The Quant (QNT) Crypto Review—A Tokize Guide

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Last updated 14:07:03 UTC
Market Cap
€ 816.79 Million
Fully Diluted Market Cap
€ 1.01 Billion
€ 3.05 Million
Circulating Supply
12,072,738 QNT

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Quant (QNT) is presented as a next-generation blockchain, focusing primarily on interoperability and the connectivity between different blockchains. Using new technology, the platform creates connections between blockchains. 

This guide provides a detailed overview of what Quant offers and how.

It explores the project’s interest, its token, and how to purchase Quant crypto easily through various exchanges. Lastly, we will discuss if investing in QNT is profitable or if it may be better to wait. Read more for our detailed analysis.

What Is Quant?

A Tokize Review of QUANT

Quant is a next-generation blockchain that offers interoperability. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, which are often limited to their own blockchains, Quant stands out by enabling blockchains to communicate with one another.

The “Overledger” technology of Quant allows public, private and enterprise blockchains to connect with each other. The project facilitates connections to networks such as SWIFT. Overledger acts as an abstraction layer, enabling seamless, fast and efficient communication compared to other protocols.

The project also places emphasis on data security and privacy. It employs private keys to ensure the security and protection of information. Additionally, Quant uses a decentralized consensus method to approve transactions.

Furthermore, Quant holds significant potential for applications in both centralized and decentralized financial industries. For example, the platform can streamline cross-border transactions, enhance product traceability within a supply chain and facilitate data exchanges between various stakeholders within a given chain.

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The History of Quant

Understanding the QUANT Network

Quant founder, Gilbert Verdian, was a cybersecurity expert and former head of information security at Vocalink who launched the project in 2018. The aim was to create a platform capable of resolving the interoperability issue among different blockchains, allowing them to communicate with transparency and security.

However, the Quant project and its cryptocurrency began to take shape in 2015, during Verdian’s work on the “Overledger” solution. The objective was to develop a new abstraction layer enabling intercommunication between blockchains without requiring modifications to the protocols of each blockchain.

In 2017, Quant Network was established with an initial $11 million worth of funds raised. The platform subsequently initiated collaborations with multiple partners to integrate its technology into diverse projects. In 2019, Quant disclosed a partnership with SIA, a European payment provider, to develop a blockchain-based payment platform.

In 2020, Quant collaborated with Oracle, the cloud solution provider, to integrate Overledger into the company’s cloud. Quant proceeded to develop its platform and introduce new features. In 2021, the project launched version 2.0 of its platform, which provided stronger interoperability solutions, enhanced security, and better-organized privacy. 

Presently, the Quant blockchain is regarded as one of the most innovative of its time. The project is widely promising, and its technology is utilized by numerous partners and clients to enhance the efficiency and security of exchanges.

Why Quant was Created?

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The purpose driving Quant’s developers was to address the interoperability issue between blockchains. The project enables different blockchains to communicate seamlessly without requiring modifications among the various chains.

The need for interoperability quickly emerged as the number of blockchains increased. The problem was that the blockchains were often isolated from each other, making data exchange and communication particularly complicated.

Quant addresses the growing need for inter-blockchain connectivity by offering Overledger. This allows blockchains to communicate using standardized protocols without requiring modifications from each participant in different exchanges.

The cryptocurrency of the Quant project, QNT, serves as a payment method on the platform and provides access to the platform’s services. Additionally, transaction fees on the platform are payable in QNT. Quant has been developed to meet increasing demand resulting from the proliferation of blockchains and the emergence of new tokens in recent years.

How Does Quant Work?

QUANT price forecast

In order to function, Quant heavily relies on Overledger technology. Overledger enables communication between blockchains, irrespective of their differences. Standardized protocols are then implemented without the necessity to modify the code of each blockchain.

Overledger was designed as an abstraction layer positioned above the various blockchains. It enables users to develop DApps, which can subsequently utilize data and assets from multiple different blockchains simultaneously. Through Overledger, DApps can communicate with any blockchain without the need to individually connect to each one.

