The Metaverse and NFTs signal a new virtual direction for the world. Yet, what are they? How do they work? Read on (in this tokize review), as we have all the answers you need.

The world is changing before our eyes, and the economic and digital revolution does not stop only at the well-known cryptocurrencies. There are other thoroughly dematerialized products, but they are just as fascinating at the investment level or even as a positional asset.

NFTs are part of it, and the Metaverse equally looks ideal for this future virtual world in which more and more parties will try to interfere. While such terms may seem outlandish, it is normal to feel lost. These modern technologies are only in their infancy, and developments should mainly occur in the forthcoming years.

By using the codes of reality without being direct, the Metaverse wants to build a new universe, just like NFTs wish to be contemporary art objects to own. Like the latter in real life, investment can sometimes be profitable.

In this article, we shall explain this entire ecosystem, which still seems so abstract to many.


NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens, or nifties, to those accustomed to its technology. To invest in it, you need to have a substantial portfolio – be rich enough to buy something that may still seem crazy today and in the future. Buying a tweet or a digital image today is unusual and, therefore, very expensive.

What is an NFT?

Earlier, we began with a literal definition, but it is essential to understand what makes this famous token “non-fungible.” Today, and in the world of cryptocurrencies, a fungible item can be substituted by another object or an equal amount at a given moment. Therefore, non-fungible means not having a possible replacement.

In the general world, a simple shirt quickly falls into the fungible principle: It is feasible to give a value in another currency than the object itself, for example, in Euros. The NFT cannot be replaced or falsified. This is enforced by the encryption of information on blockchain – cryptography. Thanks to this, unlike our good shirt sold in the real world, an NFT can, throughout its life, be traced and justify its possession by its holder. Only its owner can be in the process of justifying its possession, thanks to this infallible monitoring since its creation.

NFTs are ingrained with a high level of security, and it is a significant factor to consider for investment, even more so if we compare this to classic art, where many forgeries are circulating worldwide. Today, the NFT ecosystem continues to explode with very real numbers that are simply indecent.


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The world of NFTs Bursts the Digital Bubble

It is still vital for the market to develop and for the interest to surpass the absurd figures of certain NFT sales per unit. When the NFT becomes democratized and opens up to as many people as possible, with lower sales figures but many more virtual objects, then the NFT will be the new world as many expect. 

While waiting for and maintaining record sales, for example, the first tweet from Jack Dorsey – the former president and CEO of Twitter – which sold for more than $2.5 million, this revolution still shakes up the patterns embraced by the digital world.

With the adoption of the metaverse in the coming years, the NFT market could continue to explode, and according to William Quigley, a significant player in the digital and dematerialized world, NFTs could reach 10,000 billion in annual sales each year.

During the first six months of 2021, NFT sales exceeded $2.5 billion. Since then, the figures have continued to increase and prove the growing interest in these new technologies. Above all, it is the understanding of these that makes it possible to change the situation regarding them.

What’s the Point of Buying NFTs?

In the art world, nothing is more costly, prestigious, and desired than what is unique, regardless of the beauty of the object in question. So, why not print or acquire, by saving for free, a copy or an image of a famous work sold? The thing is, people crave exclusivity – being the sole bearer of a piece. 

Why buy NFTs? NFTs represent something secure and unique. The most poignant example you could mention could be Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, as earlier cited. You could also note any other major sale made in the world of NFTs, art, or even video games. 

Supply and demand, a fundamental principle of economics, logically comes into play when striving to represent the financial interest of an NFT. Certain works will sell for several millions in the years to come without the slightest digital copy available, and this is where the ‘unique’ aspect takes on its full meaning.

Hence, the stated interest in democratizing and opening up this world of NFTs to numerous objects and creations. Today, it remains dominated by excessive creations and allows the advent of an already staggering economy with possessions that could well see their demand explode in the years to come, mainly thanks to the metaverse.

