Swissborg (BORG) Crypto Review 2024: A Complete Guide

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Market Cap
€ 198.5 Million
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€ 198.72 Million
€ 400,949.71
Circulating Supply
984.2 Million BORG

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SwissBorg, a Swiss cryptocurrency broker registered with the AMF, has quickly become a reference in digital asset investment. This mobile application, which is not an exchange but rather a broker, is connected to exchange platforms like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, LMAX, and HitBTC to offer the best prices. The user interface is particularly appreciated, but what about investment prospects in the platform’s native token, BORG? Is Swissborg (BORG) a good investment? Discover our review of SwissBorg to learn more about the possible future of this project.


What Is Swissborg?

Cyrus Fazel is Swissborg’s spokesperson and most famous co-founder. He created the startup based in Lausanne in 2017, along with Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux. Following its successful ICO – which raised 52 million Swiss francs – SwissBorg developed a mobile application that became popular in France even before being registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in February 2022.

This cryptocurrency broker stands out for its innovative approach to digital asset investment. Indeed, SwissBorg is not an exchange platform but an aggregator that relies on a “Smart Engine” to help you find the best buying and selling opportunities for cryptocurrencies. Investors

Available on Android and iOS, the SwissBorg crypto mobile application supports 16 currencies, including the euro and the dollar, and offers a catalog of 45 cryptocurrencies among the most traded, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. SwissBorg also has its own token, BORG, which offers various discounts and benefits to its holders.

Among the application’s key features, we find the Smart Yield, an investment program to generate returns on your dormant cryptos or stablecoins, and the Smart Engine, which allows you to find the best possible execution for a buy or sell order. In parallel, SwissBorg has recently opened its capital to the public, allowing everyone to become a shareholder in the company!



SwissBorg was born in 2017 with the ambition to revolutionize the world of digital assets. Since its inception, the startup has had a remarkable journey, successfully raising $53 million from 24,000 investors across 149 countries.

Between 2019 and 2020, the platform enhanced its application with features allowing users to put their crypto funds to work, while integrating the Smart Engine, a tool that scans different crypto platforms to find the best prices.

The year 2021 marks a turning point in SwissBorg’s history as it achieves the prestigious title of “unicorn,” which is reserved for companies with a market capitalization exceeding one billion dollars. With its secure and intuitive application, its native token (BORG) offering numerous utilities and exclusivities, its AI-based tools, unique products, and large community, SwissBorg manages to stand out in the cryptocurrency universe.

In 2022, the momentum continues with a series of innovations, such as SwissBorg Earn, Thematics, the addition of deposits via bank card, and features that facilitate the conversion of Swissborg to USD. Driven by the goal of democratizing wealth management tools, SwissBorg plans to launch a new tool in 2023, the DCA (“dollar cost averaging”), known to be one of the most reliable long-term investment strategies. Swissborg also plans to offer new DeFi strategies to generate returns through staking, thus providing users with the opportunity to contribute to the stability and scalability of the ecosystem. Swissborg offers an innovative approach and a solid foundation in blockchain technology. Due to these features, Swissborg has garnered considerable attention lately, particularly regarding its price in USD. Many investors are closely monitoring the price of SwissBorg and potential future trajectory.

SwissBorg will likely increase its value in the coming years due to the development of new investment opportunities through its upcoming Launchpad.

Why was Swissborg designed?

SwissBorg was conceived to democratize access to cryptocurrency-related financial services and simplify the management of digital asset portfolios for users, regardless of their experience level. Founders Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux and Cyrus Fazel identified a growing need for reliable, secure, and intuitive tools and services to accompany the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market and enable a broader audience to participate.

The SwissBorg project aims to bridge the gap between traditional investors and digital assets by establishing a platform that integrates industry best practices while leveraging the advantages offered by blockchain technology.

