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Updated: 8 may 2024
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What You Need To Know About Argent Wallet?

Created in December 2017, Argent Crypto Wallet is a crypto platform created by Argent Labs Limited, a London-based company founded by Itamar Lesuisse. The company provides software solutions, particularly in blockchain technology and digital security.

Argent Wallet is the flagship product of the company and is presented as a one-stop solution for crypto investors. Primarily focused on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers a convenient platform where users can buy and store cryptocurrencies, trade and stake them for income, and manage NFTs. 


  • Enhanced security
  • DeFi Protocols
  • NFT support

Particularly popular among DeFi investors, Argent Wallet mainly offers a simple and accessible solution to everyone. User experience is at the core of the company’s concerns, as much as the security of the holdings in a user’s wallet. Moreover, the Argent Wallet app provides reduced fees through the use of zkSync, a scaling solution based on the Ethereum blockchain.

As we will see later in this Argent Wallet review, a trading function also allows even the most novice users to make their first swaps in just a few clicks. The application’s popularity has significantly increased in recent years and the Argent Wallet app now boasts of having over 2 million users. 

What Type Of Wallet Is Argent Wallet?

Argent crypto wallet was initially available as a mobile-only application. To date, you can still download the app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) by searching the corresponding service or by clicking the link on the Argent website to find the QR code and links. 

Desktop users can also use the service since it is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Below is a snapshot of the Argent X extension on the Chrome Web Store. Once again, to download the extension, you can visit the website and click on the link corresponding to your web browser. 

argent wallet extension Chrome

Both of the above options are classified as hot wallets because you have to be online to access your digital assets. Despite there not being an Argent cold wallet, though, your assets are still secure thanks to various security measures such as 2FA, real-time fraud monitoring, and multisig to ensure their protection. 

In general, whether it’s a cold or a hot wallet, users’ assets are always on the blockchain, stored at an address. However, a cold wallet is more secure because the assets are offline and not accessible to hackers. This is why most wallet providers keep a large portion of their users’ assets in cold storage. 

argent wallet audited

Argent has not explicitly indicated whether they do this or not, but the platform claims to be open source and can be audited by anyone. Not only does this guarantee transparency but also makes it easier to spot exploitable weaknesses in the code before hackers can use them. 

What Cryptocurrencies Does Argent Wallet Accept?

Argent X is the most popular Starknet wallet so, in essence, it can accept all ERC20 compatible tokens. In case you didn’t know, Starknet is one of the top zk-rollup layer-2 scaling solutions on the Ethereum blockchain, and Argent X is the most popular Starknet wallet with over 2 million users. 

For this reason, it would be impossible to list all the tokens that can be stored and traded on Argent X, not to mention other digital assets like NFTs. Instead, just know that you can use this wallet for all your ERC20 tokens when you transact on the Ethereum blockchain. 

starknet wallet Argent

Access to assets from other blockchains is somewhat restricted since Argent Wallet is primarily an Ethereum crypto wallet. However, the Ethereum network is known for its ability to offer its own version of tokens from other blockchains through wrapping

For example, wrapped bitcoin (wBTC) is ERC20 compatible and can be stored on Argent Wallet. And you can search for your desired crypto on the platform to see if a version of it is available and add it to your wallet. 

So, in a way, it is possible to have access to an expanded range of digital assets through Argent Wallet. Just remember to exercise caution and conduct your research before buying any of these exotic tokens as they may be unstable and not backed by a lot of users. 

In Which Countries Is Argent Wallet Available?

Argent Wallet is available in most countries worldwide. However, some geographical restrictions are beyond the company’s control primarily due to geopolitical issues. Therefore the service is unavailable in several countries either due to sanctions or economic instability such as:

  • Cuba
  • People’s Republic of Donetsk
  • Iran
  • People’s Republic of Luhansk
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Burundi
  • Congo
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Haiti
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • Nicaragua
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

Is Argent Wallet Compatible With Other Hardware Wallets?

Even though there isn’t an Argent hardware wallet, the good news is that it is compatible with many hardware wallets. Indeed, it supports Wallet Connect. As a result, if your hardware wallet can connect to wallets compatible with this feature, you should not encounter any particular issues.

This feature allows you, after a purchase or swap using Argent, to seamlessly transfer your assets to your hardware wallet. In general, it is advisable to store larger amounts in your cold wallet and only keep smaller amounts in your hot wallet for faster transactions and transfers. 

You can then use Argent Wallet for your online purchases and rely on your hardware wallet to keep your savings secure. Furthermore, since Argent Wallet can also allow you to sell your assets, you can take advantage of this compatibility in this configuration as well.

