once you have purchased them. Furthermore, the software obviously supports many other tokens.
Finally, Bitget offers a strategy copy trading service, thus strengthening its social aspect. This service then makes it possible to copy the trades of other users efficiently and proportionately.

Which trading platform should you choose to buy Holo ($HOT)?

Among all these trading platforms offering $HOT (Holo) for purchase and sale, which one should you prefer? In our opinion, there is no doubt that if you want to position yourself on the Holo cryptocurrency, you should favor Binance.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

Binance is the number one trading platform in the world. It is secure, offers many trading products and services, and, above all, very advantageous fees. Add to that lots of liquidity, and you have the perfect mix to buy Holo cryptocurrency.

Holo Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 22 June 2024

Now: 41 Fear

Now: 41 Fear

Yesterday: 40 Fear

Last Week: 38 Fear

Is Buying Holo (HOT) a good investment in 2024?

holo hot

Holo crypto (HOT) could represent an interesting investment under certain conditions. Indeed, if the project seems quite attractive, the platform tends to develop relatively slowly.

A Holo forecast would show a particularly interesting volatility. However, this could quickly be a double-edged sword, as indicated by the fall in the price of the Holo on April 19, 2023. In return, the sudden rise of the token, 2 days later compensates for a somewhat capricious Holo value. Currently, Holo’s price in USD is $0.001231  as seen on the Holo chart on Trading View. 

How does Holo’s future look? What would become of Holo’s value? Will Holo recover to its former all-time high of 0.0313? Will Holo go up? The prediction concerning the Holo crypto price, therefore, remains unstable and could, therefore, represent an advantage for short-term traders. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the number of addresses owning HOT crypto is increasing almost constantly. However, in the long term, the evolution of the token is rather stable.

Investing in the HOT cryptocurrency could, therefore, be of interest to short-term investors and community members who actually participate in the project. In the long term, the price of Holo does not currently represent any real interest for investors.

Finally, let us still note increasing exchange volumes. Investor interest, therefore, seems to be focused on this token, depositing a project that takes time to develop. However, let us keep in mind the possibility of a turnaround in the situation on the day of the arrival of HoloFuel. As a reminder, this will allow the platform participants to be remunerated. The rate of remuneration remains low, but the accumulation could allow a surge of interest from traders.

Our Final Opinion on the Holo (HOT)

Our opinion on the Holo (HOT) crypto is rather positive. The project responds to a real need in terms of technology by offering a real bridge between the Internet and dApps. While decentralized applications tend to develop more and more quickly, the general public currently has very limited access to them.

The Holo (HOT) crypto offers interesting volatility for traders interested in the short term. However, staking does not really seem interesting. However, for network participants and community members, it seems logical to continue purchasing Holo.

As we have seen, it is also easy to find Holo. Many specialized platforms offer HOT, such as Binance, ByBit, and Bitget. If you want to buy Holo, then you can do so on one of these exchanges.


  • Wide range of cryptos
  • Advanced Trading Options
  • Competitive fees

Advantages and disadvantages of the Holo (HOT) cryptocurrency

  • It is a market geared towards global adoption
  • It is a project in full development
  • The web2-web3 aspect is interesting and supportive
  • The HOT crypto is quite volatile
  • It has a growing number of investors
  • The project is relatively slow.
  • Other platforms offer a similar idea.
  • The remuneration in HoloFuel, in the long term, is not very high.

FAQs about Holo (Hot)

Holo (HOT) is a project and a cryptocurrency that offers real access to dApps for the general public. In our guide, we explain how the Holo network and HOT crypto contribute to creating a brps.
The project is still in full development, with the basic principle being that an investment in a project under development is generally profitable. However, it is also necessary to consider the stability of the project as well as the intrinsic value of the token.
HOT crypto can be found on many specialized platforms. In our article, we give you the example of three of the best trading platforms on which you can buy Holo safely.
The course of Holo depends on many factors, starting with the community’s interest in the project. For now, the token has demonstrated great volatility in the short term, making it possible to make short-term investments.
Holo’s founder is Arthur Brock. Nonetheless, today, the team is made up of around thirty people!
Holo is a cryptocurrency and not a stock, so there is no Holo stock price.
Holo staking is a procedure for HOT holders to use their tokens to earn passive income without selling them. This can be achieved by participating in transaction validation.