The idea behind SwissBorg is to create an ecosystem where users can easily access various cryptocurrency-related services, such as buying, selling, exchanging, staking, and generating passive income through DeFi strategies. A fundamental aspect of the SwissBorg project? The Smart Engine connects users to the best buying and selling opportunities on different exchange platforms. This innovative tool provides better liquidity and competitive prices for crypto transactions.

SwissBorg was also designed to offer a personalized user experience tailored to each investor profile. The mobile application, available on Android and iOS, integrates advanced features such as Smart Yield and soon the DCA (dollar cost averaging), which facilitate the management of digital asset portfolios and optimize returns.

And let’s not forget that the SwissBorg project is based on a community-driven approach, with the creation of the BORG crypto token, which allows holders to benefit from discounts and exclusive advantages and participate in strategic decisions within the ecosystem.


How does Swissborg Work?

With four main features integrated into the application, SwissBorg aims to offer a comprehensive and accessible experience to cryptocurrency investors.

Swissborg Exchange

SwissBorg allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies focusing on long-term investment rather than active trading. The application connects to the Smart Engine, which searches for the best buying and selling opportunities on different exchange platforms to ensure liquidity and competitive prices.

Smart Yield Swissborg

This feature allows users to generate passive income by placing their cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Returns are paid out daily, and funds can be withdrawn anytime.

Smart Invest Swissborg

SwissBorg offers a “ready-to-use” portfolio that reflects a predefined allocation of cryptocurrencies. Users can copy this portfolio with a single click, simplifying asset allocation for novice investors. Cryptocurrencies remain the property of the users, and the portfolio is regularly rebalanced to maintain the target allocation.

Ticket Bonus Swissborg

Through the referral program, users can receive bonus tickets worth €1 to €100 in BORG tokens by inviting new members to SwissBorg. Rewards are awarded to both the referrer and the referee.

SwissBorg crypto review: By combining exchange, passive income generation, simplified investment, and an attractive referral program, SwissBorg offers a unique solution for managing and optimizing digital assets. The BORG token, the engine of the application, allows holders to benefit from exclusive advantages and be involved in developing the SwissBorg ecosystem.

Where to buy Swissborg?

If you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio, SwissBorg (BORG) represents an interesting option. Discover where to buy SwissBorg and how to acquire this cryptocurrency. Here, we review three popular and reliable exchange platforms that allow you to acquire BORG tokens: SwissBorg, KuCoin, and Uniswap.


SwissBorg is the official platform for the BORG crypto. It offers an intuitive and simplified user experience for beginners and experienced investors. To buy SwissBorg on this platform, simply create an account and follow the identity verification steps. Once your account is verified, you can deposit funds in fiat currency or cryptocurrencies to start buying BORG tokens. The advantage of using the SwissBorg platform to acquire BORG is that you benefit from direct integration with the SwissBorg ecosystem and access to exclusive features and benefits related to the BORG token.


  • Reward program
  • User-friendly app
  • Regulated in Europe



Sign up


KuCoin is another option for those wondering how to buy SwissBorg. This recognized cryptocurrency exchange platform offers a wide range of trading pairs and a user-friendly interface. You first need to create an account and go through the identity verification process. Then, you can deposit cryptocurrencies into your KuCoin account and exchange them for BORG tokens.

KuCoin is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a platform with various cryptocurrencies and competitive transaction fees.


  • Wide range of cryptos
  • Advanced Trading Options
  • Competitive fees


Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for the exchange of ERC-20 tokens, including BORG. To buy SwissBorg on Uniswap, you first need to have a wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, such as MetaMask. Then, visit the Uniswap website, connect your wallet, and exchange Ether (ETH) or other ERC-20 tokens for BORG. Uniswap is a decentralized option, offering greater autonomy and full control over your digital assets.


  • A top decentralized exchang
  • Integrates the BNB Chain
  • High liquidity

Among these three platforms, we recommend using the official SwissBorg platform due to its direct integration with the ecosystem and its exclusive benefits. However, KuCoin and Uniswap are excellent alternatives, depending on your preferences and experience.


