Theta (THETA) Crypto Review 2024: A TOK Complete Guide

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Market Cap
€ 1.3 Billion
Fully Diluted Market Cap
€ 1.3 Billion
€ 17.74 Million
Circulating Supply
1,000,000,000 THETA

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As the cryptocurrency industry grows at lightning speed, you’ve heard of Theta (THETA). Whether through its revolutionary project in the streaming industry or its massive collaborations, with the juggernaut Google in particular, the Theta crypto has acquired a popularity that is difficult to contest.

But popularity does not automatically imply reliability! Is the project behind this crypto trustworthy? Is it safe? Is it profitable? In this tokize review on Theta (THETA), we take a comprehensive look at this cryptocurrency, which has a market capitalization of nearly $1 billion.

What is Theta (THETA)?

A cryptocurrency is defined by its history, by its deployment environment, or even by its role and functions. Examining these parameters, it first emerges that the Theta crypto is a native token. What network is it on?

Unlike many cryptos deployed on Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon, Theta operates on its blockchain. Theta’s blockchain, called “Theta Network,” targets the streaming video market. In addition to helping to reduce the costs of video broadcasting, Theta also wants to make broadcast installations more efficient while improving the quality of the video content broadcast.

The crypto Theta (THETA), via its decentralized network, can exploit available but unused resources to achieve its objectives. Thanks to these resources, Theta saves bandwidth while continuously guaranteeing quality broadcasting. Theta crypto is used to power the Theta Network Blockchain. More specifically, it is distributed to users who have shared their bandwidth as a reward. The project benefits from the supervision of Steve Chen and Justin Kan, co-founders of tech powerhouses YouTube and Twitch.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

The History of Theta (THETA)

The history of Theta crypto dates back to 2017 when Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long had the idea to improve the functioning of streaming systems by launching Theta Labs. Both have extensive experience in video games and online content distribution. The two entrepreneurs want to correct the problems of high cost and inefficiency facing the streaming sector. They are Theta’s founders.

A few months of work after the idea and concept that the THETA crypto would carry, the first version of the decentralized network Theta Network saw the light of day in 2018. Both in terms of its functionalities and objectives, the ambitious project quickly attracts investors. An initial sale of THETA coins then allows the project to take a decisive turn: 20 million US dollars are collected, following the sale of approximately 30% of the total supply of THETA coins. The Theta team grew by a few members and managed to develop a collaboration with an advisory committee, including, in addition to, Steve Chen and Justin Kan, Rakuten Viki, and CJ Hello, executives from Verizon.

Since then, the development of the Theta cryptocurrency has continued almost continuously. User enthusiasm for the decentralized network remains high, and investor confidence strengthens. To date, Theta Network counts Blockchain Ventures, Sony Europe, Binance, and even Google among its corporate validators. Thanks to a development strategy oriented towards the expectations of streaming service users, Theta has also attracted partners such as Shout or Samsung VR.

Why was Theta (THETA) designed?

The primary purpose of THETA crypto is to improve the streaming industry. According to the developers of THETA crypto and its blockchain, the online video distribution sector presents many dysfunctions in its traditional form. In this case, it would be characterized by intensive centralization and low-quality broadcasting infrastructures. It would also display costs that are too high.

As a result, consumers of streaming services rarely enjoy a good viewing experience. In addition, content creators, kept in a “separate world” from users, would obtain low income. The creators of the Theta crypto embarked on its development with this state of affairs in mind. 

theta crypto

In response to those flaws, Theta Labs is developing a model that promotes efficiency. This model wants to make video streaming, data transfer, and edge computing less expensive and more efficient. Through this model, Theta guarantees diverse benefits for every stakeholder in the streaming industry. Users benefit from higher-quality videos, and creators see increased revenue. As for broadcast platforms, they can save on infrastructure and improve their advertising revenue. THETA crypto, which powers the operation of the Theta network and helps maintain it, thus plays a determining role.

How Does Theta (THETA) work?

The Theta network protocol is an open-source protocol. As a result, third-party developers can develop decentralized applications (dApps) via the Theta Network blockchain. Users reward THETA tokens for sharing videos via these dApps. In addition, the operation of Theta makes it possible to lighten the load borne by the content. 

Distribution network, by transferring part of it to the peer-to-peer network.  

Furthermore, the Theta network operates through thousands of nodes. This principle promotes the reduction of data transfer errors and guarantees effective delivery of the smallest part of content to the end user.

Theta Network Nodes

Nodes are an essential component of the Theta ecosystem. These are users providing equipment or material resources. They thus contribute to expanding the bandwidth available for streaming services via Theta and attract new users. In exchange for this intervention, nodes receive rewards in Theta coins.

Corporate validator nodes are companies that stake a certain amount of Theta crypto. This staking of THETA tokens gives them the right to process transactions. Samsung, Google, and Sony are among the corporate validator nodes.

Edge nodes are located at the level of members of the Theta community. They share their bandwidth to increase the availability of resources on the network. They can also serve as relay points for video streams. In exchange for their intervention, they receive TFUEL, the second native crypto of the Theta Network Blockchain.

Finally, guardian nodes add a second layer of security to transactions. They perform various operations to verify the correctness of the blocks transmitted by the corporate validator nodes.

theta crypto

Verification of transactions via a modified Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol

The contribution of guardian nodes and network validator nodes strengthens the security of Theta platforms. This security enhancement consists of a modified proof-of-stake, which improves the system’s tolerance to byzantine faults such as consensus failures, failure of specific nodes, etc.

