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Being major in scope, evident by the innovative technology it advocates, Zilliqa revolutionizes sharding. Let’s take a closer look; we invite you to review everything you need to know about ZIL, the native token and its parent company. You’ll find all the info you need right here.

What Is Zilliqa?

What You Should Know About Zilliqa

Undoubtedly, the Zilliqa crypto brings “new blood” to the world of crypto by offering disruptive technology. It’s aimed at the problems of scalability as faced by traditional blockchains.

The innovation it brings is centered around “sharding,” which enables the parallel processing of transactions on several “shards.” With this, several thousand transactions can be completed per second. We will come back to this in more detail within our Zilliqa review

We also discuss the price of Zilliqa.

A key characteristic of Zilliqa and its blockchain deals with its consensus mechanism. Its consensus method works on practical Byzantine fault tolerance (pBFT). This enables data blocks to confirm faster. The Zilliqa blockchain supports self-executing smart contracts also. The network hosts tools to develop decentral apps capable of supporting tons of transactions.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB

The History of Zilliqa

Zilliqa is the native cryptocurrency of the platform of the same name. The project was launched in 2017 by a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore. The team was led by Zilliqa founder, Dr. Xinshu Dong who is also its CEO.

The network’s team sought to address the scalability and congestion issues of blockchains like Ethereum. This is how the sharding mechanism was born, which, today, is taken up by other projects such as Elrond or the Near Protocol to name a few. 

The ZIL token launched as an ERC-20 token from Ethereum and offers Zilliqa’s price in USD

Its early adopters had the chance to quickly position themselves for profit, much of which was transferred via the mainnet between 2019–2020. Since then, Zilliqa has remained fully operational. In addition to sharding, Zilliqa uses a smart-contract language called Scilla, which is designed to be more secure and efficient than smart contract languages ​​such as Solidity.

Why Was ZIL Created?

As stated above, the Zilliqa blockchain was designed to meet the woes of “congestion” and its associated costs. Being that other projects are striving to meet the same need, Zilliqa has tried to establish itself as “the” credible alternative. To stand out, Zilliqa uses “sharing” technology. 

This technology will help you to determine if Zilliqa is a good investment.

A Look at How Sharding Is Achieved

Within the network, new nodes are gradually added, allowing the architecture to remain functional and efficient. Ultimately, Zilliqa processes a greater number of transactions per second than traditional blockchains, giving it an unlimited cap for high-throughput applications.

As an added benefit, the “Scilla” effect, which is the smart contract language used by Zilliqa developers, makes developing easy. It’s a more flexible, efficient and secure language than Solidity. This coding language results in a coherent ecosystem, which allows developers to work on tools that are more advanced, secure and just as decentralized as other platforms are.

Today, the platform is good for projects requiring quick starts and enhanced security. The network’s demand is high regarding payment systems, gaming and DeFi. The project’s future seems interesting. Just keep in mind that Tokzie does not provide investment advice. 

Do your own research before taking a position on any potential project.

How Does Zilliqa Work?

At the core of the Zilliqa network is a revolution in sharding technology. 

How Zilliqa Works

Sharding, as a formidable technique, consists of dividing a blockchain database into smaller, sub databases. This results in several layers when done, which are referred to as shards. Each shard works parallel, allowing a greater number of transactions to be processed per second.

In the case of Zilliqa, the network is divided into several units, and each can process up to 100 transactions per second (TPS). As nodes are added to the network, new units are created, allowing Zilliqa to scale. The higher the number of nodes it has, the faster its network becomes.

To ensure investors against operational risks. Zilliqa uses Practical Byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT). This creates a consensus, which validates transactions—even from malicious nodes.

Ultimately, Zilliqa’s forecast results in a simple, pleasant tool, reaching users far and wide. It functions on quite a few programming languages, which allows developers to create a multitude of decentralized applications (dApps) and, therefore, bring this entire ecosystem to life.

Where to buy ZIL?

If you want to invest in Zilliqa’s future or make Zilliqa predictions, then here are some ideal platforms with Zilliqa charts for following Zilliqa stock prices through:  


Binance is the world’s leading trading platform. Most crypto enthusiasts are now using it. 

The platform offers high liquidity to ensure that your orders get placed when you need it.

Without much effort, exchange Zilliqa to USD on Binance through different trading pairs, including ZIL/BTC, ZIL/ETH and ZIL/USDT. To purchase ZIL on Binance, you must create a valid account, complete your KYC verification and fund your account using a supported payment method.


