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Updated: 30 may 2024
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How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

In introducing this software, developers have promised daily profits with just a 20-minute commitment each day. However, caution is advised, as gains are never guaranteed in trading. Bitcoin Trader requires only 250 euros to start, and you can always withdraw your money when needed. Notably, you can retain all your profits since Bitcoin Trader is free and doesn’t charge any fees or commissions for its use.

Trading algorithms and software are not new in financial markets. These computer programs have already dominated commonplace transactions on Wall Street and in other financial centers, taking what a human can do and vastly maximizing its potential.

bitcoin trader landing page

For instance, if a human uses moving averages to analyze a price chart, the algorithm can do the same across thousands of financial instruments.

Bitcoin Trader can process much more information in a shorter amount of time. Consider moving averages: if it takes a trader 2 minutes to analyze a price chart, an algorithm can perform the same analysis in milliseconds.

Thanks to this speed, the result is the ability to process much more information. While a human trader is still stuck on one price chart, the algorithm can analyze hundreds of charts and find numerous trading opportunities.

When an opportunity is found, the software sends orders to an online broker for execution. Bitcoin Trader is not an online broker itself but provides only the automated trading software. Thus, the company will find the right broker for you to work with based on your location and to improve transaction execution speed.

Key Features of Bitcoin Trader

Among the many existing trading robots, Bitcoin Trader stands out by offering some unique features to its users:

Algorithmic trading

Creating a trading robot or algorithm is no longer as exclusive as before. Previously, only elite and professional traders had access to such software at a very high cost, but today, you too can create your own trading software with just a few programming skills. However, just as not everyone with a paintbrush can create a masterpiece, the same applies to trading software.

Bitcoin Trader was built by professionals with expertise in crypto and financial markets. They used their knowledge to create a reliable algorithm, combining 6 leading trading indicators to find profitable trading opportunities. To ensure its reliability, there’s a behind-the-scenes feature that tests the software against past market activity, proving that it would have worked in those situations.

However, the system claims to generate between $150 and $1,300 every day based on the parameters you set, which seems very aggressive and risky. Nevertheless, you can mitigate the risk by configuring a moderate position size.

How to Open a Bitcoin Trader Account in 5 Steps

The Bitcoin Trader application is an acclaimed software that has enjoyed prolonged success. Consequently, numerous copies (Phishing) have been created to capitalize on the already-established reputation. Despite their resemblance to the original platform, none of them can match its performance.

Step 1: Provide Your Account Details

On the Bitcoin Trader website’s homepage, you’ll find a form where you need to enter your personal details, such as your name, email address, password, country, and phone number. These details will be used later to log in to your account.

After entering your information, click on “Get Started Now.” Depending on your country, Bitcoin Trader may not have an available broker, or the platform may not accept clients from certain countries like the United States. If your request is accepted, you should be directed to an appropriate broker’s website.

Step 2: Register with an Online Broker

When you’re redirected to the broker’s site for the first time, you’ll notice that your details are already present in your client portal. This is because Bitcoin Trader submits this information to affiliated online brokers, but there’s no need for concern.

From here, you just need to fill in the few missing details in your profile, such as your physical address, city, postal code, gender, date of birth, and a form of identification like a passport or national ID number.

We are using Valex Trade for this tutorial, which is an unregulated broker, but Bitcoin Trader may redirect you to another more reliable broker.

bitcoin trader open account tutorial

Click on “Update Profile” to complete the process. Ensure you enter the correct information, as it will be verified in the next step.

Step 3: Verify Your Account

Regulations require that all companies offering financial services request verification documents from clients. This is to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities conducted online. Therefore, you’ll be asked to upload photos of your ID card and utility bill for account verification. Brokers are obligated to encrypt user information to prevent unauthorized access.

bitcoin trader verification of documentation
  • For identity verification, the document can be a national ID card, passport, driver’s license, or residence permit; essentially, any government-issued document with your photo.
  • For address verification, it must be a document indicating your current physical address. This can be a recent utility bill (dated within the last 3 months), bank statement, residence certificate, or tax certificate.
  • To prove that you are the person conducting transactions, upload a photo of your credit/debit card showing your name. However, remember not to reveal all the payment card numbers or the CVV code for privacy reasons.

Step 4: Create an Account

With Valex Trade, the broker recommended by Bitcoin Trader, you can have up to 2 real accounts. To create an account, go to “Trading > New Account” and enter your account details, specifying settings like the account name and base currency. Click on “Create Account” to complete this step.

bitcoin trader create trading account

For Europeans, we recommend using the euro as the base currency, as you won’t have to pay conversion fees during deposits and withdrawals.