Therefore, nothing is stopping you from connecting Argent Wallet to your hardware wallet to proceed with the sale of your assets in just a few minutes, without sacrificing the security of your tokens. Following the sale, however, you will need to transfer the fiat money to your bank account. Argent Wallet is a crypto wallet, so you cannot store fiat currency on it.


  • Enhanced security
  • DeFi Protocols
  • NFT support

Features Available On This Wallet

This crypto wallet offers more than just basic token storage functions. Indeed, Argent Wallet provides a comprehensive range of convenient features for its users.

Buying Cryptocurrencies

When you start using Argent Wallet, the first thing you may need to do is add crypto to your account. This function is accessible with a simple click from the application’s home screen from where you can choose to buy crypto or transfer them from another wallet.  

Buy crypto with Argent

For users who want to buy crypto for the first time, Argent has partnered with Ramp Network and Banxa so that it’s not possible to do so by:

  • credit/debit card
  • bank transfer
argent wallet onramp

The fees to be charged should be indicated depending on the method you choose to use but there may be additional costs from your bank or credit card provider. Regarding speed, credit card transactions take a few minutes, but you will have to wait up to 2 business days for bank transfers. 

Afterward, you can transfer your crypto to your hardware wallet for security purposes or send it to another user for shopping, reimbursement, etc. 

Swap Tokens With Argent Wallet

With Argent Wallet you can swap your tokens in exchange for others without having to go through a centralized platform. Thanks to the DeFi ecosystem, users can carry out their trades, paying only the gas fees and no additional fees typically charged by exchanges. Additionally, note that the platform offers gas fees up to 100 times lower than those on the Ethereum Layer 1.

argent wallet swap

The available pairs are limited only by your imagination. Indeed, all ERC-20 tokens have the advantage of being available for swapping on Argent Wallet. Consequently, you can swap any Ethereum network token with another token of the same type.

A Staking Option For ETH Holdings

If you’re unfamiliar, staking involves locking up your tokens for a specified period to generate rewards. Staking can be done on a PoS blockchain like Ethereum, a protocol like DAI, or a liquidity pool such as the ones in decentralized exchanges (DEX). With Argent Wallet, you can only stake ETH into the Ethereum network in return for staking rewards of up to 7% APY

Argent wallet staking

Compared with an average interest of about 2-3% in a savings bank in the EU, Argent Wallet provides a much higher yield. Thus, it can be a good way to earn passive income on the crypto you already own without having to sell it for a profit, and in the process avoid taxation from annual capital gains. 

A World Of dApps At Your Fingertips

The Ethereum network has the largest variety of decentralized apps (dApps) by far and the list is particularly extensive. From DeFi to games, NFTs, socials, DAOs, infrastructure, bridges, and onramps – everything that Web3 has to offer. Argent Wallet provides a gateway to access all of it including some built by Argent itself. 

argent wallet features

So, whether you’re a video game enthusiast or an art lover, find the right NFT for it as there will always be a dApp that will allow you to find satisfaction directly from your Argent Wallet. Additional mention should be made of access to numerous DAOs and other web3-specific infrastructures through a powerful and multifunctional wallet.

What Are The Fees On Argent Wallet?

Like most wallets, Argent Wallet has to charge some fees to survive. These fees primarily serve to compensate for the team’s personnel, maintain servers, and contribute to the proper functioning of the application.

Firstly, Argent Wallet offers lower fees on swaps (0.5%) compared to the layer-1 Ethereum network. An additional gas fee is charged by the Ethereum network but it’s impossible to predict the exact figure as it depends on network traffic and various other technical parameters.

Just know that Swap fees on Argent Wallet are up to 100 times cheaper compared to native Ethereum fees, thanks to zkSync. What’s more, Argent does not charge for ETH staking although the Lido system will deduct 10% from your earnings upon redemption of your tokens. 

When sending cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another, no fees are charged by Argent Wallet. However, users will, of course, need to pay the gas fees associated with their transaction, which are beyond the control of the Argent Wallet platform as explained earlier.

Finally, Argent Wallet does not charge users making their first crypto purchases other than gas fees. Nor will you be charged for crypto-to-fiat sales, but fees may exist depending on the service provider you choose to use.

Argent wallet transaction

Note that fees are always clearly displayed by Argent Wallet before confirming any transaction in the interest of transparency. 

Is It A Secure Wallet?