In the Theta ecosystem, validators must stake at least 10,000,000 THETA tokens. For their part, the guards stake at least 100,000. The various nodes have voting power defined by the number of THETA tokens staked.

theta crypto

Where to Buy Theta (THETA)?

Cryptocurrencies like Theta are defined by a dual status. They play the role of utility tokens and, at the same time, constitute exchangeable assets on the markets. Membership in the Theta Network to occupy a node function (validator, guardian, peripheral) allows you to obtain THETA coins regularly.

However, this process may seem complex to some. Most crypto investors prefer to purchase Theta directly on marketplaces or via exchanges. Among the three exchanges that we highlight for you, we recommend choosing Binance.


The KuCoin exchange lets you buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies such as THETA. The platform is renowned for the responsiveness of its customer service. It is often referred to as a 100% crypto CEX (centralized exchange) because you cannot deposit fiat currency there. You can, nevertheless, acquire THETA with your bank card via a third-party payment processor. KuCoin offers multiple features for the most experienced crypto investors and traders. 


  • Wide range of cryptos
  • Advanced Trading Options
  • Competitive fees


The Binance exchange has experienced very rapid development thanks to intensive communication and regular seduction operations aimed at regulatory authorities. The tools available on the platform, aimed at all crypto investor profiles, have also contributed to its reputation. For your purchase of THETA, whether you are a novice or an expert in cryptocurrencies, Binance provides you with multiple features to simplify your journey. In addition to being able to buy Theta, you can also trade Theta, stake it, etc.  

Unlike many platforms, Binance offers fiat deposits. You can deposit euros or dollars, then take the time to buy your THETA tokens gradually. The Binance mobile application also has a mode that allows you to switch between an expert interface and a beginner interface easily. For all these reasons, but also its credibility and significant liquidity, we recommend purchasing your THETA on Binance. 


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB provides you with several hundred cryptos, including the Theta crypto. Its security protocols are among its main assets, as are the diversity of crypto trading tools integrated into the platform. You can perform various trading operations on the platform besides purchasing Theta with fiat or other crypto.

theta crypto

Theta Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 18 June 2024

Now: 41 Fear

Now: 41 Fear

Yesterday: 41 Fear

Last Week: 43 Fear

Is Buying Theta (THETA) a Good Investment in 2024?

Given the multiple transformations induced by cryptocurrencies, crypto investments are convincing more and more people. When the market is experiencing a sustained decline, the time seems perfect to invest. Nevertheless, You must consider the potential of each crypto in which you decide to invest.

Theta crypto is positioned in the entertainment sector, such as play-to-earn cryptos, NFT gaming cryptos, etc. Although it is a highly competitive sector, demand is so strong that each player generally manages to capture a particular market share. Above all, the decentralized streaming offer provided by Theta Teams stands out from all other offers on the market. This particularity gives Theta still unexplored growth potential. It could be appropriate to invest in Theta during a decline in its price.

Given its profile and the renowned companies collaborating with its network, the Theta forecast is that it has every chance of returning to its all-time high ($13.43 in April 2021) during the next bull market or surpassing it. 

How does Theta’s future look? What would become of Theta’s value? Will Theta recover to its former all-time high? Will Theta go up? In a horizon of 2 to 3 years, many analysts have Theta predictions that its value will double or triple. Of course, these Theta price predictions may not be confirmed. Therefore, it is imperative that you do your own research (DYOR).


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

Our Final Opinion

Theta crypto comes from its decentralized network. It cannot, therefore, be subject to any manipulation. This argument alone is enough to make investing in this asset attractive. Other opinions, such as the user rewards system, which encourages them to remain in the network, and the security protocol of Theta network, are also worth highlighting. When it comes to reliability, Theta crypto ticks a lot of boxes.

Furthermore, most famous crypto exchanges offer you the possibility of acquiring Theta. And, for the more advanced, you can even stake Theta to earn interest. On the “asset quality” criterion, Theta also has valuable assets. The only problem that could be identified concerns the uncertainties that characterize financial investments in general and investments in cryptos

You can, therefore, invest in Tether crypto with less complete confidence, but only within the limit of bearable losses, depending on your financial situation.

  • Thanks to a promising project and unique operation, it is a crypto with high potential.
  • Collaboration with large companies.
  • Predictions are for an increase in the short term.
  • The cryptocurrency market remains volatile, and Theta’s growth is not guaranteed.
  • Project Theta may generate less enthusiasm over time.

FAQs about Theta

The Theta network’s fully decentralized operation and multi-layered security bring excellent reliability to THETA.
Yes. Simply purchase Theta through a secure exchange or provide node resources through the Theta platform.
Every transaction on the Theta blockchain passes several levels of verification. Companies are notably involved in this control system. Therefore, Your THETA tokens are a safe priority, but their value is not guaranteed. 
You can join the Theta ecosystem directly at any reliable crypto exchange (Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, etc.).
Yes, but it all depends on the exchange you choose. 
If you want to invest, set the amount according to your capabilities. To join the Theta network as a guardian node, you must purchase at least 100,000 THETA.
With Theta staking, you can earn passive income. However, you need to stake at least 1,000 THETA and have at least 1 TFUEL to pay for the transaction fees. Below are the steps for Theta staking:   Set up your Theta wallet Buy some THETA Withdraw your crypto Stake your THETA
No, Theta is a cryptocurrency. This means that it does not have a stock price.