Step 5: Deposit Funds into Your Trading Account

Complete the account opening by making a deposit into your newly created account. To do this, go to “Finance > Deposit” and select the account you want to deposit into. Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the text box and click “Deposit.”

Valex Trade accepts deposits via debit/credit card and crypto, but the variety of deposit methods will depend on the broker recommended by Bitcoin Trader. Remember that the minimum required deposit is 250 euros or the equivalent in dollars.

bitcoin trader deposit funds

In fact, the more you deposit into your account, the better trading conditions you enjoy, as seen in the image above. Elite members who deposit 15,000 EUR and more, for example, benefit from a dedicated account manager and daily quality analysis from the broker’s expert team. However, if you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with a 250 EUR deposit to avoid substantial losses.

How to Place Your First Trades in 4 Steps

Now that your account is ready to go, it’s time to delve into actual trading. To do this, simply access the online trading platform and get started.

Step 1: Access the Trading Platform

From your account dashboard, click on WebTrader on the right side of the screen. This should lead you to the broker’s online trading platform.

bitcoin trader trading platform

The platform is a straightforward interface displaying available assets for trading on the left, a trading window on the right, and trading commands at the bottom. As it is optimized by TradingView, you can customize the trading window to your preferences. For instance, you can modify the background color, candlestick color, etc.

Step 2: Find the Crypto You Want to Trade

In the Markets menu on the left sidebar, click on the dropdown menu at the top and select Cryptocurrencies. This filters the assets to include only cryptocurrencies. However, you can also search for a specific cryptocurrency of interest by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing in the text box.

Once you click on a particular asset, it will load into the trading window, allowing you to see its price chart. From there, you can view the asset’s price history and the current price before conducting a more in-depth analysis.

Step 3: Identify a Trading Opportunity

Your decision on when to place an order will be based on your market analysis. This analysis is typically done through technical analysis—using graphical tools and technical indicators to establish patterns and place appropriate orders. You can also use fundamental data, which primarily involves market information from financial sources.

Valex Trade provides a market data feed directly via Webtrader.

Step 4: Place an Order

When you’re ready to trade, click on BUY or SELL in the trading window. This will send the trading order to the broker for execution, and it is usually executed instantly. Alternatively, you can also place a pending order, indicating that it will be executed later when the desired conditions are met.

For example, a limit buy order will only trigger a buy order once the market price has dropped to a desired price at which you anticipate a rebound.

Is Bitcoin Trader the Right Platform for You?

Bitcoin Trader may be one of the best trading software, but it may not be ideal for everyone.

Advantages of Bitcoin Trader

  • Low effort required: For most investors unable to spend hours at a desk each day, Bitcoin Trader is a solution. Just spend a few minutes setting up the software and let it run.
  • Cryptocurrency trading: Cryptocurrencies are exciting to trade, and being able to use algorithms in this market makes them even more interesting. Not only do cryptocurrencies potentially have higher profitability, but the markets operate 24/7, which is perfectly compatible with continuous-running algorithms.
  • No additional fees: Traders usually pay a commission or monthly fees to access most trading software and robots. With Bitcoin Trader, there are no such fees. The only fees you’ll need to pay are the broker’s spreads.
  • Low minimum deposit: You only need 250 euros to start using Bitcoin Trader. Compare that to the tens of thousands of euros required by quantitative analysts at management companies, and you’ll understand why this service is very accessible.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trader

  • Connected to some unregulated brokers: During our analysis, Bitcoin Trader recommended using Valex Trade. This broker is not recognized by a regulatory body, so you cannot fully trust the recommended broker. Do your research.
  • Limited transparency: The developers of Bitcoin Trader are unknown, and the promised high performance is not guaranteed. For this reason, we recommend starting with the minimum required deposit to avoid losing more than you’re willing to lose.

FAQs: Bitcoin Tradier Usage and Legality

The company behind Bitcoin Trader is not known, and online platform reviews are mixed between positive and negative.
It uses 6 leading trading indicators to generate trading signals, which are then transmitted to a broker for execution.
Bitcoin Trader requires a minimum of 250 euros.
The website claims you can earn between 150 EUR and 1,300 EUR per day, but this was not the case in our tests.
The use of Bitcoin Trader is free, but you will need to pay spreads to the broker.