Quant and its cryptocurrency offer a smart contract function for developers, allowing them to create inter-blockchain smart contracts. These autonomous programs operate on a blockchain and can make decisions based on predefined conditions. With the smart contracts offered by Quant, developers can create content while incorporating multiple different blockchains.

QNT operates using Proof of Stake, Proof of Authority and Proof of Replication through a consensus system known as “TrustTag.” TrustTag validates transactions and adds them to the Quant blockchain in an optimized manner.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency QNT is used as a form of payment on most of the Quant platform. Users can pay with QNT for blockchain transaction fees and to access the services provided by the platform.

Where to buy Quant

If you’re unsure where to purchase QNT, we’ve compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency platforms that offer the token. Each of these is a centralized exchange platform and provides Quant at standard prices. Visit the platforms to learn more if you are interested in Quant staking.


To purchase QNT, Deepcoin is a viable option. While not currently the most popular platform, it offers a wide variety of tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Deepcoin, based in Singapore, provides numerous trading tools for cryptocurrency traders (see courses).

The site is known for being reliable and secure, and the number of users visiting the platform continues to slowly grow. At the time of writing, Deepcoin boasts a spot trading volume of $724,183,813 as per data collected by CoinMarketCap, and is ranked 43rd among the best cryptocurrency exchanges.


Bybit, a widely popular platform, is extensively used across the globe. Its trading volume, surpassing $1.4 billion, justifies substantial traffic and regular use. Purchasing QNT on Bybit is undoubtedly feasible. Users utilize various payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The registration process on Bybit is standard and akin to other crypto platforms. Additionally, the site offers a plethora of trading-focused features, including real-time charts for monitoring the price of Quant.


Bitget, established in 2018, is a major player in cryptocurrency trading. The platform offers a wide range of features to facilitate user trades. Users can easily buy and sell QNT with just a few clicks, and a simplified version of the platform is available for beginners to familiarize themselves with.

Currently, Bitget is ranked 29th according to CoinMarketCap and has a 24-hour spot trading volume of 863,073,597. In summary, Bitget provides a great platform for purchasing and trading QNT and other cryptocurrencies.

Quant Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 24 July 2024

Now: 54 Greed

Now: 54 Greed

Yesterday: 55 Greed

Last Week: 58 Greed

Is Quant a Good Investment?

The Quant Bridge Whitepaper

As of now, QNT is not quite performing to its full potential. 

This impacts any prediction for Quant’s future as well as Quant’s stock prices. If we chart Quant’s course, we find that the price has shown low values. When thinking about putting money into a certain digital currency, for example Quant (QNT), it’s very important to do deep investigation. You need to look at many aspects like the technology behind the project, who is in the team, how much backing there is from community members, what kind of partnerships they have made and also what’s happening generally in the market. Plus you should not forget your own financial objectives and how comfortable you are with taking risks as well as considering over what time frame you plan to invest.

Overall, the price of Quant has risen since its launch.

When the token was initially introduced, Quant’s price in USD was $0.25. Today, the token price is significantly higher than its inception. Therefore, QNT is of particular interest to investors and network users. The prediction for the future of Quant crypto should include new increases soon, driven by the project’s technological innovations.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Quant

  • An innovative blockchain
  • A unique project
  • Real long-term potential
  • An accessible token
  • Quant meets a real need
  • The project is somewhat difficult to understand for beginners
  • The token doesn’t have real interest beyond the financial aspect

Our Final Thoughts About Quant

As our review of Quant draws to a close, we would like to sum up our thoughts for you. 

As we have observed, the Quant project facilitates communication between blockchains to enable the exchange of data. The operations conducted through Quant are secure, transparent and confidential. Depending on the platform’s application, Quant allows for significant traceability of financial transactions.

The project addresses a genuine issue. While numerous blockchains have emerged in recent years to meet specific needs, they were previously isolated from each other. With Quant, they can now communicate without any need to alter their code.

Will Quant go up?

In our opinion, the QNT token provides an appealing financial advantage for both investors and traders. For platform users, the cryptocurrency is primarily used for paying blockchain fees. If interested in acquiring QNT, consider looking into the exchange platforms recommended in this guide to see if Quant will recover high yields on your investment.


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered

Frequently asked questions about Quant crypto

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