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Green Satoshi Token ($GST) is a unique crypto project executed by the STEPN foundation. In this crypto review, we explore this project, its history and its benefits. Come along.

What is Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

The Green Satoshi Token ($GST) is a reasonably innovative cryptocurrency that aims to support physical activity and the environment through a somewhat unusual method. Indeed, STEPN, the foundation behind $GST, has developed a “move-to-earn” application.

Thus. game users can log into their STEPN application and earn $GST for each successful step in the “game.” This program encourages a more active and healthy lifestyle while rewarding users with cryptocurrencies.

A project based on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, the Green Satoshi Token crypto was created by a team of developers passionate about Web 3.0, cryptocurrency (see courses) and NFTs, and ecology and public health. The objective of this major project? Promote mobility and sport while gradually pushing people to turn to the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

To be an integral part of this community, you, as a user, must download the dedicated mobile application. This is the STEPN application. You must then follow the different steps to create an account and open your wallet.
The next step is to deposit Solana into its integrated wallet. Once funds are received, you can purchase NFT sneakers at the app’s marketplace. You have to wait 24 hours before using your app, walk, run, and generate GST tokens, which are your rewards for moving.

The History of Green Satoshi Token (GST)

To understand the history of the Green Satoshi Token, you must first delve into the STEPN Foundation’s history. This company was founded in Singapore in 2018 by Ivan Lim, Tan Wei Hong, and Ow Zhi Yong. The 3 formed (and still includes) a team of young entrepreneurs who are passionate and invested in both Web 3.0 and ecology.

Over the years, STEPN has developed various projects, including encouraging healthy and eco-responsible behaviour through cryptocurrency. This is also why the Green Satoshi Token was launched on the market—a project that quickly fit into the “Mote-to-Earn” strategy advocated by the foundation. As explained above, the idea is to encourage people to do physical activity in exchange for rewards in tokens.

This project quickly excited the crowds. Indeed, the growth of STEPN and its Green Satoshi Token has been dazzling! Many investors have naturally turned to this fun, profitable and, above all, innovative model.

Of course, many detractors have pointed out the rewards and their amounts, believing this could be a Ponzi scheme. However, the foundation has always defended itself, even managing a fairly interesting FIAT value, proving its model is solid.

Be careful, though; Tokize does not offer any investment advice. This is a personal interpretation. Please research beforehand if you are considering positioning yourself and investing in a particular token, including $GST. The market needs to be more consistent and surprising. Only invest what you can lose.

Why was Green Satoshi Token (GST) designed?

As explained upstream, the objective of the Green Satoshi Token was to provide a sustainable, responsible and long-term alternative to people wishing to link the pleasure of investing to the collective interest of preserving the environment.

At the time, the subject was entirely on the table: Bitcoin (see how to buy) being accused of contributing to a large part of greenhouse gas emissions. The idea was, therefore, to pull the rug out from under the detractors by putting forward an eco-responsible cryptocurrency project.

The Green Satoshi Token is a “move-to-earn” program where investors are rewarded for their actions. Unlike “similar” projects, the actions advocated here encourage mobility, the practice of sports and, therefore, a “healthier” lifestyle.
The role of investors is, therefore, central. Indeed, their actions support the Solana blockchain (you need $SOL to invest in the STEPN application), strengthen the network, support the STEPN ecosystem and generate $GST…All while paying attention to themselves. It’s a well-crafted cog that could not function without the right decisions and actions of those principally involved! 

How does Green Satoshi Token (GST) work?

The Green Satoshi Token is a token based on the Solana blockchain (read full review). It uses the consensus mechanism by proof of stake and evidence of history (we also speak of Proof of Stake – PoS and Proof of History – PoH). For the rest, it is a relatively “classic” token, which can be bought, resold and exchanged on several exchange and trading platforms!

To earn them, users must download and install the STEPN app. They must follow the “missions” offered by this application (most often, they consist of a particular number of steps, for example). Once the mission is completed, the user is rewarded with $GST. The token is directly paid into the wallet and integrated into the application. The user can then do whatever they want with it!

Where to buy Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is not available everywhere. Indeed, it is a relatively new project, which has been listed on quite a few trading platforms…But not all. Fortunately, you can find it quite easily. Here is a list of three platforms where you can buy, sell, or exchange $GST.


Coinbase is an exchange platform that is the second most used in the world. It is the trading platform on which the most $GST tokens are traded. It is an excellent way to obtain some, especially if you are looking for a little liquidity (and, therefore, not wait too long for your buy or sell order to be validated). Please note this is not a DEX, so you must go through a verification process (KYC) before using the tool.


  • Regulated exchange
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Free crypto training offered


Kucoin is another very famous trading platform! It is among the world’s top 10 most used exchange and trading platforms. It’s the same as on Coinbase to use. You must register, pass KYC and log in to be able to buy, sell and exchange $GST. The platform is a little less liquid but remains an excellent option for positioning yourself on the Green Satoshi Token!