The Metaverse

You might wonder what relationship exists between NFTs and the Metaverse. If this world may seem just as alien to you as the very principle of NFTs, you will quickly understand that the future of these famous tokens is altering perfectly in these new virtual worlds promised by the metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

There are several ways to access the Metaverse, and contrary to what one might generally think, it is not and will not be necessary to have cutting-edge equipment, but somewhat relatively accessible ones in some instances, to also partake in the Metaverse. It depicts a virtual world that retains the features of the natural world, with, sometimes, a lot of realism. This version represents the future of the Internet, where virtual spaces are shared and joined in 3D or even by video conference. 

It maintains basic principles of the natural world, with access to the law and respect for community life where infinite numbers of people can come together. This logic and realism include habits adopted in the real world, such as with payments, this time dematerialized, or even communications and finally…Access to objects with the famous NFTs!

There are several ways to access the metaverse, and contrary to what one might generally think, it is not and will not be necessary to have cutting-edge equipment, but somewhat relatively accessible ones in some instances, also to take part in the metaverse. This virtual world, which specific creations have already highlighted, is the present and future of social interaction on the Internet.

Companies that Target These Future Projects

When a company like Facebook Inc. changes its name to Meta to take part in a dazzling way in what Mark Zuckerberg, its founder, considers the ‘new Internet,’ it goes without saying that the news explodes in the eyes of all. 

This drastic change and this growing interest are not the only ones with the famous GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft). Other companies in the digital sector have also taken the plunge. Suppose there are several metaverses according to discordant definitions. In that case, the future does seem to pass through this digital world in 3D, far from the Internet that we know today, accessible in two dimensions on platforms that we know it perfectly, like web browsers.

However, as announced, the world of the metaverse already includes companies other than the pure digital world. With art and NFTs to be integrated, as mentioned above, other sectors are also involved. Almost surprisingly, for ordinary mortals and according to real intelligence for specialists, the mass distribution giant Carrefour has, for example, started to work on its future in this digital world while remaining the most down-to-earth chain of stores.

This example already proves that the future will not only be played out for classic digital companies in the metaverse but that certain cards could be redistributed.


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How will the Metaverse allow NFTs to Develop?

Today, the world of metaverse is democratizing much faster than that of NFTs. For what? As demonstrated throughout these lines, it is much more accessible to ordinary mortals at unbeatable prices and with access possibilities constantly increasing over the months.

Thus, the metaverse should make it easier to highlight NFTs. We will find These famous virtual objects en masse in this same virtual world. For these reasons, the creators and sellers of NFT will gradually open up to ordinary mortals by offering related objects adapted to new applicants, who are expected to be present in droves within the meta.

The acceptance of artificial reality, namely the ability to superimpose a digital world on a real object, will be a significant factor for the metaverse, constantly putting the NFT market forward. This model could be highly positive financially for the new metaverse, and everyone can likely benefit from it, NFTs first and foremost.

There are bound to be questions you ask yourself about NFTs and the metaverse, even after reading this explanatory article about these new digital eras. Here are the answers that might help you.


The Metaverse is a virtual yet higher universe than the world we currently reside in. However, it retains a lot of realism from the real world, such as the 3D effect – height, depth, and width.
First, connect your account to a well-funded digital wallet (like Metamask) with compatible crypto tokens. To make any purchase, just use the funds in your wallet.
NFTs can be made using a digital wallet and a connection to an NFT marketplace where you can upload the asset to be turned into an NFT. However, gas fees are involved, which can be settled with ETH (Ether).
Whether or not we like the idea of this new art and this 100% digital investment, the limits of NFTs can be found at the technical level and sometimes at the legal and ethical level in certain countries. In addition, the cost of operating the blockchain to secure tokens is particularly energy-intensive. However, the arrival of new technologies within this chain could allow a reduction of the ecological mass in the years to come.
Virtual Reality (VR), through a technological headset designed for this purpose, enables users to join this well-known digital world with appropriate immersion. Virtual reality allows you to reach this other universe, while Augmented Reality (AR) lets you superimpose the two worlds.
Among the companies with flagship work in the field and whose progress is already known, we can cite Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, or even Nvidia, Niantic, and Apple.
When you conclude a transaction, for example, to buy an NFT, you are exposed to fees on the Ethereum network to cite this current reference as an example. These are burning fees to be paid to react to actions requested and performed on the blockchain to create, secure, or obtain the virtual product in question.