Swissborg Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 24 May 2024

Now: 51 Greed

Now: 51 Greed

Yesterday: 53 Greed

Last Week: 64 Greed

Is Swissborg a Good Investment?

The SwissBorg stock price has experienced significant growth since its creation in 2017. The SwissBorg platform has indeed distinguished itself by offering a comprehensive and innovative ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors, with features such as Smart Yield, Smart Invest, and cryptocurrency exchange. These strengths have contributed to the popularity and increasing demand for the BORG token, leading to a price increase over the years, from €0.01 in 2018 to over €1 in March 2021.

Regarding SwissBorg crypto prediction, several factors indicate a promising future for the project:

  • The increasing adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) could foster the use of SwissBorg’s services and functionalities.
  • Strategic partnerships and integrations with other blockchain projects could strengthen the SwissBorg ecosystem and increase demand for BORG.
  • The SwissBorg team is continuously developing new features and improving existing services.

You can find the advantages and disadvantages of investing in SwissBorg below.

The pros and cons of your Swissborg investment

  • Platform is comprehensive and innovative
  • BORG price has shown consistent growth since its inception
  • Expanding ecosystem with attractive features
  • Significant growth potential with the increasing adoption of DeFi
  • Inherent volatility in cryptocurrency prices, including SwissBorg’s price
  • Increased competition in the decentralized finance sector
  • Potential regulatory risks for cryptocurrency platforms

The SwissBorg price chart reveals that BORG has already experienced significant fluctuations since the token’s inception, leaving many wondering, “Will Swissborg recover?“. Despite these fluctuations, we consider this investment to be relatively safe for the year 2024, especially due to its expanding ecosystem and significant growth potential. However, it’s essential to consider the risks associated with cryptocurrency volatility, competition in the DeFi sector, and potential regulatory challenges. As with any crypto investment, caution is advised.

Swissborg Forecast

Our final assessment of SwissBorg takes into account price forecast, project strengths and weaknesses, as well as investment potential.

Will Swissborg price go up? – SwissBorg presents a promising ecosystem, well-designed tokenomics, and a strong team. Our forecasting model estimates that SwissBorg could do just that. However, it is unlikely that SwissBorg will become a market leader like Bitcoin.

Investing in BORG can be considered moderately risky, with significant growth potential. We recommend diversifying your portfolio by primarily investing in high-cap projects like Bitcoin, while allocating a smaller portion to growing projects like SwissBorg.

SwissBorg has a good chance of continuing to perform well due to its relevant use case, well-designed tokenomics, active community, and strong team. However, there are also risks of failure, such as project abandonment by the team, unfavorable regulations, competition, etc.

SwissBorg crypto review: SwissBorg represents a potentially interesting investment if you are willing to accept a certain level of risk. The project has shown steady growth and possesses a solid ecosystem.

Swissborg FAQs

What is the purpose of the BORG token?

The BORG token is SwissBorg’s native token. It allows holders to benefit from various advantages and fee reductions, as well as participate in the development of the SwissBorg ecosystem.

How does the SwissBorg Smart Engine work?

The Smart Engine is an aggregation system that searches for the best buying and selling opportunities for cryptocurrencies on different exchange platforms. This ensures competitive prices and optimal liquidity for transactions.

How does the SwissBorg referral program work?

The SwissBorg referral program allows users to receive bonus tickets worth €1 to €100 in BORG tokens by inviting new members to the platform. Rewards are awarded to both the referrer and the referee.

How do you get started with SwissBorg?

To get started with SwissBorg, simply download the app on your smartphone (iOS or Android), create an account, and go through the identity verification process (KYC). Once your account is verified, you can deposit funds in fiat currency or cryptocurrencies and start investing.

What is Smart Yield?

Smart Yield is a feature that allows users to generate passive income by placing their cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Returns are paid out daily, and funds can be withdrawn at any time.