  • Wide range of cryptos
  • Advanced Trading Options
  • Competitive fees


Another well-known exchange platform, Kraken, allows you to buy or sell GST (Green Satoshi Token). Again, you must register via KYC, log in and then place your order to buy, sell or exchange your tokens. This is an exciting choice because Kraken is a relatively well-known platform and well-appreciated by investors, mainly because it is simple, quick to use, and secure.

Of these three options, Coinbase is the platform we recommend you use. Indeed, it is secure and offers quite a bit of liquidity. As a result, you can buy or sell your tokens quickly. Other platforms, such as Bibox CoinEx or DigiFinex, are available, but the lack of liquidity makes it almost impossible or very difficult to consider trading on them.


  • Great customer support
  • Secure exchange
  • Lower fees with Kraken Pro

Coinbase is not a decentralized platform. As a result, to register, you must pass KYC (Know Your Customer). Once your identity is validated, you can easily navigate the platform and place your orders. Please note that Tokize does not offer any investment advice; it is simply a review and a personal opinion. Don’t hesitate to do your research before you start investing in cryptocurrencies!

Is buying a Green Satoshi Token (GST) a good investment?

The Green Satoshi Token is a reasonably recent cryptocurrency. As a result, it is complicated to predict its future, especially since the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, and many uncertainties can impact forecasts. However, several factors could influence the future of the project. 

On the “positive” side, we especially remember the eco-responsible, sustainable and positive aspects of GST. The whole is a coherent ecosystem that aims to encourage a greener industry more oriented towards environmental and social problems rather than economic ones. In short, it’s a project, a token that goes against many projects.

However, investing in GST does not only have advantages. First, the market is very volatile, and fluctuations are common. As proof, $GST has lost over 95% of its value. Additionally, GST trading volume is, overall, relatively low.

You can find yourself trapped in a lack of liquidity (price manipulation, pump and dump, stagnant and falling prices, etc.). In addition, if the vision of the teams behind the GST is clear, the implementation of the project remains quite complex.

As you will have understood, many parameters are taken into account, and it isn’t easy to imagine establishing a clear and detailed forecast of the possible future value of the Green Satoshi Token. In any case, only invest what you can lose. Additionally, consider doing your research, whether online or through social media! So, is Green Satoshi Token a good investment? What does Green Satoshi Token’s future seem like? What is the prediction of Green Satoshi Token from analysts? First, let us consider the pros and cons of the Green Satoshi Token.

  • Green Satoshi Token has enjoyed a consistent price increase, which can attract more investors
  • Green Satoshi Token is promoted as eco-friendly, corresponding with sustainability and healthy living. 
  • Being relatively new in the crypto space, Green Satoshi Token has had development and technical challenges being relatively new in the crypto space.
  • Based on the current information, Green Satoshi Token may not yet be accessible on major crypto exchanges.

Our Final Opinion on the Green Satoshi Token (GST)

Ultimately, we see that Green Satoshi Token is a unique project of its kind, whose primary mission is to link two themes that initially had little to do with each other: sustainability and environmental impact related to cryptocurrency and Web 3.0. A mission made possible thanks to investors. With their involvement in the project, it is possible to succeed.

But the project, as tempting as it may be, comes up against the reality of the market. A changing, surprising market, trading platforms without much liquidity… As a result, it is possible to find yourself “stuck” with orders that will never go through (whether for buying or selling) or to be fooled by pump and dump, price manipulation, etc.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Green Satoshi Token crypto

What is Green Satoshi Token ($GST)?

The Green Satoshi Token is a token signed by the STEPN Foundation. It works on the “Move-to-earn” model. It is returned as a reward after completing specific missions via the STEPN application.

Who is the Green Satoshi Token founder?

The co-founders of the Green Satoshi Token are Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong. They also double as the co-founders of STEPN, a blockchain project of which the Green Satoshi Token ($GST) is the game token.

What is “Move-to-Earn?

“Move-to-Earn” is a principle of Web 3.0 gaming. This consists of recovering rewards (paid in cryptos) against specific actions. Here, for example, it’s the act of moving!

Is Green Satoshi Token a good investment?

The Green Satoshi Token has lost a lot of its value. The reality of the market today means that its future remains uncertain. It all depends on what the STEPN Foundation wants to do with it.

Will Green Satoshi Token go up?

The future value of Green Satoshi Token can differ based on varying predictions, analyses, external events, market conditions, and other factors.

Will Green Satoshi Token recover?

The recovery of Green Satoshi Token (GST) depends on different price predictions, speculations and market events. For example, GST plummeted in 2022, losing more than 99% of its value.

Is there a Green Satoshi Token blockchain?

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is the game token of STEPN, a blockchain project. Therefore, GST is a token and not a blockchain.

Does Green Satoshi Token enable staking?

Green Satoshi Token (GST) staking allows crypto holders to earn rewards on their GST holdings. The rewards come as extra GST tokens; the percentage returns depend on the crypto platforms. Although you should be mindful of each platform’s terms, the following steps are what you need to take to begin staking: Choose a platform that enables GST staking. Lock your GST tokens for a specific time frame. Get your rewards.