Updated: 30 may 2024
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What is VVS Finance?

VVS Finance exchange offers simple-DeFi trading for all investors

So what is VVS Finance?

VVS Finance is a trading platform where you can exchange cryptocurrencies right now. By 2021, VVS was the largest Cronos blockchain exchange, and it evolved into “the” automated-market maker (AMM) for decentralized exchange (DEX) enthusiasts. 

With a platform so exhaustive and launched by the infamous Crypto.com, global traders got their fair shot at buying and selling top cryptocurrencies. They did it without the unwarranted risks most crypto sites expose you to, and you can learn more about its birth in our Crypto.com 2024 review.

Now what really brings the promises of this VVS Finance review to focus is the exchange’s impressive selection of crypto assets. You’ll also learn “what cryptocurrency is.” Cronos (CRO), Cardano (ADA) and Alogrand (ALGO) are just a few. Fast growth, reliability and adaptation make VVS rise above its peers of the same age. 

Here are some of its core principles that we suspect would continue into the near future: 

  • A friendly, simple-to-use interface
  • Reliably low costs
  • Updated features and evolving technology

After covering how safe VVS Finance is, you’ll see why traders invest in its safety as much as in its trade executions. Your funds and personal data are safe. Data protection and constant monitoring are key to keeping this exchange on your side.  

Just be sure you have the means of accessing your account on a laptop or desktop computer if you’re learning what a cryptocurrency is. There are no mobile applications at the moment, but you’ll find the web interface just as accessible. 

Our assessment of the trading platform leads us to believe that more notoriety will be attributed to the site soon. We might even go as far as saying that it’s on track to become a leader for top cryptocurrencies.

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards
Trading all of the top crypto in the VVS Finance portfolio.

Which top crypto does VVS Finance offer?

For the best comparison, we urge you to learn what a cryptocurrency is. Soon, you’ll see just how limited the lists of cryptocurrencies offered by “top” platforms really are. What VVS offers, on the other hand, are more currency-bits than your digital purse might be able to get around to.

You not only have tokens to buy or sell, but you also have crypto projects to fund and develop

For an idea of how many cryptocurrencies there are, make way for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Shiba Inu (SHIB). These are easy to get. 

They are the classics to help you learn what is cryptocurrency and how cryptocurrency works.

On VVS Finance, stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) are offered in abundance. If you’re into altcoins, Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT), and Cardano (ADA) can diversify or build your very first portfolio.

It’s needless to say that you’ll employ a variety of investment options without compromising your personal style or trading strategy. We see the platform good with cryptocurrency for beginners and for seasoned traders who’ll find a strategic fit. 

Just keep in mind the true risks in how cryptocurrency works; never believe that you’re immune to them. At Tokize, we don’t provide investment advice, but we can tell you how exciting VVS Finance is. The amount its investors invest, however, is often only what they’re comfortable with potentially losing.

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards

The features and services in the clutch of VVS

Top traders are active on VVS Finance exchange, and it’s no surprise that its service options are what motivate them. For now, keep in mind what assets you’ll trade and how. 

Then, check out these VVS Finance review options to build your strategy with:

Spot trading

Learning how to buy cryptocurrency is best with live, at-this-moment pricing. Spot trades on VVS Finance are safe, instant and will clear the second you transact one. Since its prices are set, which is fine tuned, by a global market, you practically have the option of trading in cash.       

Margin trading

Through Crypto.com, margin trading has a maximum of 10-times leverage. You can “leverage” your investment on VVS Finance and thus turn, for example, a $1,000 fund into $10,000 of buying power. You have to gauge your tolerance for risk and be sure to use a stop loss, however. 

Leverage is risky for traders who don’t know how to buy cryptocurrencies. Though your profit potential can increase by up to 10 times more than your principal capital, your potential losses are likewise exposed to downturns that are 10 times more impactful than they would be otherwise.

Swap—Bling Swap

Swapping is how VVS traders exchange tokens in the fastest manner possible and learn how cryptocurrency works. Expect a standard commission of 0.3%, which is used as the key-investment return paid back to Liquidity Providers, and you can be among them. 

Liquidity provision

By becoming a Liquidity Provider (LP) within the VVS Finance governance, you get access to a cut from the exchange fees that are incurred onto users transacting their decentralized orders. In relation to the sum you invest, expect ⅔ back from all the exchanges commissioned on site.

Futures trading

If you prefer setting a specific price and time in which you hold the right to buy or sell, consider the platform’s futures trading. Using VVS Finance futures is how traders hedge their positions against common uncertainty or global speculation.

