Flow (FLOW) Crypto Review 2024 by Tokize

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Market Cap
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€ 886.71 Million
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Circulating Supply
1,511,780,104 FLOW

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Hundreds of crypto projects are now born yearly, while hundreds evaporate. A credible project, a trustworthy team, and a strong community are among the main factors enabling a crypto project to last over time. In these respects, crypto Flow (FLOW), founded by Canadian company Dapper Labs, performs well. As a result, it’s one of the fastest-growing projects on the market. In this Flow review, we assess the parameters contributing to the success to which Flow seems inevitably destined.

What is Flow?

The Flow (FLOW) cryptocurrency is the native cryptocurrency of the Flow blockchain. Flow is a blockchain on which transactions are validated according to the proof-of-stake (POS) principle, which applies to the Ethereum blockchain. This Blockchain is intended to serve as the basis for a more widely deployed web3 and metaverse open to all; to realize the ambition of a metaverse and an open web3, it supports multiple decentralized applications, DeFi platforms, NFTs, PFP projects, and more.

The structure of Blockchain Flow is based on Cadence, its native programming language and technology designed specifically for the digital asset sector. Cadence is also used to generate smart contracts. Flow integrates options, enabling developers to design user-oriented ecosystems. This makes it possible to offer solutions that are aimed at and accessible to users. As a result, Flow’s potential quickly became obvious. In addition to the CryptoKitties game, which provided the impetus for its creation, Flow has won the trust of world-renowned players (La Liga, Ticketmaster, NBA, Mattel, etc.).

Exclusively, THIS crypto-currency powers crypto FLOW staking, payment of transaction/storage fees, or delegation on the eponymous Blockchain. FLOW tokens are also the main tokens used for trading and buying/selling assets on the Flow Blockchain.

what is flow crypto
Home page of the official Flow website (FLOW)


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered

The Flow story

The history of Flow (FLOW) reveals a certain logic in the evolution of Dapper Labs’ programs. From 2017 to 2018, an online game involving the breeding of virtual cats saw its popularity soar: CryptoKitties. Operating as a DApp (decentralized application), this game rapidly required ever-increasing resources, which the ETH ecosystem could no longer provide.

This heavy traffic led to significant congestion on the Ethereum network, increasing gas prices (the unit of measurement for transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain). The Dapper Labs team took the seminal decision to create a proprietary blockchain.

In 2019, the Flow blockchain was born under the impetus of Roham Gharezoglou (first FLOW founder), CEO of Dapper Labs and founder of Axiom Zen, Dieter Shirley, Mikhael Naayem, and Alex Shih. From the outset, it adopted transaction control via proof-of-stake. Thanks to the project’s enthusiastic reception, Dapper Labs organizes a private sale of the first FLOW tokens, when the Flow stock price was $0.1. The $11,200,000 raised through this ICO propels Roham G. and his team’s forecasts. The FLOW crypto-currency officially entered the market in May 2020, trading at around $6.

flow crypto

Flow blockchain: Why was it designed?

Crypto Flow (FLOW) was conceived in response to the significant need for resources felt by Dapper Labs to develop its Crytokitties game. As the game gained popularity, deployment on the Ethereum Blockchain seemed no longer realistic.

So Dapper Labs first launched the Flow Blockchain, then generated its native crypto to support the game’s requirements. However, Blockchain Flow soon had many other applications beyond this initial objective. This made the use of the FLOW crypto all the more relevant. A native crypto was needed to manage validator rewards, transaction payments, and other blockchain operations.

flow blockchain

How does Flow (FLOW) work?

The most popular blockchains on the market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc.) include information points called nodes. Each node records the history of all transactions. Flow adopts a different logic. The network launched by Dapper Labs is self-subdividing between several nodes so that each is used to process and validate a part of the transactions.

A multi-role architecture

Blockchain Flow is based on a structure that includes nodes with varying roles. The transaction validation process can be broken down into four stages. The execution of each step is the responsibility of 4 different categories of nodes.

Collection nodes improve network fluidity and data availability for decentralized applications. Consensus nodes define the triggering and sequencing of transactions. Execution nodes are not involved in any decision-making but perform the calculations required for each transaction. Finally, the verification nodes monitor the tasks of the execution nodes.

Development tools

The second aspect of Flow’s operation concerns the tools provided to developers to implement decentralized applications. These tools enable them to issue smart contracts written in Cadence. The Flow team has created a website where developers can learn the Cadence language. The content published on the site is designed to help developers get to grips with the logic of the Flow blockchain when building applications. Major companies and institutions (NBA Top Shot, Instagram, NFL, joyride, DimensionX, etc.) are adopting Flow to launch user experience-centric products. This demonstrates the value of Flow’s innovative touch. Developers can launch their applications in beta while improving as they receive feedback. The code, of course, becomes untouchable once it is marked as a definitive version.

Where to buy FLOW

To buy the FLOW crypto, you’ll follow the same steps as other cryptos that have gained some popularity.

How do I buy FLOW on Binance?


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

Chengpeng Zhao, nicknamed CZ founded the Binance exchange. Although the platform is frequently criticized for being too centralized, it is undeniably the industry leader today. Binance lists over 300 crypto-currencies, including Flow (FLOW), which can be purchased by card or bank transfer.

Log in / Create a Binance account

Before buying FLOW tokens on Binance, you must access your personal space. Log in by entering your contact details and validating the security step. If you still need an account, please create one.

Search for FLOW crypto

From your Binance dashboard, go to the Spot Portfolio menu. You’ll see all the cryptos available for purchase on the platform. Enter “flow” in the search bar, then select the Flow crypto (FLOW) from the results.