  • Low fees
  • One of the largest crypto exchanges
  • Fee discount for using native BNB


HTX is another popular trading platform. On it, you will find leading tokens such as ZIL. 

HTX has a few pairs tracking Zilliqa’s value, including ZIL/BTC, ZIL/ETH or ZIL/USDT. To buy ZIL on HTX, you need an account, KYC verification and funding through a supported payment method. The site operates as a central exchange (CEX), which is similar to that of Binance.


  • Competitive fees
  • Large number of cryptocurrencies
  • Abundance of trading features


KuCoin, for several years, remains known for its mobile application, which allows you to trade from anywhere. Like its competitors, KuCoin offers trading pairs ZIL/BTC, ZIL/ETH and ZIL/USDT. To purchase ZIL on KuCoin, start with a valid account, a completed KYC verification and funding from a supported payment method.


  • Wide range of cryptos
  • Advanced Trading Options
  • Competitive fees

Which Platform Excels?

Our top choice is Binance for Zilliqa staking. Huobi and KuCoin deserve respect, but Binance is a must. It’s liquid, secure and offers relatively low fees compared to what’s offered elsewhere. In addition, Binance hosts features that appeal to both beginners and expert traders alike. 

Just keep in mind that Tokize does not offer investment advice. We have only reported the facts regarding ZIL and the Binance platform. Would you like to delve further into the subject and learn a little more about Zilliqa? Consider doing your own research. You will then have access to a fair choice and a clear conscience.

Zilliqa Fear and Greed Index

Updated: 14 June 2024

Now: 42 Fear

Now: 42 Fear

Yesterday: 43 Fear

Last Week: 45 Fear

Buying Zilliqa—Is It a Good Investment?

Is Zilliqa a Good Investment

After its release in 2017, Zilliqa continues to experience significant growth, yet no one knows if Zilliqa will go up or if Zilliqa will recover again. 

Its success was made possible, in particular thanks, to sharding technology, which is truly revolutionary and has attracted investors from web3.0 and blockchain. As the adoption of blockchain grows, Zilliqa is well positioned to capture a significant market share. 

Its smart contract technology also attracts new developers. 

Via smart contracts, Zilliqa can focus on more powerful and advanced dApps, which gives us the hope for a lot of more features and progress on issues related to scalability or security.

The Pros and Cons of Zilliqa Crypto

  • Innovative technology—Zilliqa’s sharding technology is an innovative solution addressing the scalability issues encountered by other blockchains.
  • A strong team and community—Zilliqa has a team of developers and researchers who work on the continuous improvement of the platform.
  • Growth potential—As blockchain technology continues to grow, Zilliqa is well-positioned to capture significant market share. This could lead to significant growth in the value of ZIL.
  • Volatility—Like all cryptocurrencies, ZIL is subject to high price volatility, making it a risky investment for those who are new to investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • Competition—Although Zilliqa’s sharding technology is innovative, it faces competition from other blockchain platforms that are also working to address scalability issues.
  • Regulatory risks—Cryptocurrencies could ultimately be regulated differently, which could block mainstream adoption and therefore cause the market to decline.

Ultimately, the ecosystem still seems favorable in a growing market that hasn’t yet reached maturity. The technological successes of Zilliqa are impactful, but the competition for more advanced, more scalable and even more efficient technologies could make ZIL obsolete. It remains to be seen how the project will capitalize and evolve in the years to come.

Our Final Opinion of Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a promising crypto that has demonstrated innovative solutions for the scalability issues faced by other blockchain platforms. Its sharding technology has the potential to create faster and more efficient transactions, making it an attractive option for developers and businesses.

Today, the group is solid and is forming partnerships with larger companies, proving its desire to move forward. The adoption of blockchain technology and dApps could continue to stimulate Zilliqa’s growth. However, be careful. Indeed, the market is immature, volatile and can drain a token or a project downwards if the market simply decides to.

Overall, Zilliqa does show great potential and could be a solid investment for those interested in the long-term potential of blockchain. Its sharding technology makes it the crypto to follow for years to come. Don’t hesitate to do your own research, and find all the info you can …

FAQ - Zilliqa

Sharding is the innovative technology deployed by Zilliqa, which makes it possible to scale and process a large number of transactions per second!
Zilliqa and ZIL were founded and launched between 2017 and 2020. Since then, the project has been talked about, particularly due to its ability to respond to the scalability problems of many blockchains.
It is possible to buy ZIL on Binance, Kucoin, Bithum, Bitfinex or even Huobi.