With Bitcoin settling after hitting $75,000, the reports coming in are astonishing.

Turns out, from the data at top exchanges, like Binance and Coinbase, reports say retail traders didn’t increase during Bitcoin’s push. We can make speculations here, but the data states the truth loud and clear

Essentially, the recent push in Bitcoin was achieved by institutional investors.

This is now their season to put crypto in the mainstream and get the world ready for the coming of web3.0. The rush in BTC was supported by the SEC’s approval of ETFs sold as price contracts for Bitcoin. 

What’s next has everyone on the edge of their seats, and Bitcoin holds strong at $60,000. That price has held a strong floor for over a month, and investors know it.  


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Now That Institutions Are In the Game

With it safe to say that institutions are invested in crypto, a larger opportunity for retailers now exists.

You see, institutional investors have larger accounts, and the liquidity you’ll need for entering and exiting your trades is found easier with institutional money in the market.


Think of it in terms of crypto history and where blockchain is headed.

It’s not just fast entries that are attracting the big boys from Wall Street to crypto. Unless they knew that they could trade for years to come, then they would’ve stalled their entry and avoided buying all of those Bitcoin ETFs

The smart money in the market is confident with crypto and blockchain taking over. This is why they’re in the market and haven’t flinched even with Bitcoin falling by $10,000.

Should Forces Combine—Retailers AND Institutions

Bitcoin has done amazing things these past months, but the reports say retail traders, you and I, had nothing to do with it.

Yes, others still expect prices to rise again. 

Once retailers get back on their feet from the Pandemic, their capital combined with Wall Street’s could push massive waves of liquidity onto the exchanges, and money will flow like the River Nile. 

You first heard it here.

The good times have yet to come, so what you do in the coming weeks and months can set you up for some BIG gains. Stay tuned to your Tokize updates. We’ll need you as informed as possible before crypto gets ahead and rallies to unforeseen places! 

Choosing the right crypto exchange at this moment is pivotal. 

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