Staking—Crystal Farming

You can learn how to buy cryptocurrencies by staking, which funds the platform, and you profit by doing so. The Crystal Farming product gives you the option of hedging portfolio assets while generating passive income off of those holdings.

Initial game offerings (IGOs)

With a registered account, you’re entitled to first dibs on top cryptocurrency developments in the gaming industry. Like ICOs, Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) give you “early access” but to gaming/NFT tokens, which launch fast on Cronos. 

Security options

The security standards of VVS Finance are maintained by “hardened security,” which relies on community governance. This governance structure is largely kept secret, ensuring proprietary control over the platform’s reliable safety measures. Those core, effective measures, which can help you define cryptocurrencies, include: 

  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSL encryptions
  • Cold storage with funds kept offline

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards

A note on service and maintenance fees

We consider the fees that user accounts incur as a plus behind VVS’s reliable services and navigable interface. Plus, you get to know how many cryptocurrencies there are. The transparent rates and trackable commissions you pay include:

  • Trading fees: A fixed 0.1% commission will transact on all basic trades. Most traders would say that this is reasonable, but we find the rate more than accommodating. 
  • Withdrawal fees: Commissions are applied to withdrawals but are rated based on the specific asset class you’re exchanging. The network aims to stay competitive with each exchange type.
  • Margin fees: The digital asset you trade dictates your actual rates, but you will pay fees when you leverage your account on borrowed money. As long as your own funds can collateral the positions you take, you can avoid such fees, so be sure to watch your floating PNL. 
  • Fees on futures trades: As for trading futures, sellers pay a .02% commission while buyers incur a rate of .04% for each transaction they complete.  

This list of hosting services not only highlights VVS’s top rates, but it also defines cryptocurrencies alongside options to build investment strategies on. The flexibility offered by the network makes the exchange a go-to option for traders of all kinds.

The VVS Finance app

There is no VVS Finance app at the moment, but its official website is seamless and easy to navigate. Though only accesible through its direct website, mobile devices can still operate the site’s functions and complete trades with touch-screen orders via updated-spot prices. 

Mobile users, however, need a functional wallet on their portable devices to power their accounts through. The rest is a matter of you getting familiar with the mobile site’s layout and adjusting your monitor to ensure that your screen commands execute properly.  

Many users create shortcuts on their mobile devices’ homescreens and access their trading accounts this way. Just make sure your phone or tablet is secured with a screen lock and password. Keep it close to you, and make note of when you’re off or online.

What type of accounts does VVS Finance have?

For each account type on VVS Finance exchange, there are an array of tools and features to support your ideal trading style or investment strategy. Here’s a quick overview to start with:

*CLASSIC: For basic access to cryptocurrency for beginners and the VVS dashboard, members start with a Classic account. You won’t be given a deposit minimum or requirement, but you only get limited access to the network’s service list. 

*ADVANCED: Experience is a key factor in upgrading from a basic account to an Advanced one. If you feel that you can handle a bit of leverage or need to put money into futures, then here is where you start. You need a minimum of 0.5 BTC or other digital assets of the same value, and this includes all cryptocurrencies.  

*PRO: Professionals and financial institutions with the hopes of offering services, in lieu of public individuals trading/managing their own accounts, find the Pro account ideal. This account includes custom trading algorithms, dedicated account management and API trading.

As long as you maintain a minimum balance of 10 BTC or the equivalent amount in other assets, you can access the Pro account through your own proprietary software, thus adding more features and specs to VVS Finance AND your own system processes.  

To start trading with VVS Finance’s services, all you need is a crypto wallet to connect to the network with. You can then access your investing by abiding by the rules of your account type. 

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards

How secure is the VVS Finance exchange?

Your money and financial data are kept secure through a number of steps taken by the VVS Finance exchange and its community of seasoned developers. Its security tools include: 

*MetaMask: This wallet was invented for traders who prefer dApps but need solid safety and overall ease. Not only is it a leading, protected wallet, but developments like MetaMask are required when opening an account on VVS Finance. It’s a non-custodial wallet that gives you complete control over your money; it comes equipped with password locks and seed phrases.  

*Optional wallets: As with the security offered through MetaMask, you’re given the option to use wallets from developers like Crypto.com, WalletConnect and BraveWallet also.

*Two-factor authentications (2FA): Wallets with 2FA locks give you the option of using a dual-verfication feature or deactivating it. These offer you protection by linking to a specific device and using a seed-phrase layer that acts as a password though it’s a written phrase.  

