We told you before, but still, the long-awaited event of Bitcoin’s halving has pending delays.

No one knew exactly when it would happen, and many argue the details today. The one thing we’re sure of is that Bitcoin will reduce the amount it pays for every time someone mines a block of data. 

As you can imagine, the suspense is getting to some investors

Spectators are expecting the following energy use of bitcoin to rise, resulting in numerous topics about BTC trending across the web. Now, Bitcoin consumes as much energy as the entire country of Argentina, but this isn’t “half” of the worries.   

If Bitcoin doesn’t half soon, some investors might lose hope in it as a digital asset. 


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Pending Delays Due to 210,000 Blocks …

What many overlook is not the “when” behind Bitcoin’s major event but the what. 

What makes Bitcoin reduce its mining rewards has nothing to do with specific dates.

The dates of Bitcoin’s halving aren’t exact because the event, itself, is tied to the number of blocks created that moves the halving protocol into action. It will be halved after creating 210,000 blocks. 

Though experts first said the 15th of April, they’re now targeting a time between the 19th and 20th of this month.

This is all depending on how much Bitcoin gets used within the coming days. The more it gets spent, the sooner the right amount of transaction blocks will get triggered. Though most expect rises in Bitcoin, others will earn less. 

What Does That Mean for Miners?

The victims of Bitcoin’s halving, if any, are those who’re likely holding the most of it. 

When we say that the grandfather of all crypto will be halved, it means that the rewards miners get will be less.

They’re likely to find other ways to generate fees from us using BTC or hoard it so that it loses circulation in the market, disrupting the common use of BTC tokens.

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We urge you to consider what might happen because the data shows new promises unfolding.

Our price charts show months of price swings following each time Bitcoin was halved.