Updated: 30 may 2024
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Bitcoin Evolution is among the latest trading software succeeding in the crypto market. This Bitcoin Evolution review shall guide you on all you need to know.

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a trading software that uses advanced technologies to find potentially profitable opportunities in crypto markets. This is not something new since many institutional investors already use trading software to improve their performance. 

The difference here is that Bitcoin Evolution is available to everyone and does not have huge capital requirements. We were curious to see if the system performed as well as advertised, and so we conducted our own evaluation of Bitcoin Evolution.

Bitcoin Evolution is a trading robot software that finds trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Basically, it does exactly what any trader does when performing market analysis to find opportunities. For example, the use of technical indicators to anticipate the direction of the markets.

How does it work?

Software is capable of performing analyses very quickly, unlike a human who can take several minutes or hours. Additionally, software is more accurate because it is free from psychological bias. This means their predictions are much more accurate. On the Bitcoin Evolution website, there is a table showing some of the most recent trades made using the software, with attractive returns.

At the heart of Bitcoin Evolution software is an algorithm programmed to perform market analyses based on various market analysis strategies. Some of these include price action, chart patterns, technical indicators, and more. Using all of these, the algorithm scans the market to find potential trading opportunities that you can pursue.

It is important to note that the service simply provides trading software that can perform market analysis, but trades must be executed by a broker. This is why, when you register on the Bitcoin Evolution site (we will come back to this), you are redirected to a broker’s site.

It is this broker who will process your transaction orders and route them to an exchange. Your trading account will then receive signals from the Bitcoin Evolution software and initiate trading orders. If your broker offers other assets such as Forex, stocks, commodities, and indices, Bitcoin Evolution can also work in these markets, allowing you to diversify your portfolio. 

How to use Bitcoin Evolution

When you sign up for Bitcoin Evolution software, the algorithm sends you these identified opportunities so you can place orders accordingly. The software is also capable of executing these orders automatically, based on the parameters you set for the algorithm.

Some of these settings may include:

A higher risk profile may generate higher returns, but may also result in greater losses. Therefore, a higher risk profile would suit a speculative trader, while a more moderate risk profile would suit a long-term investor.

You decide how much of your capital you want to dedicate to automated trading. The higher the allocation, the greater the potential profits, but also the risk of losing a huge part of your capital.

Decide the position size you want to take on each trade. The larger the size of a position, the higher the potential profit, but remember that this also means a higher risk of losing a lot of capital if the trade goes unfavorably.

In each trade, you define where you want the stop loss and take profit levels to be placed in terms of pips relative to the opening price. Generally, you want to follow a risk-reward ratio of at least 1:2 to ensure you exit losing positions sooner and profit from winning positions.

There are hundreds of trading strategies based on a variety of technical tools and market analysis strategies. For example, you may choose to use a moving average strategy to follow long-term trends or RSI to trade trend reversals.

Main features of Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is claimed to be one of the most advanced automated trading software, according to the platform’s website. This bold claim is made based on the 4 key system features you should expect when you join the platform. They are:

Automated trading

The obstacle most cryptocurrency traders face is the stress caused by the daily work of analyzing and trading the market. This can be quite exhausting for even the most experienced traders. It is even worse for part-time traders who, for example, have full-time jobs and cannot devote enough time to adequate market analysis.

This is why Bitcoin Evolution introduced automated trading, whereby the software automatically initiates trades on your behalf. We’ve already discussed some of the settings you’ll need to set for the software, which should take a few minutes or about an hour.

After that, you can step away from your desk and let the system run automatically. Not only does this leave you free to pursue other activities, but it means you are trading constantly, 24/7, giving you an advantage over other traders who take breaks and miss opportunities.

For this to work, we recommend using a virtual private server (VPS) that hosts your trading platform and allows it to operate 24/7.

No fees 

Bitcoin Evolution is completely free to use and it does not charge any commissions. Unlike other automated trading systems that take a portion of your profits or charge you a monthly fee even if they haven’t made a profit. It’s also a pretty good deal considering that institutional investors pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for trading algorithms.

Bitcoin Evolution claims that this was done to allow every individual trader to profit from trading cryptocurrencies, regardless of capital or skill – in effect, to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. However, what they didn’t mention is that online brokers charge fees in the form of spreads and swaps. These spreads can eat into your profits in volatile market conditions, but fortunately, Bitcoin Evolution only matches you with brokers whose spreads are acceptable.

Guaranteed Security

We have not been able to verify this claim, but Bitcoin Evolution claims on its website that user data is stored securely. Data privacy has become a hot topic around the world lately, and GDPR protects EU residents from the data sharing common among many online brokers.

If you are a French resident, you should be entitled to this protection, but we have not been able to verify whether Bitcoin Evolution can guarantee this protection. After all, the website says the software was developed by an independent company but doesn’t name it.

In the meantime, fund security is managed by the broker you are redirected to. Therefore, you should confirm that the broker you use to trade cryptos is regulated by the relevant authorities, including CySEC in Europe.

