If you like Dogecoin as much as Elon Musk, then you might consider investing in Twitter

We won’t brag about giving you the details early, but we will tell you to be very cautious about the relationship between Dogecoin and “X.”

The shockwave people are talking about is a price surge in DOGE, and it’s now leading the pack, but for how long will this strong push last? 

Investors look deeply into recent events, and many of them have set their eyes on Twitter. 

Both “X” and Dogecoin have something in common, and that’s Elon Musk. What the public doesn’t know, however, is the likely partnership Elon has with the creators of DOGE. The open-source crypto was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer as a joke. 

The laughter behind the trend of “fad tokens” with cute images took hold. 

What we have in the market now is a price surge that everyone involved in crypto noticed.  

The What

At times, the big news isn’t as clear to see as the headlines that are trending. 

The noise behind DOGE comes as shifts in X signal future growth. The site, formerly known as Twitter, took a hit in recent months, which, primarily, was due to its new ownership. The Tweet-storm website was reduced to near rubble after being bought by Elon.  

Estimates are that X’s value dropped by $20 billion after the first year with Musk. 


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Why It Matters

Dogecoin’s rise might result from interest in Twitter and with the intent to leverage a way of reviving the social media site. The details are still in the works, but Twitter’s interest in Dogecoin seems to go further than a simple infatuation by Elon Musk. Dogecoin’s stance in the market could be so tied to Twitter succeeding that Twitter might also be invested into Dogecoin.

In Monk’s own words, the new Twitter is intended to become an “everything app.”  

Here’s the Bigger Truth

Cryptocurrencies across all industries are also rising, and bitcoin is leading them. 

What we see with Dogecoin, though valid and exciting, isn’t isolated to this token alone. If you hear the hype about how great DOGE is, make sure to tell them that BTC is doing it also. 

The Real Connection Between X and Dogecoin

Though alive and well in the minds of developers, web3.0 is relatively new to the greater public. Now the core option for powering web3.0 and its services is crypto. 

Adapting to this changing environment will lead social media sites like Meta and X to adopt native tokens as their means of accessing their sites’ products or services.

Dogecoin, hypothetically, will become the native token of X.

Its Highest Price Since December 2021!

Now we have to put this situation in perspective but based on DOGE’s price-action.

Out of the major tokens, which are BTC and ETH, Dogecoin is moving ahead and breaking the stubborn range we see Bitcoin and Ether still in. Though other crypto seemed ready to retrace down, Dogecoin might have the “bullest” stance at just .22 cents.

The thing that Dogecoin has, which other tokens lack, be it secret or written into the market, is the backing of former Twitter. 

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