Buy FLOW for the amount you want

You can buy, transfer, and exchange FLOW on the crypto presentation page. To purchase FLOW, click “Buy with EUR” (instead of EUR, another currency may be displayed, depending on your account settings). Enter the amount you wish to invest in the FLOW crypto, click “Buy FLOW,” insert your payment details, and confirm the transaction.

Trading FLOW on Binance

Binance’s popularity stems partly from the multitude of tools the platform integrates. These include many trading tools (analysis, opening buy/sell positions, stop loss configuration, etc.). You can trade FLOW with other cryptos (BNB, USDT, BTC, etc.). Select the pair you wish to trade in the “Spot trading” section, then set up your positions.

buy flow on Binance

Buy FLOW on Coinbase

Based in the USA, the Coinbase exchange is one of the industry’s forerunners. It was launched in 2012 and allows you to buy, store, and sell Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Avalanche (AVAX), and Flow.

To buy Flow (FLOW) on Coinbase, log in to your account and add a payment method (create an account if you don’t already have one). The site and app accept purchases by credit card or bank transfer. Use the toolbar to search for “FLOW”, and choose the corresponding result to open the trading page.

Click the buy button, then enter the amount you wish to invest. Then press “Verify purchase,” ensure you’ve entered the correct information, and confirm the transaction via the “Buy now” button.


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered

Buying FLOW via Kraken

Founded in 2011, the Kraken platform specializes in cryptocurrency exchange. The Kraken site is renowned for its excellent security. Its systems have never failed in the face of a hack attempt. In particular, Kraken enables crypto transactions to be carried out using fiat currencies.

To buy Flow (FLOW) on Kraken:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. From the home page, click on the “Buy Cryptos” button.
  3. Search for and select “Flow” in the configuration window that appears.
  4. Enter the amount, add your payment method (if this is your first purchase), then check the details and confirm your purchase.

If you have a Kraken Intermediate or Pro account, you can also buy FLOW futures via the platform.

buy flow on kraken


  • Great customer support
  • Secure exchange
  • Lower fees with Kraken Pro

Flow Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 22 June 2024

Now: 41 Fear

Now: 41 Fear

Yesterday: 40 Fear

Last Week: 38 Fear

Is buying FLOW in 2024 a good investment?

By analyzing the price trend of Flow (FLOW) to USD or any other cryptocurrency, we can conclude that the crypto is following the overall movement of cryptos. This proves that the FLOW crypto has properly integrated into the cryptocurrency market. Our second observation is that the FLOW price has never fallen sharply. While some cryptos have seen their prices plummet within 24 hours, Flow (FLOW) has never experienced such an episode. These two factors suggest that Flow (FLOW) is a reliable crypto to invest in.

So, what about FLOW future? Will Flow go up? At the end of 2020, Flow (FLOW) entered the market with around $6 per unit value. During 2021, the crypto fully experienced the bull market of the crypto market. It recorded its all-time high (ATH) of $39.11 on March 05, 2021. It then fell to $8 in June of the same year before rising again to $28 in August. After that, the FLOW crypto began a phase of descent that continues today. During 2022, its price always stayed within the $8 barrier. In October 2023, it even fell below $1 ($0,41).

This downward solid trend could signal that now is the right investment time. Major companies are massively adopting Blockchain Flow for various applications. This implies that a concrete project backs the FLOW crypto. It’s not in danger of collapsing overnight or disappearing.

Flow Forecast

What is the FLOW prediction this year? Will FLOW recover? Predictive analyses, based exclusively on FLOW chart data and figures, indicate that the maximum value of FLOW has yet to be reached. Given the market’s track record and situation, a return to its launch value of 6 is still conceivable. This strong period of decline is undoubtedly an excellent time to buy FLOW and HODL.

  • Crypto supported by a solid project.
  • Asset strengthened by its status as a Blockchain-native crypto.
  • The FLOW network gains the trust of leading players.
  • The market is experiencing a prolonged downturn, which is likely to be reversed.
  • The bear market may last longer.
  • Too much dependence on the parent project and little influence on markets.

Our final opinion on Flow (FLOW)

Thanks, in particular, to the applications supported by the Blockchain of which it is native, the FLOW crypto can be considered one of the significant solutions for the development of NFTs. The popularity of these non-fungible tokens can help propel FLOW forward. Generally speaking, the Flow (FLOW) project has several assets in its favor. This is borne out by the trust placed in it by major companies and international institutions. In terms of reliability, Flow (FLOW) seems very solid.

However, while its technical utility seems undeniable, its credibility in the financial markets remains fragile. This fact is shocking because the crypto was only launched at the end of 2020. Given the feats it has already achieved in such a short time, the outlook for the next few years is positive. You can invest in Flow (FLOW) without worrying too much by taking a long-term view. Nevertheless, remain cautious, as your capital is exposed.

All about the Flow project (FLOW)

Yes, FLOW is the native crypto of the Flow blockchain.
FLOW is therefore a decentralized crypto.
It is not. The crypto was launched by a well-established Canadian company, and is trusted by major corporations and institutions.
To solve scalability problems, FLOW has the particularity of splitting transaction validation tasks between several groups of nodes. The result is a highly fluid network.
Depending on the platform, you can obtain FLOW in fiat currency. You can then pay by credit card or bank transfer.
You can buy FLOW crypto coins or tokens on exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase and others. You can also buy them peer-to-peer on specialized platforms.
To buy FLOW, the amount you need to spend will depend on the current price. Crypto has no fixed value.