*Cold wallets: The VVS Finance network and its development community use cold storage as a first, hard step to protect the funds of its accounts and users. By relying on external wallets, VVS Finance not only avoids exposure to internal hacks, but the network doesn’t need to store its users’ funds on its online directory. Everything is, instead, kept in a vault offline.

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards

Buying crypto on the VVS exchange

For those who want to start a portfolio of all cryptocurrencies on VVS Finance, begin with these four-simple steps, and your account will be set up in no time:

Step 1—Registering the account

VVS Finance is safe and uses security protocols to protect your data.

Opening an account starts with selecting an approved wallet, which consists of Crypto.com’s DeFi Wallet, MetaMask, WalletConnect or BraveWallet. You can get more info on the required integrations by briefing VVS exchange’s tutorial as listed under its “Learn How to Connect” tab.

Step 2—Secure your account

As a self-managing, decentralized crypto owner, you are solely responsible for the management and upkeep of your wallet’s password and seed phrase. Ensure the security of your account by keeping your personal data private, and consider dual authentication to avoid phishing scams.

Step 3—Make your deposit

Deposits are made directly into your connected wallet, which when done, represents the funds or tokens you have for operating the site’s financial tools.

Get started by connecting a wallet of from this VVS Finance Review.

Step 4—Now buy your crypto

You can make “swaps” once your wallet is securely connected to VVS Finance. At the top left of the site’s menu bar, find the “Trader” link to begin a search for your crypto products and all cryptocurrencies. After choosing tokens to build your portfolio with, hit “Proceed” to initiate an immediate swap of either cash or your current crypto in exchange for another.

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards

Is VVS suitable for all types of traders?

You might consider VVS Finance as the ideal fit if you’re already familiar with decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform makes using self-custodial wallets hassle-free and swapping crypto assets easy and safe. Some features, however, could be intimidating for novices to use. 

Now for beginners who’re determined to master crypto investing, there are enough competitive tools, impeccable-safety measures and a welcoming learning environment.

How Tokize rates VVS-customer service

Through the Discord and Telegram platforms, you get access to a customer-support team in place of what would be dedicated support that VVS Finance just doesn’t directly offer. The moderators you do get are accessible 24/7 and remain on standby to receive your concerns. 

They have been trained for familiarity with the likely issues you’d face and are employed to make rapid responses to ALL inquiries or complaints that are sent in. Keep in mind, however, that you need to separately download Discord and Telegram, creating an account with each.

Start with these links to make sure your dedicated support is set up properly: 

Our final, hard take on VVS Finance

For DeFi enthusiasts, like those on our team, we think VVS Finance is a no brainer. None of us can turn down the opportunity to make DEX trading easier or more profitable. Since we couldn’t list any missing services or tools, we think both masters and novices could use VVS freely.

The potential downside, however, is that the exchange platform might intimidate some novices by offering them too many bells and whistles than they’d know what to do with. If those same newbies haven’t yet invested into a full-scale laptop or desktop computer, things get more bleak. 

You can definitely trade, stake or swap tokens through your mobile devices when using VVS, but mobile traders are limited until Crypto.com gets its own VVS Finance app out into the market. 

Now limitations aside, being an automated market maker ensures that VVS Finance offers stability, providing you with transparent prices for the tokens of your choosing. The Cronos blockchain it was built on remains competitive, reliable and, itself, a reasonable investment.

Vvs Finance

  • Crypto.com’s Biggest Project
  • Competitive Fees
  • Engaging Staking and Rewards
  • Seemingly endless features to boot
  • A large pool of tradable tokens
  • Easy DeFi integrations into MetaMask
  • One elegantly streamlined platform
  • Competitive fees all around
  • No mobile app at the moment
  • No direct customer support
  • Not an easy choice for beginners

VVS Finance review—F.A.Q. section and overview

The VVS Finance exchange is a global exchange where crypto staking and trading occur. The developer operates on top of the Cronos blockchain, which makes VVS a leading AMM.
Start with connecting your account through a MetaMask wallet or other approved links. You can then buy, sell or swap your tokens with other tokens that fit your investment strategies.
We consider VVS Finance safe and secure, and you have the Cronos blockchain to thank for that. Even more safety is achieved with Metamask and Crypto.com wallets. Funds will stay safe and remain accessible. The Discord or Telegram support team also helps you with security.
The listed currencies on VVS Finance include Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Chainlink (LINK) and Solana (SOL) with stablecoins Tether (USDT) and USD Coin ( USDC) to name a few.
Each trade incurs a fee, which, collectively, averages to around 0.1%, and the costs you incur remain transparent throughout your trading experience.