Argent Wallet has implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of its users’ data and digital assets. These include:

  • SSL Encryption: all interactions with Argent are encrypted by SSL to prevent any interception by unauthorized persons. This includes both financial transactions by credit card or bank and other interactions with the platform so that all your information is secure
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA): when setting up your Argent mobile app for the first time, you will be asked to enter your phone number, email address, a PIN code, and you can also enable biometric recognition. In the app settings, you also have the option to activate 2FA for each login, daily transaction limit, and other security measures 
  • Blockchain Technology: what essentially protects your tokens is blockchain technology and its nature. The blockchain operates in a way that makes it impossible to intercept a payment or obtain users’ personal information. Once your tokens are placed on Argent Wallet, you can be reassured about their security

Considering the numerous security methods offered by Argent Wallet, it can be affirmed that it is an extremely secure wallet. Our assessment of the security provided by the application is, therefore, very positive.

Which User Profile Is This Wallet Most Suitable For?

Argent Wallet will undoubtedly please beginners, although it can also appeal to experienced users. It has a simple interface with quick and uncluttered access to the main features. The result is limited information to assess from the platform, allowing users to focus on the essentials.

argent wallet ux

The user experience provided by Argent Wallet allows beginners to understand, at a glance, how to buy, sell, and swap their cryptos. The application is, therefore, positioned perfectly for anyone looking for a first wallet to start exploring crypto. 

Intermediate users have DeFi and Web3-oriented features to begin exploring other horizons. And the simplicity of staking formulas, dApps, and other Argent Wallet services will find a place in the pockets of daily investors. The trading functions will also give some freedom to users who are just starting to delve into the concepts of spread and swapping.

It’s worth noting a ‘Learn’ category on the platform’s website that teaches the basics of decentralized finance to beginners and enthusiasts. Numerous examples are also provided using the Argent Wallet application. Therefore, beginners can learn from the website and put their teachings into practice directly on the application.

Our Opinion On The Quality Of Customer Service

Whenever you need help with something, you can contact customer service in various ways. First, we recommend checking the various guides on the website for any difficulty because many common issues may have already been addressed. 

If that doesn’t work, you can leave a form describing your problem and the support team should get back to you by email. Alternatively, contact the wallet’s team on Twitter where the community is always a valuable help in answering questions. 

During the writing of this review on the Argent Wallet crypto platform, we had the opportunity to contact the platform’s customer service several times. The team members were professional, helpful, and responsive but the absence of a live chat or a phone number to contact support quickly was a disappointment. 

Our opinion on the Argent Wallet customer service is overall neutral. The responses from the agents are clear, and they know how to be responsive when the situation requires it but you will generally have to wait for a while before you get a response. 


  • Enhanced security
  • DeFi Protocols
  • NFT support

Our Final Opinion On Argent Wallet

Argent Wallet offers an all-in-one solution for anyone interested in crypto. Whether you are a complete beginner or familiar with this type of technology, Argent Wallet manages to offer an interesting and attractive range of products for its users.

The fact that most ERC-20 tokens are supported by the wallet allows users to find thousands of tokens in one place. The fees for buying and selling cryptos are among the lowest in the market, allowing investors with a small budget to quickly invest in their chosen token.

argent wallet features

Argent Wallet is also a flexible platform. It provides the option to add tokens of your choice to your list. This allows, among other things, the exchange of tokens that are still not widely listed or recognized.

Finally, it is interesting to look at the platform’s staking offers. Despite the lack of support for Bitcoin (BTC), Argent Wallet not only offers Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) but also provides a small staking option for the token. Thus, even Ethereum blockchain enthusiasts can still stake other tokens with just a few clicks on the mobile application.

Pros and Cons of Argent Wallet

  • Competitive fees thanks to the use of zkSync
  • Full support for all ERC-20 tokens
  • User-friendly mobile application and web extension
  • High fees on staking
  • Application available only in English

Avantages & Inconvénients

  • Des frais compétitifs grâce à l’utilisation de zkSync
  • La totalité des tokens ERC-20 est supportée par Argent Wallet
  • Simplicité d’utilisation de l’application mobile
  • Des frais élevés sur le staking
  • Application disponible uniquement en Anglais

Argent Wallet - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Argent Wallet is a hot wallet available as a mobile application on Android and iOS and a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. With this application, you can easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies as well as explore Web3 services and stake tokens for interest.
Argent Wallet supports almost all ERC-20 tokens, which are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. To find the list, you will need to go to the Argent Wallet application and there are currently thousands of them. 
Yes, Argent Wallet implements several security measures such as SSL encryption to protect payment data, two-factor authentication, and the blockchain technology itself, which secures transactions. The funds are well protected.
Yes, Argent Wallet is compatible with many hardware wallets through Wallet Connect. It is possible to connect your Argent Wallet with devices like Ledger or Trezor to enhance security.
Swap fees are very low thanks to zkSync at 0.5%. Staking incurs fees of 10% and there are no fees for sending cryptocurrencies or selling, only the gas fees of the blockchain. The fees are overall competitive.