PepeCoin, the meme coin known as a green toad, drawn through a pixelated-paint software, has rallied since March, and investors are beginning to see the PEPE promise.

Though the entire market is behind crypto, PEPE’s recent spurt was due to developments in Coinbase. Its project, being a new crypto exchange, is now venturing abroad through what it calls an “international exchange.” 

The Coinbase International Exchange” has gone public about its services to off-shore markets.

The developments are pivotal because PEPE will now be available through Coinbase and for the first time. As you can imagine, the release of this news led to a price surge in recent days.

Even more exciting is that PEPE’s value more than quadrupled since the beginning of March 2024. The developments are being called “Coinbase’s offshore arm,” giving investors everywhere a better shot at buying and selling the token.  

What Is the PEPE Promise and Its Token? 

To get a better understanding of what PEPE is and its place in crypto, we have to consider its place among the top-four meme coins in the market. Here’s an overview of what to know:

  • Dogecoin—Being the famous favorite of Elon Musk, DOGE could become the native token of X, which was formerly known as Twitter. Though the coin was created as a joke, it’s been operating on a blockchain for roughly 10 years now. DOGE releases over 10,000 coins every minute and has no limit on its current supply. 
  • Shiba Inu—Being only four years old, the name of this coin is the actual breed of dog behind the Dogecoin image. The Shiba Inu (柴犬), however, was created by a group or individual who work behind the pseudonym “Ryoshi.” 
  • Dogwifhat—Powered by the Solana blockchain, this awkwardly similar-dog meme has its own uniqueness. Unlike the others, this token’s image is wearing a “pink skully” and is a young Shiba Inu puppy. Though boasting a $2.9 billion market cap, the coin currently has no market value in terms of utility. 
  • PepeCoin—As for PEPE, the green, cartoon toad, stands among the only memes with utility. Built on the Ethereum architecture, PEPE works as a “deflationary mechanism, a redistribution system, and a no-tax policy” crypto. 


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Over 10% Percent Gains and Counting …

PEPE went from $5.23 to $7.72 within a single week and still moves from a recent spurt that started two weeks ago at a price of $4.56. There are now two price peaks at $7.72, which were all met just days before Bitcoin is set to half.

As of Friday, March 12, 2024, PEPE held at $6.95 with an intent to hit $8. However, there’s so much more to go. Judging by mid-April charts, we can expect to see PEPE hit has high as $10, but only time can tell.

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