Instant withdrawals

All the money you earn from trading with Bitcoin Evolution is sent to your trading account and the platform does not keep any of it. When you need to make a withdrawal, it is processed immediately and you receive your money through your preferred payment method. Most brokers support bank transfers and other payment service providers such as Skrill, so you should not be short of options for making a withdrawal.

How to open your account in 5 steps

Bitcoin Evolution

These are 5 easy ways you can open your Bitcoin Evolution account:

Step 1: Register on Bitcoin Evolution

Visit the Bitcoin Evolution website and register by providing your name, email address, preferred password, country of residence, and phone number.
Note: Use a different password than you use on other platforms and make sure to visit the real Bitcoin Evolution website via this link to avoid phishing sites.

Step 2: Verify your identity

Once you enter your details, you will be redirected to an online broker’s website. There you are supposed to verify your identity by providing a photo of your national ID card, passport or driving license.

Additionally, you need to verify your address by uploading a photo of a recent utility bill or bank statement.

Wait for the documents to be verified, which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Step 3: Edit your personal data

You must enter the rest of your personal information to complete the profile. Make sure they match the details provided in the previous step.

Step 4: Create a wallet

Go to the wallets tab and click Create Wallet. By default, you will be assigned a Tether (USDT) wallet, but you can also add a EUR or USD wallet for fiat deposits.

Step 5: Deposit funds into your wallet

Click the “Deposit” button at the top of the page and select the wallet you created earlier. If you have set the base currency to EUR, you should be able to deposit in EUR using a credit/debit card.

How to complete your first transaction in 5 steps

After successfully creating an account, it is time to start trading. These are 5 easy ways how you can complete your first transaction:

Step 1: Go to the trading page

From your account dashboard, hover your mouse over the top left order to bring up a drop-down menu and select Trade. This should bring up the trading page with a list of cryptos to trade.

Step 2: Find an asset to trade

Scroll through the asset menu from the browser window on the left to find an asset you want to trade. This is usually a cryptocurrency by default, but you can also trade stocks, commodities, and indices. Once you find something interesting, click on t to view the price chart.

Step 3: Conduct a market analysis

The platform provides numerous technical indicators and charting tools, which you can use to find a good entry position. You can also enlarge the screen to take a closer look at the price chart.

ÉStep 4: Buy or sell the asset

After analyzing the asset price correctly, click buy or sell to initiate the trade. Here you can also set other trading conditions such as stop loss, take profit, and the type of order you want to create, for example, a market order or a limit order.

Step 5: Monitor your positions

Once the position is opened, you need to monitor the trade to find an exit opportunity. In the case of a winning trade, you should ride the profit train as much as possible, while cutting your losses quickly if the trade is losing.

Why you should (and shouldn’t) join Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution has made a lot of bold claims and promises. To determine if it is the ideal platform for you, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using this service.

Benefits of Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution has many strengths, but the four main reasons to use this service are:

Everyone can benefit from automated trading, which is why services like social trading have become so popular. Whether you are a professional or amateur trader, automated trading frees you up for other activities while increasing your chances of success. Indeed, this is perhaps the biggest advantage that would have attracted thousands of traders to Bitcoin Evolution.

Success in any financial market is determined by how consistently you can make a profit in any sector. Bitcoin Evolution uses computer algorithms to find trading opportunities. This can significantly increase your performance in the market and give you an advantage over other traders who do not have the same tools.

Rather than relying on the claims made on the Bitcoin Evolution website, you can try it risk-free with a demo account. Such an account mimics a real trading environment, but you will not use your money. So you can see if the software is really as profitable as it is advertised before making a deposit. 

To start using Bitcoin Evolution, you will need a deposit of at least €250. Compared to some requirements on other platforms and systems, this is very affordable and allows everyone to have a chance to profit from the crypto market. Not to mention that the trading software itself is completely free and does not charge any commissions/fees except broker spreads.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Evolution

On the other hand, the platform is not perfect and has shortcomings in these two main aspects:

Bitcoin Evolution has remained very opaque about how its system works and who is responsible for it. Normally, a legitimate company will be proud to present a product that they have developed, but here, it is the opposite. This is a red flag, as there is no way to verify the expertise of the developers behind the software or do additional research into the service.

Although Bitcoin Evolution claims to guarantee the safety of your funds, it mainly also works with unregulated brokers. This is not to say that unregulated brokers should not be trusted, but it is generally better to use a regulated broker. This way, you can benefit from compensation of up to €20,000 in the event of a broker’s bankruptcy (in the case of CySEC in Europe).

FAQs about Bitcoin Evolution

The system is unregulated, so you should only risk what you are willing to lose.
Bitcoin Evolution was developed by utilizing high security and privacy procedures like SSL encryption. Therefore, it is regarded as an efficient trading software, and not a scam.
It claims to be able to generate up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.
The minimum deposit is $250 or EUR equivalent.
Bitcoin Evolution is currently free, but the platform maintains that it may charge fees in the future.